Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ch. 136 : Rejection

Despite her reluctance towards being in front of the camera, everyone in town is expecting “Addie” to follow in her father’s footsteps. So Dastan gets her an audition at his studio and she’s hired on the spot. 

Marie has friends in high places, or at least control over their minds. Fredrick and Bennett’s adoption papers arrived in the mail the following day. Miles took off out of town the same night his wife’s body was found in their house and is expected to have taken their sons with them. A grand total of 6 babies were born the same day as the twins. Angel doesn’t think anyone will pay his babies any attention.

He has his children with him, close enough to watch them when they sleep. Now all he has left to do is give them the same family environment he and his siblings grew up in. 

Keri does not approve of her youngest son's choices in life.

The twins age up. I have no idea where Fredrick’s hair came from. But its pretty so I’m not dying it. No way. He has Monica’s bright blue eyes.

Bennett gets Dastan’s hair and someone's brown eyes. Possibly one of his grandparents had brown eyes. They may look like their mother but Angel isn’t worried. Monica’s features were quite common around town.

Angel’s plan to give his sons a family starts with a date on his day off. 
“Dinner was spectacular.” Marie smiles. “I enjoyed myself tonight. Thank you for for asking me out.”
“Our night isn’t over just yet.”

“What do you mean?” 
He smiles and pulls a bouquet of flowers out from behind his back. “You look beautiful tonight, Addie.” 
All around them the paparazzi are taking notes and whispering to each other. Angel and Addie are adopted siblings. All this flirting is most... odd. Almost to the point of being sickening. 

And then Angel really drops the bomb. 
“Addie, I’d like to ask you something.”
Marie feels her heart stopping when he drops down onto a knee. “Angel, you’d better not be-”

“Addie lets give my boys a real family. Will you marry me?”
She doesn’t say anything for the longest time, just standing there with her eyes closed before giving the smallest of shake of her head. “No... never.” 
His stomach drops. As if she just punched him. “... Oh.”
Suddenly they’re both very aware of all the awestruck looks from the people around them. Marie fights back a sob as she drops her head. “Um... I have work. I should go. I’ll see you at home tonight.” 

“Yeah... okay.”
The sting of rejection stays with him the entire day. It reaaally hurts.

Its made all the worse when he finds out she kept the flowers he gave her, keeping them in a vase next to her bed.

She’s so good with his kids. Faintly he wonders if she’s ever thought about becoming a mother.

Then he considers her aversion to woo-hoo and smartly decides to keep his mouth shut.

They put the twins to bed at the same time. Before leaving his room she pauses at the doorway. “Hey Angel?”
“I’m sorry for saying embarrassing you earlier. But you need to understand. Us marrying... it just can’t happen. My visions-”
“I know.” He interrupts. “Look, I’m sorry. I know that you’re my protector, not my lover.”
She’s silent for a moment before sighing and looking back over her shoulder at him. “And just so that you know, I do want to have kids one day. Now is just a bad time.”
He forgets sometimes that she can read minds.


The closest blonde in the family tree to explain Freddie's hair is Carlos, Keri's father. (Freddie's great grandfather)

Haven't seen brown eyes either but two of Monica's other children have the same eyes so I guess one of Monica's parents had brown eyes. But they died a looong time ago so I can't confirm that.

I keep feeling bad about what I put Angel through emotionally. IT GETS WORSE BABY. (But also better)


  1. Yeah, that's why public proposals aren't always the best idea, Angel.

  2. Poor Angel!

    ...But yeah. That would be quite, um, peculiar from the paparazzi perspective. Lol.

  3. Naw. Life is so hard for poor Marie. Yes I am living in the land of poor Marie.

  4. Yang: Ugh I HATE public proposals! I find them tacky and sort of rude. But hey, Angel's my little dumbo so i love making him do stupid stuff. <3

    Buckley: It gets peculiarer... paecuilierer? It gets weirder! THERE.

    TC: So am I <3

  5. Cece, I agree with you about public proposals. They're supposed to be intimate, not a public affair. Unless it's in front of family. Meh.

    I like that Marie is sticking to her guns on this one and not giving in to Angel. I love Angel, but *hopefully* Marie has his (and the worlds) best interest at heart... although I'm not entirely sure that she is being truthful.