Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ch. 142 : Live Forever

Angel’s birthday arrives. Originally Dastan and Keri wanted to plan a party for all three triplets but Katrina was going out for dinner with her husband and Vance made up some excuse about work. 

Ah Keri... I <3 you.

Hey look. Wrinkles!

Angel pulls Marie into his arms as soon as the sparkles have died down. “See? Wrinkles. Everything’s okay. Your vision didn’t come true.” 

“I just wish I knew why.”

“...You’re still not going to marry me, are you.”
She can’t meet his eyes. “No. Not until I know why my vision didn’t come true. Please understand. I don’t want to take any chances.”
“I understand.” 
He isn’t convincing either of them.

Keri secretly wonders if Marie’s hesitance to get married lies in a different problem altogether. Is it possible she has commitment issues or something?

Dastan eventually does retire. He’s 93 already, and knows his time is limited. He may as well enjoy himself while he’s still here.

Fun fact : The first time the triplets were born (before the game crashed and I had to re-do it) they were born at home in this hallway... exactly where Angel is standing now.

Angel gets a call from Vance asking him to come visit. Jennifer aged up into a teen not long after the twins did. Watcher approves.

Her little sister, Nichol, is also beautiful. Vance and Nadia make good kids.

It doesn’t take long for Angel to spill all his troubles to his brother. Vance is just as quick to offer solutions. 
“Have you ever thought that maybe she’s hesitant to marry you because she doesn’t want her heart broken?”
“What do you mean?”
“Dude you’re human. You’re going to die one day, and she’ll still be here.” 

“I guess that... makes sense. I doubt she’ll turn me into a vampire though. I teased her about it once and she just about burned a hole through my head with her glare.”

Vance just rolls his eyes before pulling out a wrapped box. “I was going to wait for the results of more testing, but I figure I can just use you as another guinea pig.”
“You finished the potion?”
“Almost four nights ago. Tested it for the first time yesterday. Believe me, Angel, it works.”

Its after work and Marie is doing laundry. Angel decides to surprise her.

Oh that feels weird.

“Angel?” For the first time, her smile seems to be truly real. “There’s something different about you. What happened?”
“Vance finished his potion.” A pause. “Same day you found out about the miscarriage.”
It takes her a few seconds to fill in the blanks to his words. “You’re trying to convince me that everything’s better now, aren’t you.”
“Is it working?”

A sigh. “I’m not convinced.”
A pause “If you ask me to marry you... I can’t deny you again. It’ll break both our hearts.”

He knows what she’s hinting at. 
“Marie, will you marry me?”

All he gets is a quick nod and an outstretched hand. She doesn't trust her words.

She just hopes this is the right thing to do. 


5 - 6 Chapters to go.


  1. Uhoh. Young again potion + Angel = no wrinkles :(

  2. *Innocent whistle* I don't know WHAT you're talking about, Maddie. That wasn't the young again potion! It was the stop aging one! ^^

  3. Oh man! I totally forgot about that one! Probably cause its a LTR instead of one you can make... right? Oops! Ignore that comment everybody!

  4. Ha... Maddie; I thought the same. It's okay.

    Jennifer and Nichol (LOVE the spelling) are certainly cute.

    I'm so nervous for the end, probably because you keep throwing me off. *finger waggle* How dare ye!