Monday, October 10, 2011

Ch. 135 : Trial by Fire

Its early the following morning when Marie wakes from her long slumber, completely rested and feeling stronger than ever. 

Her movement rouses Angel from his own nap. “Marie? Is that... you?”

“Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?”
He yawns, blinking the sleep from his eyes before motioning towards the mirror on the other side of the room. “Look for yourself.”

She does so, gasping when she sees the young adult standing in her place. 
“Woah...” She breathes. “I’m HOT.” 
“Yeah.” He agrees. “You really are.” 
“Angel... are you staring at my ass?”
“Get out of my room, pervert.”

Eventually though Marie decides to forgive him for staring at her ass (mostly because she was doing it herself as soon as he left the room). Angel’s just happy she’s in a good mood. 

At least in a good enough mood to initiate a kiss. 

“Something’s wrong.” She whispers, pulling away. “What happened?”
He can’t hide his guilt anymore. “Monica didn’t go into work yesterday... when I went to her house to see if she was okay I found out she’s pregnant. With my child. And she won’t let me see the child when it’s born. She says it’ll hurt her divorce case against Miles if they find out the baby isn’t his. I don’t know what to do, Marie. I want to have my baby here with me but she’s my boss. My hands are tied if I ever want to keep working in this town.”
“Oh Angel...”

He can hear the disappointment in her voice, but then something else arises. “I can... take care of her if you’d like. As long as your child is a son I’ll do anything to bring him back to you.”
“And if its the daughter you saw?”
She smiles at him in a way that makes him shiver. “Let’s not talk about that.” 

“Now... do you want me to bring your son back to you?”
He nods slowly, captivated by her bright eyes. “Yeah... but what about Monica? She won’t give him up without a fight.”
“Then a fight she will have.” Marie smiles. “I feel it now. All the power I was meant to have. The fates can’t take this from me... there’s no way. Let Monica believe she has all the cards. Boy or girl, if you want the child to be here with you then I will make it so. You have my word.”
“Thank you, Marie.”
“Don’t thank me just yet.”

Nadia and Vance have a baby boy. Jacques. He inherits Keri’s green eyes and Dastan’s hair. I laughed. He looks like what I expected Angel to look like. But you guys will have to take my word for it because I have yet to get a photo of him as a toddler.

Not every child born to the Starr family was hot. Dastan’s cousin (and Nadia’s older brother) got all the "eh" jeans in the family. Poor Nathaniel.

Despite no longer turning down his romantic advances behind closed doors, Marie still refuses to do anything more then kiss. So every night Angel heads to bed alone.

Keri still hasn’t made her move against the young vampire.

Marie goes out for a jog around town every night. The paparazzi grew bored of following her days ago so she’s generally free to go wherever she wishes without fear of being followed.

Which is good considering her destination tonight. 
“W-what do you mean Monica’s child isn’t mine?”

“No. I suppose you can win the divorce proceedings now if you order a paternity test.”
“F- that.” Miles swears. “This house isn’t worth all the grief that woman has given me. I just wish there were a way to get her out of my life for good.”
Marie can’t hide her smile. “Give me a call when Monica’s child is born. I’ll take care of it and make this entire situation go away... I promise.”

“Where are you going?” Angel asks a few nights later when he sees Marie rushing from her room. 
She pauses at the door, looking back at him sadly. “If I don’t tell you, you won’t have to lie.” 
He nods. “Be careful.”
A sigh. “Just... cover for me. Pretend I never left.”

When Monica gets home, Marie is already there waiting for her. 

“If you’re here for my sons you’ve got another thing coming!”
“Angel had twins?” Marie asks. “Boys?”
Monica nods. “Yes! MY boys. Now go home and leave us be.”
Marie can’t do that.

All it takes is a hard hit to the head and a handful of matches.

Even if Marie hadn’t locked her in the side room, Monica never stood a chance of survival.

When Marie arrives with the babies, Angel can’t believe his eyes. Twins! Sure, he knew the chances were higher because he was a triplet, but this is insane.

“So Monica just gave them up?”
Marie smiles softly. “In a matter of speaking, yes...”
He smiles back. “Thank you, Marie. Really. You don’t know what this means to me.”
I love you. The words are there. But neither says them aloud. 


The twiiiins are Bennett (Benny) and Fredrick (Freddy). I am not even joking. Thats what EA named them so I HAD to keep them like that. 

Anyway Gen 11/Neverglade Gen 1 hasn't been born yet, but I'm posting the rolls anyway just to psych you guys up. And to leave you wondering where the baby will be coming from.

Neverglade Gen One: 
- Mixed Couple
- 4 kids
- Primary Career: Criminal (Thief)
- Secondary Career: P.I.
- Gen Goal: Perfect Careers
- Misc. Fun: Tattoo Addict


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