Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ch. 134 : Metamorphosis

Joven’s home alone when he feels death finally coming to claim him. 

Marie arrives home just in time to see Grim appear. She’d met him a number of times before. In situations she’d rather not discuss with polite company... but this is the first time his appearance has caused her real grief.

Joven is not sad to go. He shakes death’s hand as he were an old friend. He’s ready to see his wife again. He’s missed her beautiful smile so. 

Keri can’t stand to be at home anymore. So she visits the home of her other two children. 

Nadia is carrying Keri’s first grandchild and she’s SUPER EXCITED! She and Vance are both hoping for a huge family. 

Keri is just excited to finally be a grandmother. “Nadia, would you mind if I spent the night here?”
“Of course not, Mrs. Starr. Our home is your home, you know that. “

Dastan on the other hand is not taking Keri’s knowledge easy. “Marie what am I supposed to do? She doesn’t trust me anymore, and I’m scared she’ll do something to hurt you. Isn’t there any way you can control her mind?”

“Dastan I’m not sure if I feel comfortable with the idea of controlling Keri’s mind. I know your intentions are good, but this will not solve our problem. I need to speak to her, find a way to convince her I am not here to harm you. I just need time.”
“Time is the one thing we don’t have.” He answers with a sigh. “She said something last night that made me realize we have other problems. The tabloids already have photos of my ‘adopted daughter’ as a teen for nearly two weeks now. You need to age up. And fast.” 
“And HOW exactly am I supposed to do that?”

“Idunno. Can’t you magic something up?”
Marie is about to say something very rude when she pauses. “You know... that’s not actually half bad an idea...” 

“Dear Mr. Archer. In father’s note to me he mentioned that you had access to a number of my mother’s old spell books, as well as access to the books of the other witches you’ve known during your life. I need your help. The people here are becoming suspicious of my age and I need to force myself to become a young adult. Please, Mr. Archer, send me a spell if you know of one. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t receive a swift reply from you.
- M.” 

She has to wait only a day before she finds a reply awaiting her in the mail. Details for the metamorphosis spell her mother had used to masquerade as a vampire ages ago. Archer suggested that with a few changes it could be used to make her older. His only warning is the strong possibility that she’s already too weak for it. The spell could end her if she wasn't strong enough to handle it. 
Perhaps... she’ll wait to try it out.

Joy and Joven are buried in the family graveyard. 
(Graves, Left to right : Serenity -> Grim -> Joy -> Joven -> Roxie. In the corner is Avarice Slayer’s grave.)

Angel had a day off today so he spends it renovating his grandfather’s bedroom to suit his own tastes. 

Also renovated: A new room for Marie. 

“Thank you, Angel. This means so much to me. I’ve never had a room to myself before.”
“I just... hope this makes up for falling into bed with Monica.” 
“It more then makes up for it.”

Marie knows she’ll have to give the metamorphisis spell a try. Despite all the possible things that could go wrong with it. Until she becomes an adult she won’t have the powers to kill or protect. She’ll need them with all the woo-hoo Angel was getting in with the girls around town. 

The spell is simple enough. Just look into a mirror and image exactly want she wants to see. A young adult where a teen stands now. Taller... maybe a nicer nose... oh and a bigger chest of course. May as well throw that in there since she’s changing so much already.

Almost immediately Marie feels light, and then extremely heavy. She feels as if every part of her weighs a hundred pounds, including her eyelids. She’s unconscious before she hits the floor.

When Keri finds her she’s conflicted... Dastan is at a party for work, and Angel is at work. If she called Jason to take Marie away no one would know but her, and no one would be harmed. But would she be able to live with the decision? 

Eventually Keri makes up her mind. “Dastan you need to come home immediately. I just got here myself and found Marie passed out on the ground. She isn’t waking up no matter what I do but besides that she doesn’t look injured. I need you."

When Angel arrives home from work Marie has already been put into her bed. He can’t help but wonder what she did that exhausted her so much... but he’s worried. Not just of what she did, but also of the news he got today at work. 

He’s decided to take tomorrow off work, maybe more if Marie is still unconscious by then. He needs her right now. And he won’t leave her side until she’s awake. 


Nadia and Vance have a baby boy named Jacques. If he isn't insanely hot I will be VERY disappointed in SP genetics. I do expect them to have at least four kids though. They're both family oriented so... yeah. 

And can I just say that post-metamophosis Marie is HOT. Like... I was very impressed by how she came out. I was actually quite worried for a bit. Ah well. Yay for attractive characters!


  1. Wow, I would so not want a husband like Dastan. Poor Keri.
    Um, in your comments you say Keri and Vance had a baby..I think you mean Nadia, right? LOL, at least, I hope so.
    Looking forward to seeing Marie all growed up.

  2. Iiii meant Nadia. OOPS. Fixed that.

  3. Marie is my personal favourite character of yours, I want her for my game :) I have no clue how I'll use her, but I want her :P

  4. Alright, what did you do now Angel? I wonder what this "news" is. I'm very curious... (Did Angel get his boss pregnant?! OMG, I want to know SO bad!)

    I STILL don't trust Marie! I don't know what it is, but eh. She's pretty so I'll deal. I can't wait to see her as a Y/A!

  5. Aw... poor Marie. Can't wait to see what she looks like!

    And that is seriously adorable of Angel to be by her side during her recovery.