Friday, October 14, 2011

Ch. 139 : Sparked

Keri is at an award ceremony for her husband when the sparkles attack.

Angel gets off work just in time to see his mom’s age up. After Monica’s death he’s just been breezing through his career. Already a member of the band as a lyricist.

Fredrick is tired of eating boring old grapes for breakfast. He wants something new...

Sprinkle of magic + Flick of the wrist = Flame fruit

Muuuuch better.

“So do you work today?”
Angel shakes his head. “Nope! Band’s giving me a couple days off to work on some music.”
“So you going to be doing that all day?”
“Heck no! Kat’s pregnant so lets go visit.”

Katrina really is (finally) expecting a child. This will be Keri and Dastan’s SIXTH grandchild. (Vance and Nadia just had their third after this scene was photographed. A girl named Nichol.)

Marie can’t wait until she can start her own family. Babies are just so sweet... and baby Jennifer is just such a cutiepie. 

Vance arrives after work and makes a bee-line for Marie. “Hey so when are you and Angel going to-”
“If you end that sentence with ‘get married’ I will kill you here and now. I swear it. Do you have ANY idea how annoying that’s getting?”

Vance’s face flushes with embarrassment and Marie backtracks, trying to find a way to apologize. “Uuuh... so Angel tells me you’re working on a formula to make people stop aging. How’s that going?”
“Ugh awful! I’ve done test after test on vampire blood but there are just so many differences in it from human blood that I can’t narrow down what exactly is causing decreased aging.”
“Well... why don’t you test it on my blood?” She offers. “I mean, you can compare it to your other vampiric specimens and see what makes me different. It might help you single out those... genes? Molecules? Whatever the heck it is you’re looking for.”

Vance thinks thats the best idea he’s ever heard!

Marie’s never given blood before or even cared about science (She calls it pseudo magic) but she feels good about what she did today. Vance’s work could potentially change the world.

Angel pulls her in for a hug and she doesn’t fight him. 
“How soon do you become a full adult?”
“Just under two weeks.” He answers. “Why do you ask?”
“Because.” She smiles softly. “In my vision you had no wrinkles. You look as young as you do today.”

“Then I guess that means we only have to wait until I’m wrinkly to see if you can really stop fate....”
“No...” She whispers, leaning in for his kiss. “It just means we’re going to screw up any day now. And I won’t be able to save you.”

When they kiss she feels a spark. Something’s there that wasn’t before. Her own lust for him. It takes everything she has not to just jump him then and there. 

“11 days.” She whispers, unable to take her eyes off him. “11 days and everything will be fine. I promise you.”
He just smiles. “Everything’s already fine. I trust you. I know we’ll get through this.”
She wishes she could have as much confidence in her ability to make things right.




  1. You're such a tease Cece! I don't care if her birth leads to the total destruction of Sunset Valley... I want to see Jakelene!

    Also, now I'm wondering about Vance's research into eternal life. Messing with the natural order of the sim universe seems like a potentially dangerous idea, and I'm curious to see where you take that story line. Great update!

  2. Pseudo magic!
    I <3 you for that!

  3. Paper's *finally* finished, so I can *finally* get caught up on your legacy. You update too fast, girl! I kid, of course.

    Anyway, that picture of Vance excited was hilarious and Freddie is so cute! Can't wait to see what you wrote next chapter (and I will comment on them all... lol).