Monday, October 17, 2011

Ch. 141 : Something Wicked

The next morning is horrible. Angel remembers the night in full. Marie, only bits and pieces. But still enough to realize what happened. The haze was an effect unique to vampires who fed from romantic interests. It made them weak, minds focused on only one thing. She didn't have to remember the actual event to know what she and Angel must have done.

“Oh Watcher, please no...”
She’s never felt so sick in her life. Even the one time Keri guilted her into trying some burnt waffles. One explanation is at the front of her mind but she can’t accept it.

A visit to the doctor’s is seriously needed. She’s not going to wait to see if she starts showing to know if she’s pregnant. She needs to know now.

Dastan teaches Freddie to drive.

One of Benny’s pranks goes to far and Keri gets mad.

Marie’s far too preoccupied with her own thoughts to even notice either event.

As soon as Angel’s home from work Marie is on top of him. (Figuratively, not literally. That’s what got them into this mess.)
“Angel, about last night-”
“I know. It was stupid. I could have stopped us but I just didn’t want to. Marie I don’t care if you’re pregnant. This still gives us a few days to think of something! We’ll be okay.”
She’s quiet for a long time before taking a breath to steady herself. “I’m not pregnant... anymore.”

“So you had an abortion?”
The calmness in his voice feels like a stab. “No! I could never do that!”
“Miscarriage.” She answers. “Doctors couldn’t explain it... I’m healthy, there shouldn’t have been any problems... they said it was probably just stress related. I didn’t want a baby so my body got rid of it.”
“Well that’s great news then, right? I age up in only a few days! You must’ve done something to stop your vision.”

“Yeah... great news...” 
For the first time Angel notices how red her eyes are. She’d been crying for hours before he’d arrived home. And here he hadn’t even noticed. “Marie, I’m so sorry.”

“I thought we’d still have her.” She answers at last, looking at him through half closed eyes. “I was so sure... I’d save you, stop the city from being destroyed, and we’d be a family. I never thought I’d lose her.”
“It’s alright, Marie. It’s not the end of the world. Everything will be okay. We’ll have more children together.”

“I don’t want other children! I want her!” 
Angel doesn’t know what to say to that, and just holds Marie close as her tears begin to flow anew. 

Sometimes Bennett wishes he wasn’t such an early riser. He doesn’t know what to make of the conversation he just overheard. 

Angel gets a new tattoo after Marie falls asleep. When he wakes up the following morning she’s still in bed. He decides against waking her. 

Bennett’s kept quiet about his own abilities so Freddrick’s been on the receiving end of all Marie’s training. She was supposed to teach him the metamorphosis spell today but she’s not feeling up to it... he decides to try it anyway. What could go wrong?

... And that boys and girls is why you never do magic without your tutor present. 
“... Moooom. I think I messed up!”

Marie really needed this. Thanks Freddie.

“So... how exactly did this happen? What were you thinking of when you tried the spell?”
“Um... I started thinking about myself as a football player... and then my mind sort of wandered.”

“Ah. I thought as much.”
“So... can you change me back?”
“Too much work. You weren’t completely focused so it should wear off by morning. Be lucky you weren’t too deep into that fantasy otherwise it could have drained you completely.”

Marie isn’t the only one who finds this entire situation VERY entertaining. 

(And this next sequence was completely autonomous... I just filled in the blanks to what Benny was asking.)
“So... what’re you into now anyway? Girls or guys?”
“Benny why the hell are you even asking me that?”
“I don’t care if you’re technically my sister. Watching you and Jacquelyn from school making out would be SO hot.”

“... I can’t wait till mom teaches me the create fire spell. You have got to be the worst brother in the world.”
“You know it bra.”


At first I really didn't want to include Freddie's accidental metamorphosis in this chapter because it took away from Marie's miscarriage... but then I decided to trust that my writing would actually have emotional impact enough that a gag wouldn't make you all just forget about it... don't prove me wrong. 

(Hey, hey Buckley. Buckley, did you see that coming? : D  Didja? Didja?)

If anyone says they saw it coming... YOU LIIEEEE. 

One day I will stop putting my sims through hell and back... that day is not today. Roughly 5 - 7 chapters to go. 


  1. Awwh poor Marie :( I feel so sorry for her! I think you effectively showed how emotional miscarriages can be. </3

  2. Really great chapter.
    Marie's miscarriage was very sad.
    And it was great to have the lift at the end with Freddie's transgender transformation. It's called comedy relief for a reason, lol.

  3. Poor Marie :'(

    Never expected that to happen!

  4. Wow. I feel like I've been bushwhacked. If I'd only bothered to read your rolls, I might have realized that you only rolled for two children, not three... *Bangs Head Against Wall*

    Hmm, so maybe Marie isn't completely evil, but where's the catch? When is the figurative skeleton going to jump out of her closet? I know I should feel sorry for her, but oddly enough I feel a bit relieved instead. Her heart will heal, and they can have more kids. Honestly, I'm more preoccupied with what's going to happen next. :)

    Awesome chapter! Your legacy is seriously addicting Cece. Can't wait for more!

  5. xD I don't think anyone ever remembers the rolls, Buckley. I keep forgetting yours and you have it under Ryder's giant photo. I'm glad everyone reacted well to this chapter. I was honestly pretty worried about it.

  6. Okay I take it back :p you did!

    And annoying but true I really need to get some sleep now, only a few chapters before the end, how annoying!