Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ch. 145 : Almost Normal

Married life agrees with the new couple.

They simply refuse to leave the honeymoon stage of romance, even though they’ve been sharing a house for years and the only real difference between now and then is the fact that now they’re wearing matching rings.

Then again... not everything has been smooth sailing. The day after the wedding, Keri passed on.

Even Marie was sad to see her go.

Hardest hit was Dastan. It completely broke his heart.

Not that he had long to wait really. He passed on the following morning.

This time Marie’s hit hardest.

Dastan and Keri are buried side by side in the family lot.

Marie never did get better at comforting people, but she tries. And that’s all Angel needs.

The twins grow up today. Marie offers to go buy them a cake but they don’t want a celebration. “It just doesn’t seem right without grandma and grandpa here.” Benny tries to explain.
Marie sort of gets his point.

So they age up cake-less. First up: Benny.

He ages up looking like this. First I laughed, then I got sad. Becky, I still haven’t forgiven you for making us fall in love with Kirk and then just killing him off like that. < / 3

Young Adult Benny post de-kirking: 

Next: Freddie.

Still hot.

“... And that’s why Benny and I want to move to Bridgeport.” Freddie explains as soon as the sparkles die down. He and Bennett had made up their minds about moving to Bridgeport almost as soon as they became teens, but they still want daddy’s permission (and perhaps some of daddy’s money.)

It takes a bit of pouting and pleading but Angel eventually decides to let them go. (Mostly because of Marie’s passing comment on not having to be quiet if the house is empty.)
And with that parting image stuck in their heads, the teens take off for worlds unknown.

You okay, Marie?

Oh right. Wedding gift thank you cards. No wonder you threw up. Those things are soooo sickening.

Still though, that night Angel dreams of babies.

Gratuitous make-out scene!

Later that same morning Angel gets his dream come true.

“I’m pregnant!” She announces as soon as he gets home from work. “I’ve already been to the doctor. No problems but they want me to stay relaxed and visit them daily just to be sure.”

Everything she said after the word ‘pregnant’ went in one ear and out the other. “Can I listen to your belly?”

She sighs when he just goes for it, completely ignoring her eye roll. “Hunny... the baby’s the size of a grape right now. You can’t hear anything.”
“Let me obsess, Marie. We’ll both be happier if you just let me be crazy this week.”

Marie can’t help being scared... but under all that is a rising excitement. She really wants to be a mother. And there’s something special about feeling her baby growing inside of her every day.

“Oh! I just felt the baby kick!”
“Angel, I didn’t feel a thing.”
“I. Just felt. The baby. Kick.”
She rolls her eyes. “Of course you did, dear.”

Vance stops by to visit one day. “So where’s Marie?”
“Spa.” Angel answers with a shrug. “Apparently I’m driving her crazy so she’s spending the day there relaxing. I’m not allowed to stop by.”

“You obsessing?” Angel nods and Vance laughs lightly. “I did the same thing when Nadia was pregnant with Jacques.”

“So did you just come for the small talk or are you planning on handing over that wrapped box?”
Vance chuckles again before pulling the box out from behind his back. “I was going to give this to you on your wedding but it wasn’t ready on time. Thought it would still work as a good gift now that you have a baby on the way.”

Angel looks at the box skeptically. “What, eternal life wasn’t enough for you?”
“Oh just take it.”

“So what’s this goanna do?”
“Drink it and you’ll find out, stupid.”

... Why did Vance give him a potion to spin him into a birthday? He doesn’t want to be old!

Wait a minute... more energy? No midlife crisis? No wrinkles? ... Ah frack.

Oh hey Marie. Right on time.

“... Angel?” She doesn’t seem angry at first, just confused. “How?”
“Vance.” He says as an explanation. It’s all he needs to say. Marie understands. “We’ll... we’ll figure something out.”

She steps away from him. “It’s too late.”


They leave the hospital after a relatively short labour. Marie doesn’t even need to see her daughter before naming her. She already knows what she’ll look like. Red hair like her grandmother, green eyes like her father. 
Welcome to Sunset Valley, Jakelene.



-> My reaction to Maddie's comment on Ch. 142 = "Oh frackity frack frack! Now what? Um um um... okay I'll just make it sound like she totally bought into a red hearing or something... I'm sure she'll forgive me later >_>. Ah well, some people will no doubt see it coming now but WHATEVER. It's already being written. So there.

-> Game kept cancelling Marie's pregnancy. Tried resetsim = nothing. Tried reset all = nothing. Tried move out and back in = Nothing.

-> ... Frack it I'm cloning them and moving them into a new copy for Sunset Valley. NO LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR YOU TWO LOL. >_>

-> Oh crap I need Vance. Boot up game -> Clone -> Into the valley.

-> Okay good now where's that... frack it forget to bring over the potion. Maybe I shoulda just binned the family instead of just the house... argh. MC -> Lifetime Happiness points -> Young Again potion

-> Okay Marie. Just waiting on you now. Thank goodness your labour at least went according to plan. *Eye roll*

-> Back to main game -> Instant baby. 

-> 5 hours later... I really should have asked if there was an easier way to do all this. Eh. It's done now. 

-> ... Kirk < / 3

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