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Cause all the cool kids were doing it...

In order of the photo being taken. Not necessarily in order of how they appeared in the story.


Carey informs his wife that he wants to be a dragon slayer.

Watcher made Carey this awesome basement studio for his band... it was never used.

Starr new house attempt #1.

... Eew.

Carey making a fool out of himself. In the background you can see child-age Serenity pretending she doesn’t know him.

Starr New House attempt #2.

Cori misses her home and wonders how she became a ghost in her old friend’s family graveyard.

Oh Neal... how I miss you.

“Ugh lyke oh mah GOSH Becky. Sooo much teen drama. Lyke you don even KNOW.”

By the way, the part about Bobby Silverman being a man-hoe wasn’t actually creative license. He dated more girl then Adrian did!

Oh hey Roxie. Long time no see.

Carey is still my favourite. <3

Ugh. In-laws.

Bobby being a hoe part two:

Vampires only tell ghost stories because the dark makes their eyes look AWESOME.

Toddler Louna’s eyes STILL creep me out. I had this awesome storyline of her inheriting a succubus' soul that would explain how all her descendants always got the partner they wanted... but then it just felt too fantasy-esque to include. Then everyone else started doing it and I wished I'd gone with that story line.

Serenity had the weirdest taste in movies.

Goddamit Neal. It’s all your fault she’s heart broken and a single mother, you know.

“DOOFUS!” (Destiny Starr -> Reid DeMayo)

Yay for mother-daughter bonding!

Adrian... Adrian no. You can do better... That's one of Ursine's descendants if you couldn't tell by the hair... and the nose.

Louna’s eyes are creeeeepy. 

I wanted to see what Louna would look like with the Slayer blonde hair. I thought it actually looked really good!

“... Why is mommy giving me mud?”

Louna... Stop scaring your little brother.

Little known fact: Blinky loves to dance. 

“Stupid dumb baby brother.”

Abbie wasn’t mentioned much (aside from marrying Devon) but she and Ida were my favourite of Matthew and Ella’s vampire children. 

Girl bonding.

OMG WTF IS THAT? (Hint: Abbie’s twin brother after I CAS’d him for someone needing males in their legacy)

Flying saucers!


Three of Matthew’s children inherited Roxie’s hair. Abbie -> Trinity -> Daniel.

Majorie is the daughter Avarice and Johnathan had together right before they became elders. She really is quite lovely. 

I don’t even know. (Blinky)

These two were CONSTANTLY making out or flirting autonomously before I broke them up. No wonder Eric had such a hard time getting over her.

Serenity and her granddaughter, Pia.

*waves* HI TEEN DEVON! ... Sorry I made you sound like an ass in Gen 7.

... I thought the “pillow fight in your underwear” was a GIRLS sleepover cliche... come on guys. Grow up.

I made Nero early on during the legacy, before my clone-sims issues began. Thank goodness I did too. (Also look how cute he is!)

Louna actually met Alucard at a party before they tango’d and made Alejandro. Here she is asking him if he’s single. He told her about his relationship with my self sim but that didn't stop her from flirting autonomously... or him from accepting the flirt.

“STOP LOOKING AT ME DEVON! UGH! You’d soooo better not stalk my future granddaughter as revenge.”

Louna’s driving... wtf.

Sally Starr (Later Hilliard). Gabriel and Blinky’s oldest. She had a boat load of kids. 

Alejandro was an odd child. His paintings worried me.

Yes Daniel... Watcher is watching you... always... 

... wtf Aquiles? 

Idaaaaaa. Gosh I loved her. 

Again. Louna should not be allowed to drive


Poor Faith didn’t like visiting Chale’s house much. The constant paparazzi was just too much for her.

One of the real reasons for Louna’s epic party making no sense time wise... I had to wait a few hours while Alejandro graduated right smack in the middle of it and had to get everyone back to where they were supposed to be.

These two were such a cute couple. I loved them. 

I didn’t find a place to use this scene, but Sheridan and Louna stargazing on the rooftop was just amazing. In the second Starr house, the master bedroom had access to the rooftop. It never made any scenes, but my characters went up there a lot to stargaze. I thought it was sweet.

Serenity’s ghost is AWESOME.

“I’m everyone’s favourite and you know it.”
Actually Alejandro, I think that honour falls to Marie. At least she got most of the personal comments. (Louna was second)

Photo from a deleted scene where Chale tries to convince Louna to let Faith stay with them. Child Kori’s photo in the back still freaks me out.

Teen Nadine! (Watcher’s fav Gabriel/Blinky spawn)

Louna, watcher thanks you for your ever humerous facial expressions. <3 They really made the story.


“Pay attention to me. I’m cute!”

Same eyes!

Anne Silverman seems to be in the middle of a shadow duel. (And losing)

Marina was very good at ignoring David whenever he yelled at her. He did it often yet I never saw the red minus signs. Go figure.

“Deal with it. I’m cute AND evil.”

Watcher loved humiliating David during his early years.

“You’re so... BLUE.”
“What a brilliant deduction. Do me a favour. Never become a P.I.”

I tried to set these two up and failed miserably. Ritchie went on to be part of Destiny’s harem of young men and father her second child, Vivek.

Joy in CAS. She was always a little... different.

Max’s “sexy” face. Don’t laugh. It worked. He ended up fathering her son, Kris.

“Mena... what are you doing?”
“... Not spying on you, auntie May!”

Faith lived a long and happy life with Chale. She and Ximena ran into each other occasionally, but they were never close.

Chale giving Nero his blessing. These two were friggin adorable whenever they interacted.

Aaaaah f***ing contractions!

Someone died in the middle of Nero’s bachelor party and there were a number of haters because Nero had scandal over Joven’s wedlock birth. It was annoying to get good photos.

Laundry Gnome tells a ghost story!

There were actual wedding guests at the party. I swear.

"Eew... beige is NOT your colour, Mena.”
NERO! Don’t be rude!

... Meteor? Nope. Just Mena polluting the planet with waste and CO2.


The Merrick house before Gregory and Marie moved in.


Part 2 coming up later.

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  1. Marie was everyone's favorite? I thought she was supposed to be evil. Lol. Man I can be clueless.

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