Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ch. 147 : Fate

A sleep so deep she has no dreams. It’s the only time Marie can escape the nightmares that await her in the land of the living.

But eventually the sounds of a baby’s laughter wake her from her slumber. The horrid realities of what happened the night prior are at the top of her mind... but she won’t believe it. Can’t. Someone’s playing with Jakelene.

She pulls herself into a sitting position, body screaming with pain. The fighting hadn’t taken all that much out of here really, but perhaps the metamorphosis spell? 
She hears Jake laugh again and feels a glimmer of hope. “A-Angel?” Her mouth feels dry. 

She stands at the doorway, unsure of what to make of the scene in front of her. A woman in white playing with her daughter. Her very human daughter. 
The woman hears the door open and smiles at the baby in her arms. “Look Jakelene, its your mommy! Can you say hi?”
The little toddler smiles at Marie before reaching back down and trying to grab the woman’s nose. 

Marie can’t keep her silence for long. “Excuse me but... who are you?” She has a million questions in her mind, but seeing as this woman is holding her daughter, this seems the most important one. 

“Of course you wouldn’t recognize me.” The woman sighs. “I passed on long before you or your own mother were ever born. I go by Epsilon now. The newest member of the fates. I was sent here to bring you back. You did something none of us expected and exerted yourself too far. You’re lucky I made it before my husband arrived.”

“Your husband?”
Epsilon smiles, absentmindedly tapping the ring on her finger. “The Reaper. You are not the only one who had to jump through hurdles in order to be happy.”

“But I’m not happy.” Marie insists. “Unless you somehow brought him back as well, my husband is dead. How is this a happy ending? If I died because of my daughter’s metamorphosis so be it! Call Grim to take my soul. I don’t care anymore!”

“How much of last night do you remember?” Epsilon asks after a moment. Marie shrugs so she continues. “It wasn’t the metamorphosis spell that drained you. It was the purge spell.”
“The... what? I’ve never heard of it.”
Epsilon shrugs. “It’s advanced... very advanced. It kills every vampire within your radius.  Normally its reach is limited but you managed to clear out the entire town. Every last vampire was destroyed, yourself included.”

“Every last...” Suddenly Marie feels sick to her stomach. Sunset Valley was 56% vampires as of their last census. Her friends, Damian, her father... “My dad-”
“Every last vampire.” Epsilon repeats. “You ripped every drop of stolen plasma from their bodies. Only children survived.”

“I’m very sorry for your loss.” She whispers once Marie has calmed down. “I wish I could give you time to grieve but my time on this realm is short. We need to get down to business.”

“Business?” Marie whispers as Epsilon puts Jakelene down. “What more do the fates want from me? You’ve taken everything already.”
“That’s why I’m here to offer you something back.”

Marie doesn’t say anything so Epsilon takes that as a cue to speak. “Your husband is dead and gone, but we are willing to return him to you in exchange for the completion of one prophecy.” 

Marie puts the pieces of the puzzle together on her own. “You want me to kill the council of elders.”

 “Yes.” Epsilon nods. “Once Grim has collected each soul I will return your husband to the land of the living, and you will both be free from our interference. Do we have a deal?” 

Jakelene whines from the floor and Marie moves to pick her up. “Where does my daughter fit into all this?”
“She doesn’t. Her part in your fate is passed. She is free to pursue her own destiny if she so wishes it.”
Marie pauses. “Okay. You have a deal. I will be your pawn.”

As Epsilon begins to leave Marie stops her. “You were human once, weren’t you?”
The fate pauses. “I was.”
“Your name was Serenity Starr.”
Epsilon almost smiles. “It was so long ago. I hardly remember sometimes.”

“So then Jakelene is your-”
“Great great great great great granddaughter, yes.” A pause. “I cannot promise her the life of a vampire, but I can promise you that I will not allow her to die from anything besides old age. She will live a good and full life, just as I did.” 
Marie smiles. “Thank you, Serenity.”

Marie isn’t sure about what her future holds, but she knows that at least her daughter will be safe. Now she just needs to find a place where her daughter can be happy.


I feel sad. : ( But I'm glad I actually managed to finish. I'm impressed with myself actually. 

Also I never realized how WEIRD Serenity's face shape was until I CAS'd her. I mean... WOW. She looks like a friggin alien! 

I have some outtakes photos I'm thinking of posting. Should probably be up tomorrow or in a few days. Just to give me time before starting Neverglade. (I do have exams this week, doctors appointments, Heaven's storyteller competition, and a friggin sinus cold... Neverglade will probably begin on Friday or Saturday. Trouble in Bridgeport will likely be started around the same time.)


  1. Nice ending. Simple, gets right to the point and amps everyone up for Neverglade. Good job!

    I hope Marie is able to get Angel back.

  2. Ten generations is a lot. Grats! =D

  3. Congratulations on completing the legacy, I liked the ending, it wraps everything up just enough to make a start on the new legacy :)

    Part of me hopes Marie can get Angel back, but I don't want her to kill Arthur...

  4. It was nice to see Serenity again... took me totally by surprise as I didn't put two and two together. I'm happy Jakelene will be able to live her own life and that Marie might find happiness with Angel once more :)

    Congratulations on finishing your legacy, Cece! It was amazing. <3

  5. Congrats on ten generations, Cece!

  6. Yes, congratulations! Ten generations... that's awesome! =)

    I loved, loved, LOVED the ending! It sets up your Neverglade legacy so well. And yay for Serenity! I'm so happy you showed her again! <3

    ...I'm off to look at your outtakes and read your Neverglade prologue now!

  7. Oh Congrats babe cakes. I finally read them all

    My heart is doing back flips

  8. Okies, caught up on the Starrs now! (The Neverglade continuation will have to wait for the next spurt hehe).

    I remembered which one you said I was up to and so it was easy to pick it up again. I’m glad Marie did turn out to be more, um, sociopathic than evil – she came good in the end. While I never disliked Marie, I always liked Keri more, so while I wish she had been a bit more assertive about it, I’m glad they came to some sort of truce, since the alternative seemed to be misery for Keri. Still not sure I’ve forgiven Dastan though – I know at the end he was all love for Keri and him-and-Marie-were-just friends, but he had told Marie he would have run away with her still if she gave the word, and I think that applied even when Marie was with Angel – screw his wife and kids! I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and presuming he really believed he had always just loved Keri rather than was actively lying :p

    Was awesome to see Serenity again. She was always one of my favourites. I’m glad she got her happy ending and I hope it bodes well for the others (I like happy endings). I’m aware there are probably answers to this in the Sabo Legacy – but I’ll get to them eventually.

    You definitely got your awesome goal ;)

  9. So I just spent the last couple days reading over the legacy. It has been one of the most amazing reads ever. You brought me through so many ups and downs, heartbreak and happiness. Very beautiful story. It's truly beautiful to see your plot lines play out.

    <3 Great Job CeCe

  10. OMG!! (Seriously, i try to avoid that term whenever possible, but it just isnt possible right now!) i had frickin (i love that word :P) goosebumps all over!

    And i love it that you placed Ren back with Grim and into this chapter :D just great!

    *runs of to read the last two chapters again* (if not more....)