Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ch. 137 : Knowledge is Power

“Marie. We need to talk.”
She’d known Keri would break her silence sooner or later. The vampire turned human was aging into an elder soon. No doubt she wanted to get this confrontation over with while she still had the strength to fight. Marie just wished it wasn’t while she was on her way to get a drink.

To Marie’s surprise, Keri starts on a completely different tangent. 
“So I hear you turned Angel down when he proposed to you. Why?”
“You’re... more mad about me NOT marrying your son then you are of me actually standing in front of you? Keri. You make no sense.”
“Neither do you. First you tried stealing Dastan and failed, then you seduced my son and now that he’s madly in love with you you’re just... not doing anything about it? I was expecting to save him from a girl who wants to kill him, not break his heart slowly. What is going on?”

“Keri I didn’t try stealing Dastan. I did what I thought I needed to at the time, and I’m sorry for what almost happened. But I do not regret it. And as for your son, I swear I’m not trying to hurt him. He’s just... more determined then I ever expected. But I promise you, I will not hurt him for long. If I can stop my vision from coming true... I can make him happy.” 

“How? By controlling his mind and making him think you love him? I won’t stand for that. If it isn’t real, its not worth it.”

“It will be real.” A pause. “It... it is real.”
Keri can’t believe her ears. “You mean-”
“Please don’t tell Dastan!” Marie pleads. “He’d kill me! I was... I was scared you’d want to kill me too. I’m not here for my own selfish reasons. I have to keep Angel safe. My own feelings for him complicate things, but I won’t let them cloud my judgement. I swear it.” 

“Alright.” Keri says at last. “I believe you... I think. I suppose you should know that Damian’s husband is the one who has been trying to pinpoint your location around town. Damian is keeping him off your trail and he seems to actually believe you’re Addie, not Marie. He wants me to tell him if I ever heard from you. What do you want me to tell him?” 

Final score: 
Keri - 0
Marie - 1

“I’ve made peace with Marie, you know.”
Dastan can’t hide his relief. “I’m glad.”
“... She’s in love with Angel.”
“This should be news to me?”

“So you... don’t mind that she’s in love with someone other then you?”
“Keri... the love Marie and I had for each other was that of friends, of family. Its nothing like what I feel for you. I love you, truly. And only you.” He smiles, and then leans in for a kiss.

Ugh fine. Here’re the photos of (the majority) of Keri’s tattoos.

Marie finishes filming ONE movie as a minor character... and then quits her job. She’s up half the night anyway working on getting stronger and practicing her natural talents. Getting up at 7 each day for filming... not her idea of a good time.

EVERYONE calls Marie about the rejected engagement (She’s on the phone with Kat right now).
“No Katrina its... its just... well tell Vance that HE can marry Angel if its bugs him so much! No of course the twins aren’t mine. I went to visit you like the day before we adopted them. Did I look pregnant to you?... Yeah yeah, I’ll talk to you later.”

Angel surprises her when she turns around. 
“Are those two STILL bugging you about saying no? I swear just because they’re both happily married they think I should be too. I’m happy the way things are, honest.”
“Angel you’re not.”
“I can be.”

“I just... wish you could tell me why you don’t want to marry me. I know you love me. Even if you try to hide it I can tell. I’m not that much of a sheltered rich kid.” 
She sighs. “Angel its just my vision. Your daughter-”
“Marie please. We’re both smart, we’re both adults. We can be careful. I mean the chances that the daughter you see is OUR daughter-”
“She IS our daughter.” 

Angel feels his heart stop for a moment. “Marie-”
“I saw it all the night I became a young adult.” She mutters, cutting him off. “We name her Jakelene. She has my mother’s red hair, and your green eyes. She’s... she’s beautiful.” 
Angel asks the question you’re all thinking. “If you know she’s our daughter then why don’t you just... go? She can’t be born if we aren’t together.”
“Jakelene’s birth isn’t the cause of this city’s end. It’s the time line. I can delay it, but I can’t stop it altogether. If I left it would just find another way to come true. You’d follow me, or we’d get drunk, or... or something. The longer I can hold it off, the more time I have to understand what the cause will be. And once I find that cause I can stop it at the root and...” Her voice falters.
“Maybe I can get a happily ever after.”

“Why didn’t you tell me any of this?”
She shrugs. “Scared, I guess.”
“Of what?’’

“That you’d ask me to leave.”

“Marie I would never ask you to leave.” He pulls her into an embrace, smiling at her. “Take as long as you need to figure this out. Just promise me that as soon as you’ve done what you have to we’ll be together.”
“How soon after?”
“The same day if we can. Marie, I love you. And you know I’m just a human. My life here is limited, and I do want to spend as much of it as I can with you.”

She’s silent for a long moment before pulling away, tracing her hand along his arm. “Okay...”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” 


If you follow the MTS forum you'll know I was having some trouble with Marie's job performance. It was refusing to move up or down. So I just had her quit after a few days. I've had to make some changes plot wise but I think it actually works just as well this way.


  1. You know, I was this close to naming Aymeri Jakelin, and haven't ruled it out for a name for a potential son of his. Because I'm all into the medieval French names these days, lol.
    Anyway, great chapter. I'm glad Keri finally said something.

  2. Jakelene is an awesome name. I can't wait to see what she looks like!

    KERI! WHY?!!! I so wanted her to beat up Marie, and instead she just bows down to her. I'm still on team "Marie-Is-Up-To-Something" though, cause she worries me. Although I think I'm probably the only one.

    Nice chapter Cece! Thanks for posting it early, I needed the distraction. :)

  3. Yang: Oh man I looove the name Jakelin, Yang. <3 It's so pretty. One of my friends actually gave me the name for Jakelene, and I really liked it. Plus it seemed like something Marie would pick.

    Buckley: You're not the only one who thinks Marie is still up to something. : ) Not at all. I'm just not saying who else agrees with you. And I'm glad you enjoyed the update. <3 Thanks for commenting. You always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. Keri speaks! I love her, and I'm a little sad that she just simply resolved the issue with Marie when it will probably still eat at her. (I think). However, you wrote that scene very well and Marie seemed genuinely "worried" about the effect of her refusal of Angel.

    The way you are handling this plot line is fantastic. Great job Cece!

  5. Double comment! I didn't realize how formal I made that previous reply. lol. I was in the middle of writing a paper and that somehow filtered over.

    I forgot to say how hawt Marie is last chapter. She is seriously beautiful... definitely a temptation for poor Angel. ; )