Friday, October 14, 2011

Ch. 138 : Time Goes By

The twins are growing up fast. Marie and Angel teach them all they can as quickly as they can. And of course they cuddle them up as much as possible too. Soon they’ll be old enough that cuddles will just embarrass them. 

Dastan is already a Superstar Actor. A household name in cities all over Sim Nation (and abroad). Sure only Katrina followed him into the life of an actor, but he’s okay with it. Its his dream, not anybody elses. 

Yeah Keri’s trying. Marie’s very good at pretending that everything’s alright. She’s been doing it for years. Keri just needs more practice. 

Time for the twins’ birthday. First up is Frederick. 

He really is quite adorable.

Next up: Bennett.

He gains the evil trait. I say this only because now I associate that hairstyle with mischief.

Angel goes to visit his siblings who still live in the same house. Vance and Nadia had their second child, Jennifer, and are already expecting a third.

Vance is fully employed at the science labs. His pitch for a formula that gives its drinker eternal life was picked up instantly and he’s been working on it daily ever since. He’s still got some problems with the formula, but he’s really making progress now... sort of. The real promise is in looking at the vampire-be-gone formula and trying to re-verse the process by singling out the genes that target aging and CO2 intake and- yes. Inner bio-chemist will be shutting up now. Watcher apologizes.

Photo of all three triplets in the same frame. (Finally)

These two are becoming sickeningly sweet now that they’ve made plans. 

They even share a room now... sort of.

Marie’s just happy to be living in a real house now and not the basement of the chapel.

Dastan’s birthday arrives. Watcher grieves the loss of her favourite male sim.


Wait. Woah woah woah. An... ATTRACTIVE elder? <3 Watcher stops grieving.

“You look so handsome, Dastan. I hope you’ll still love me when I get old and wrinkly tomorrow.”
“I’ll love you always, Keri. Wrinkles and all.”

Angel... will never recover from this image. He’s been scarred for life. Eew.

The twins get along well, despite having few friends at school. Their entire family is famous, their father a rockstar, their grandfather an actor. Their friends at school are usually pressured by their parents to try and talk to the twins. Benny and Freddy just prefer to play at home in the treehouse their dad bought them.

Benny loves the place they live. He can see across the ocean from his tree house! One day he’ll travel far and wide and be the king of the world.

The twins more or less know that Marie isn’t their mother, just as much as they more or less know that Angel is their birth father. But they treat Marie like a mom anyway.
“What’s for dinner momma?”
“Uuuh I can make some mac and cheese if you want. Just lemme finish fixing this stupid sink first. Do your homework with Fredrick.”

Homework comes and goes and Marie is still struggling with the sink. The twins decide to just grab some of the juice boxes their mom seems to live off of.

“Just once I’d like to have a real meal, mom.”
“Meet a human girl.” Marie counters. “THEN she can cook for you. Just the smell of the things your dad eats makes me sick.”
Benny just sighs and then looks at his brother. “Our mom’s weird.”
“Our whole family is weird.”


Bonus photo of Angel's (so far) three tattoos. The one on his arm was supposed to look like Marie but the scene where he shows it to her was WAY too cheesy for me so I scrapped it.


  1. Can I get a close-up of the tattoo that looks like Marie? xD

  2. That photo of Angel walking on in his parents is great. I love that grin.

    The twins are cute... you were right. And I'm glad to see Dastan didn't fall victim to the ugly elder syndrome that seems so common among sims. He's one hawt old man!

  3. I wonder if the broken heart tattoo on Angel's back is foreshadowing events to come...


  4. Becky: Kay I'll take a close up for next chapter.

    Yang: I <3 his tats. I'm actually taking time with them!

    Giga: <3 Dastan

    Buckley: xD Actually its from when Marie rejected his proposal. But there may be more heartbreak in his future... for all involved. No spoilers, of course.