Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ch. 133 : How the Eff Does She Know?

Marie is starting school today. As Addie. The girl Dastan and Keri “adopted” from overseas. A troubled orphan who is trying her best to fit in as the daughter of the biggest celebrity couple in town. A new look might be in order.

Yeah that’ll do. Its nice to be dressing like a normal girl once again. Soon her disguises will need more then just a change of clothes and a hair cut but she’ll take the easy disguises for as long as she can. 

Angel thinks she looks like a goodie two shoes now... but he has no time to tease her. He starts work today, and rumour has it Monica Cochran is looking for any excuse to fire any of the Starr family. (She was originally married to one of Celeste and Thomas’ human sons back when but then he died and now she’s married to Miles Cochran, another vampire.)

Her father sent her a letter from a city called Neverglade. One of the elder vampires live there, a man named Arthur Archer who - according to Merrick - is her godfather. Marie has faint memories of the man her father describes. But there is nothing too solid. She was far too young when they left Archer’s safe house. Still, she write a reply to Arthur Archer, thanking him for keeping her father safe. 

Angel meanwhile is tee’d off at his lack of progress and decides to pay Monica a visit to discuss his performance. 

“Monica. We both know I’m the best guitar player you’ve got, as well as the hottest. Why haven’t you given me a shot at something bigger?”

“Angel you’re young. Very young. And very handsome. You need to learn that your looks won’t get you everything in life.”
“No offense, Mrs. Cochran, but that sounds like a pretty stupid reason to hold me back.”
To his surprise, she begins to smile. “Well, Angel, if you can convince me that my earlier statement is incorrect... I will grant you your promotion. And any promotion you seek afterwards.” 

When Angel gets whats she’s hinting at, he wishes he hadn’t. “But... aren’t you married?”
“Separated.” She answers. “Miles and I aren’t meeting eye to eye anymore, and I’d like someone to hold me while I get through this messy divorce. What do you say?”
Angel can’t believe he’s even considering this...

Ah heck. He’d get the promotion either way, but this way assures him at least a little bit of fun in the progress.

Watcher just really thinks this pairing is gross. Monica is oooold. 

When he gets home that night he notices Marie in her formal attire. Taking a seat next to her, he can’t help but smile. “You look beautiful, Addie. Any particular reason for it?” 

“You haven’t flirted with me in almost a full week!” She announces happily. “I’m really proud of you. I figured some temptation would let me see if you’re really changing or just getting some on the side.”
“Bah.” He scoffs, trying his best to ignore the guilt in the pit of his stomach. “I’ve been good. Now get over here and gimme a hug.” 
She does so.

“Hey Angel?” She asks after a minute. 
“I know you woo-hoo’d with Monica.”

“WHAT? How in the Watcher’s name did you know?”
“I have my ways, man-slut.” And with that she heads to bed. 

Angel was SO sure he’d covered his tracks. He’d even showered before leaving Monica’s place! This was soooo not fair. 

Keri and Dastan stroll in not long after for a late dinner after a dull party at Celeste Starr’s house. Keri figures this is a good a time as any to drop the bomb. 
“So when is Adelaide going to age up? I was thinking of throwing a party for her. A big one. We can even invite Damian and his family.”

“I uh... I don’ think that would be a good idea.” Dastan begins. 
“Why not?”
“Well she’s shy. She wouldn’t enjoy a party.”
“Dastan... I know she’s Marie.”

Dastan feels his heart fall into the pit of his stomach. “H-how did you find out?”
“As the man I love once said to me... I’m not as dumb as everyone seems to think I am.”
He can’t help himself. “Please Keri. You can’t tell anyone. We need to protect her. She’s-”
“She’s more important then me.” Keri finishes for him. “And more important then your father and your children.”
“Keri please. It’s not like that.”
“Really Dastan? Because thats basically what you’re saying by harboring her here. The elders won’t hesitate to attack if they learn she’s living with us. They’ll burn this entire house down with us still in it if they have to.”


I don't know who I felt more sorry for in this chapter... eventually though I've decided to feel sorry for Angel. Monica is OLD. I'm sorry baby. *Hugs him tight* I'll make it up to you somehow I swear.


  1. Angel slept with his older boss just to get a promotion? Shame on him...

    I feel sorry for Keri

  2. Ha... I think Monica is pretty. *shrug*

    I feel mostly bad for Kerri who has been kept in the dark through this whole fiasco. I can understand *why* Dastan did it, but still. Poor girl.

    Also, I didn't comment last chapter; but Angel is hawt. You did a good job on his totally fantabulous (it's a word now) makeover.

  3. Yeah I do feel sorry for Keri... but I'm trying not to get to attached for reasons that will be made obvious later. >_>

    I'm glad you like Angel! He's made his way into my heart and I feel so bad about all the things I've put him through/will put him through.

  4. Cece, you better not break my heart! I am more than a little attached to Keri, and I definitely felt sorry for her in this chapter. Did Dastan ever love her? I'm beginning to wonder.