Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I’m actually very impressed that River Wren managed to snag Kris. He was ALWAYS turning down her advances!

“I own you little sister.”
“Nuh uh Jerk-face!”

Joven had a bad dream where he goes to school in his underwear and his teacher laughs at him.

Alucard did not age gracefully...

I pulled the game up without CC one time after downloading a patch to make sure everything was working. 
Ximena mod-less:

Nero mod-less:

Lindy Hilliard dressed like a slut as a teen. I never talked about her because she made me feel bad about young mothers everywhere.

... Then I saw her YA outfit and knew I HAD to show off the personality difference in my outtakes. 

Damian was very popular. He was ALWAYS on the phone with people.



Random photo of the Starr house. (Gen eight)

“Daddy why are you so weird?”

Cody (blondie) is Joy’s youngest brother. The brunette next to him is his nephew Melvin. They’re the same age. I love Melvin. He’s always freaking out.
“Vampires, Cody! They’re in my miiiind.”

“Melvin... you’re a vampire.”
“Oh! Right! I knew that.”

“I was just testing you y’know.”
“Mhhm... of course you were, Melvin.”

Dante hated school. He was constantly trying to skip out. I always had to watch him closely.

Damian always refused to let Jason kiss him. No wonder Jason turned out evil.

“... I always feel like somebody's watching me.”

Ghoooost... three different deaths, three different generations. (L->R) Louna (Age - Gen 5), Aquiles (Homicide - Gen 6), Serenity (Meteor - Gen 4)

Random beauty shot.

Sad thing is... I see people acting like this every day. Yay for being in the weed-capital.

Child Jean. (River Wren and Kris) He reminds me a lot of Nero.

Sim Nation Firefighter Calendar - June

I think the beach behind the last Starr house was my favourite lot for photos. The background was just so beautiful.

Dante doesn’t ever want kids.

Adult Dante. Dastan does not approve of his younger brother’s antics.

“Dangit Vance! MOVE.”

Vance knows that pink is the manliest colour out there. Don’t laugh at him or he’ll cut you.

“What do you MEAN I still have to do homework? I thought half the plot relied on me being hidden! Goddamit, Watcher.”

Angel’s sexy face = <3

Monica was NOT a cuddler.

Sad Marie is sad.

Oh hey look. Toddler Jacques! (Vance and Nadia. Oldest)

Eh nope. Don’t like this angle. 

Much better. Thanks you two.

“La la la. I can’t hear you Keri~”


Y’know. Technically Freddie does look a lot like Marie. They’ve got the same eyes. (Plus look at their hands! <3 Made me go “aaaw”.)

Chid Jacques. (I’ve got like 20 photos of him. HOW did he never make it into the legacy?)

Marie: “Everyone’s having babies but me...” (And now I feel guilty)

I dunno who I loved more. Dastan or Angel. Dastan was cuter but Angel just... just look at him!

... Whenever I was killing time I’d always swivel the screen to the treehouse just to see if it’d ever fall. It was right on the property line (which ends into a cliff).

I loved the twins <3.

... Make your own caption for this photo. I always think of dirty things. 

Jennifer decided to have her birthday in the morning before school. She made Benny late for school by like two hours and then Keri yelled at him. Thanks Jennifer.

Lol. There’s a joke here somewhere.

Guys... I need to hire you a maid.


No comment. <3

“Ugh. So tired. Can we go home now, Marie?”
“Soon... hope you aren’t too tired for woo-hoo though.”
“I’m awake!”

F: “So Marie’s officially our step mom now.”
B: “Yep. Your point?”
F: “Are you goanna stop having sex dreams about her now?”
B: “Heck no.”
F: “... I hate you.”

“Hey Grim. Come on in.”

“Oh my ring’s so beautiful~!”
“Marie my wife just died... have some respect.”

Gratuitous “Trouble in Bridgeport” teaser.

... wtf Lukas?

Seriously though. When’s it goanna fall?

I dunno why but I find this picture really lovely.

My original plan for the final scenes were for Gregory to give his daughter one of these and for her to use it. But then the mod to let them shoot wouldn’t work and I got fed up and went for fist fights instead.


Why so shocked, Bella? You killed him.

Serenity/Epsilon’s hair was beautiful. But it tended to clip in weird places. I doubt I’ll be using it again.

Close-up human Jakelene:

And thats it. The end. No more Starrs, people. The Legacy has officially concluded...


You can all cry now.


  1. Ha... the picture of Serenity/Epsilon with the hair clippage; looks like she has some massive armpit hair growth. 0_0

    Well... I'm excited for the Sabo's! So bring it on. ; )

  2. *cries*
    I'm excited about the Sabos though, I just loved this legacy :D

  3. Dear Starrs.
    Thank you for all the laughter and tears, the heart ache and joy, for keeping me guessing and hoping, making me smile and cringe. Thank to watcher also. I love you forever.
    Love kayla