Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ch. 144 : The Elders

Meanwhile in the city of Bridgeport, the usual characters have been rounded up for an emergency meeting of the elders. Although the elders normally number in the double digits, these are the only four who matter.
“If Mr. Todley and Mr. Umbria will please take their seats? We can begin.”

“You’re sure that’s her, Todley?” Casting a sideways glance at the photo on the table the youngest member of the council, Viktor Umbria seems unconvinced. “Didn’t your seer say she should still be just a teen?”
“I’m sure. My nephew was very insistent. Someone must have taught her the metamorphosis spell.”

“Someone.” Viktor scoffs, pointedly ignoring the man next to him. “I’m sure we all know who that was.”

“Viktor must I remind you that I can end you with just a look?”
“You wouldn’t!”
“I would.” The pointy-eared vampire mutters. “Your wife should be the one at this table, not you. You’re just lucky to be a day older than her.”

“Be that as it may.” The final member of the council growls, silencing the impending argument. “It does not matter. We’ve already discussed Arthur’s... past actions in depth and we will not speak of it again until the matter of this fledgling has been dealt with.” 

Arthur furrows his brow. “Donatello please. The seer has been incorrect before. If we don’t attack her then there will be no reason for her to retaliate.” 

“Your lack of faith in my abilities is hurtful, Archer.”

Viktor practically falls from his chair when the young brunette appears behind him. The others... less impressed. 
Donatello just sighs, leaning back in his seat. “What are you doing here, Andrea?” 

“You know full well why I’m here, Donny. You’re all a bunch of morons and the testosterone level in the room is higher than the legal limit. You bunch need a pair of legs... now make some room.” With a flick of the wrist Viktor is out of his chair, leaving a space for her. “Thank you, darling.”

Viktor looks about to speak when the brunette took a step towards him, eyes shining. “Actually... you’re sort of cute for this council. You can’t be older than a hundred. You new?”
“He is.” Donatello almost laughs. “And he’s married. To Meladonna. I’m sure you remember her...”

The brunette pauses and then pulls away, taking Viktor’s seat while he goes to find a new chair. “It’s fine. Whatever. I have my sights set on someone else right now anyway. Meller can keep him.” 
Donatello sighs. “I suppose that answers how you even managed to get past the bouncers.”
Viktor returns with a chair, placing it between Todley and Donatello. “Can we just focus on the matter at hand please?”

“Perhaps.” Donatello begins, once again silencing the room. “Archer would like to hear your prophecy, Andrea.”
Arthur shrugs and with a smile Andrea speaks. “The witch with the never ending life will allow a human to use her gifts to create a formula for eternal life. With it, comes the end of the reign of vampires and the death of your council. You need to attack before the potion is put on the market.”

“I suggest a vote.” Todley says after a moment, breaking the silence. “I say we attack now.”
Two voices agree, Arthur remains silent. 
Andrea breaks the silence once its clear he won't be voicing an opinion. “The vote is 3 to 1. Shall I summon the fighters?”
“I’ll do it.” Todley mutters, standing from his seat. “I’ll need to get the word out anyway. To make sure my nephew and his family flee in time.” 
Donatello nods. “Then this meeting is adjourned. I will see you all in a week’s time to discuss the after affects of this attack with the full council.” 
As Arthur stands and moves towards the door, Donatello clears his throat. “Not you, Archer.”
“Excuse me?”

“We all know you’re on your way to warn her. I cannot allow that.” 
Arthur scoffs. “Donatello, you wound me. And you have no right to hold me here if I wish to leave.”
“I don’t.” Donatello agrees. “But that’s never stopped me before, has it?”

Neither notice the young vampire behind them until he’s pounced on Archer. 

“Lukas Sperie.” Andrea explains to Donatello as he takes a step forward to intervene. “My newest pet. Isn’t he such a good boy?”
“He’s a vampire.” 
“He is.” She agrees. “What’s your point?”
He sighs as Arthur falls to the floor unconscious. “Just watch yourself, Andrea. If you continue to take my kind as pets your name may come up during a meeting. And then what will you do?”
“You'll just have to protect me then, won't you."

“Wakey wakey, sleepy head.” 

“You didn’t have to hit me so hard.” Arthur mutters while changing into the clothes they brought for him. 
Lukas shrugs. “Had to make it look convincing, grandpa.”

“It’s fine.” Arthur decides before turning towards the girl. “How long have we got?”
“The fighters are already being assembled.” She tells him. “They leave at dusk, in half a day's time. I suggest sending Merrick alone so he can warn her. We won’t be able to save the whole town but with any luck she can protect herself.”
Merrick perks up at the mention of his name. “How in the Watcher’s name am I supposed to get there before them? I won’t be able to leave until dusk either.”
Andrea laughs, voice filling the room. “Please, Merrick. Your daughter isn’t the only one with mastery over magic.” With a flick of the wrist Merrick was busy studying his now very human looking body. “Off you go then. It’s a three day journey to Sunset Valley.” 
As Merrick turns to leave Arthur goes to Andrea. “I suppose I should head back to Neverglade then. Donatello will without a doubt be furious when he sees I’m missing, and he wouldn’t dare attack me on my own domain.” 
“He won’t attack you.” Andrea tells him. “I can take the blame if you’d like. He won’t kill me. He still needs me.” 

“But he’ll still hurt you.”
A shrug. “I’ll get my revenge once Marie arrives.” 
She turns to leave but Arthur stops her. “So is that what you’re getting from all this? Revenge against Donatello?” 
She smiles to herself before looking back at him. “You vampires have been in control for far too long, Arthur. The balance of magic is being tipped by your mere numbers. Once Marie has destroyed the council she will move on to the rest of the nation. You will all be destroyed, your numbers reduced until the fae can once again return.” 

A pause and Arthur feels a chill go down his back. "Why in the name of the Watcher would you want the Fae to return? Vampires are the only creatures who ever made an effort to co-exist with humans rather than kill them. How could that possibly benefit you?"

She looks as if she is about to answer before pausing. "Go home, Archer. You bore me."


Melissa knows who this character is. If she tells anyone I'll find a way to smack her. Somehow. It's not really important, it just bugs me cause she was originally only supposed to have two lines but sort of forced herself into the story. 

Oh man Donatello Devlish was supposed to be ugly and old but then I fell in looove. <3 Why is evil such a turn on?

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