Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ch. 140 : Countdown

Ten days until Angel’s birthday.
This photo reaaaally reminds me of Becky’s legacy. Except this time the kids are named Darrin (Katrina and Isaac) and Nichol (Nadia and Vance).

Bennett is at his aunt and uncle’s house playing with cousin Jennifer so Freddrick takes the opportunity to do something he’s always wanted to do...

Don’t judge him.

You’re just jealous that you were never this fabulous as a child.

Marie catches Freddrick playing with sparkles. She knows normal children can’t do the things he does. Perhaps there was more to Monica’s ancestry than she originally thought... or perhaps the magic lies in Angel’s family background. Joy. Even more mysteries to take up her time now. 

Nine days.
“I think someone in your family may have been a witch.”

“Why do you say that?”
“Freddy. He has promise for magic. I don’t think he gets visions, so he won’t get all the same abilities as me, but he’ll need to be trained.”
“Do you really think he has magic?”
“I know it. He’s gifted in transfiguration. Both our sons are so special.”

Angel doesn’t understand why, but whenever she calls the twins “their” sons he just wants to hold her close. He can’t wait until they can be together for real.

Eight days.
“Freeeeeddiieeee. Whatcha dooooin?”

“Shh! I’m hiding from mom! She keeps making me practice that dumb trick I do. You can come up and play with me only if you promise not to tell her I’m here.”

“You know it, bro!”

Seven days.
The twins have their birthday. 

Yeah he’s sexy. <3 And has the party animal trait.

Benny doesn’t make it to his cake.

“Ugh what do you mean Freddie’s still hotter? Thats just not right!” (Hot headed trait)

In the background: Marie fights with the sink.
In the foreground: “Hey Freddie? Our mom’s weird.”
“Our whole family is weird.”
“Woah... I just had deja vu.”

Six days.
Close up of that tattoo Becky wanted to see.

“Hey Marie, have I ever told you that I love you?”
“Once or twice, yeah. I love you too.”

Its the first time she’s said it out loud. It doesn’t go unnoticed by him. She just wishes she could relax and enjoy it instead of counting her breaths and holding herself back. 

“So my manager wants me to make an appearance down at the Grind. Wanna come with?” 
Marie would much rather not, but his work schedule always keeps him busy and she misses going out. “Why not? Sounds like fun.”

They suck at dancing. But whatever. The club’s dead anyway.

“You look pissed off.” He notes after she returns from the bar.
“Stupid bartender’s out of plasma and I’m so thirsty. Maybe we should head home.”
“Why? Can’t you just drink from me?”

“A-are you sure?” 
“Of course. What’s the big deal?”
She wants to tell him about the haze that comes over both vampire and prey after a feeding... but she can’t. Her thirst is increasing with every passing second. It’s odd. This has never happened to her before. She needs to drink... and only his blood will pacify her.

“You’re right... it isn’t a big deal at all.”

As she sinks her fangs into his neck he’s almost surprised to feel no pain. There’s no pleasure either. Just... sensation. And calmness. Then air and lightness. As if he weighs nothing, and there is nothing on his mind. A haze goes over him. Anything Marie wants, he’ll do. He understands now why humans stay with vampire partners until their deaths. Feeding... its like being drugged.

“Angel? Are you with me?”
He doesn’t look at her. Captivated with the flashing light on the walls around them. “I... think so? Where are we?”
“The Grind.” She sounds almost amused. “Do you want to do something... fun with me?”

“Yes.” She whispers into his ear. “Fun.” 

He doesn’t know what she’s talking about until he blinks and finds himself on a bed on the second floor of The Grind. “Marie, we can’t-”
“I can make you forget, if you’d like.” She offers. “Or I can let you remember and enjoy... but I will get what I want. You’re weak now, and I am strong. You can’t stop this.”
“But... but your vision.”


“All a lie, my sweet.” She promises, pulling him close. “Nothing will happen. We’re together and that’s all that matters. Now... forget, or remember?” 
He doesn’t even need to think about his answer. “Remember. Always.”
“Good. At least one of us will."


: D 

Seriously guys, tell me your predictions. I already have the next few chapters written and I am REALLY curious as to what you think'll happen next.


  1. I just found this legacy a few days ago and archived binged and man, it's been a crazy ride. I'm at the edge of my seat right now to see where this goes!!

  2. Oooooh so that was you! I knew someone had been reading the entire thing in three days and desperately hoped they'd comment when they finally caught up. I'm so happy you're enjoying it <3. I'm amazed you got through those first few chapters, let alone the entire thing in such a short amount of time. You truly made my week.

  3. So I think that, she was just horny bitch and couldn't wait any longer, and its going to be the end of the world.

  4. I'm wondering whether something has controlled/influenced Marie there, it's a very sudden change in behaviour from her

  5. Freddy will transform into a woman, then into a pink car and slam it into the house, like this:

  6. You guys are killing me xD. I love you.

  7. LOL, Becky. Lol, lol, lol.

    Marie is evil! <3 Or, as Ali said, she is the victim of mind control. Or both. If she is being unfairly influenced, I wonder who's controlling her. Awesome chapter!

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    My guess: everyone dies... with some plot stuff leading up to it. Man, I'm good at this. ; )