Friday, October 7, 2011

Ch. 132 : Suspicious

Marie hasn’t slept a wink all night. Ever since what happened last night in the hot tub she’s been lousy with guilt and fear. She should have more self control then this! It never should have happened! She doesn’t even bother hiding when Dastan and the others get home and see her not in school. 

Dastan covers for her of course, before Keri can give her the dreaded “School is important!” talk. 
As soon as Keri and Joven have gone to do whatever it is adults do when the kids are at school, Marie goes up to Dastan.
“Dastan, we need to talk...”
She tells him everything. What she and Angel did the night before, her guilt and disgust with herself, her fears of being unable to say no if he ever tries again.

To her surprise he doesn’t yell. He doesn’t swear at her. He looks a little shocked, but thats it. At last he speaks. “I can’t say I’m not... disappointed... but I understand. I don’t blame you.”

“But what should I do-”
“I think.” He interrupts. “That its time you told him about everything.”
“Oh Dastan you know I can’t do that. Everything I know, everything that I’ve seen in his future... it would just kill him. Angel may be a prick, but he’s still your son. I can’t do that to him.” 
“Then start slow. Tell him what you can.” Dastan smiles. “I believe that if you’d told me about your vision when we were teenagers I would have left with you. He doesn’t need to know every little detail about each and every death you’ve seen, but he needs to know what he can do to stop it.” 

“And what am I supposed to do about this infatuation?”
“Well you said that he initiated it. Just tell him we almost got married as teens and i can almost guarantee that will shock him into behaving around you. At least for a while.”

Marie can’t imagine how her life would have been without Dastan being there for her. She will save Angel if its the last thing she does, at least as a thank you to her old friend. 

Keri wishes she could turn the grand piano around so she didn’t have to look at them. She doesn’t believe Adelaide’s backstory. Not one bit. 

She just wishes she could believe the stories Dastan tells her. She knows he loves her. She just wishes she wasn’t so sure he was in love with Adelaide as well. Dastan probably just thinks that since his brother Dante is married to a girl fresh out of highschool he can do it too...

Speaking of which... Yeah. Dante married Sheila. The girl who had two kids by two different men while still a teenager. Keri’s pretty sure Sheila just married Dante for his money and access to the big parties. But she’s not going to judge the young girl... even though she’s passed out on the front lawn when Keri drops by to say hello.

Dante just sighs when Keri points out his passed out wife. 
“She’s uh... she’s one of a kind, okay?”
Keri won’t deny that. 

Sheila heals right back up when Dante puts a drink in her hand. 
“You smell like vampire.” She mutters when Keri introduces herself. 
“I haven’t been a vampire since I was a teen.” 
“I know.” Sheila continues. “Its that girl who lives with you. Marie.”
Keri’s eyes widen and Dante tries to hide behind the bar. “What. Did. You. Say?”
Sheila doesn’t flinch. “Oh right... wasn’t supposed to tell you about that. Woopsie.”

Joven’s completely devoted himself to meditation ever since Joy’s death. He feels connected to her when he meditates. 

He reached the peak of physical perfection not long ago. Figured I should show off his belt for you.

Yesterday was the triplet’s last day of school. Marie decides she’s put things off for long enough and asks Angel to go down to the beach together. 

Dastan sees them go from his front window. Keri’s been acting weird all week so he figures now is a good time to see whats wrong. 

“I just... don’t want Adelaide here.” 
Thats all he gets from her when he asks. Shortly after their hug she excuses herself, claiming the need for new groceries. 

He just wishes he could read her mind the way the characters in his movies can read their female leads. 

“So I notice you’ve been avoiding me lately.” Angel begins. “Any particular reason for that?”
“You mean besides the fact that we slept together after I specifically told you we shouldn’t even kiss anymore?”
“Hey you weren’t exactly saying no if I recall correctly.” 

She figures now is as good a time as any. “Angel... how old do you think I am?”
He shrugs. “I unno... maybe a couple of days younger then me?” She shakes her head. “Okay... a few days older?”
“I’ve been alive for over 13 weeks. I’ve been a teen for almost 6. Ever since your father was my age.” 

“Ever since... so thats why he looks after you so much! You guys used to be friends I’m guessing.” 
“More then that.” She says with a soft smile. “Before he knew about my... condition. The one that makes me age so slowly, he wanted to marry me. We almost married anyway before your mother got to him and helped open his eyes to a real life. One where he could be happy.” 

“So you just wanted to tell me that you’ll still be young while I’m old? I don’t care about that, Adelaide. I think you’re beautiful the way you are and I’ll always love you. I don’t care if I get trouble with the tabloids-”
“Will you let me finish?” 
He shut up and she continues. 
“When I became a child I saw a prophecy. A vision of your family’s future, and the end of this town’s existence. I saw people dying, people I now know and care for. I know when its going to happen, I know triggers to look for, and I know that you will be in the centre of it all. That you will die a horrible, horrible death. And ever since I saw these things I have devoted my entire life to stopping it. Even before you were born.”
“Adelaid, I love-”

“It’s Marie.” She interrupts again. “And don’t mistake my intentions for wanting to save you. I do not love you. I most likely never will. I’m a witch, Angel. We don’t fall in love. We can’t. The fates always target those closest to us as revenge. We can’t save everyone.”
“Then why even try?”
She smiles softly to herself. “Your father, and your older uncle Damian. Your ancestor Ella. I have found so much kindness in this town. If I fail I will have a few more chances before my life is drained. It shouldn’t matter to me so much but it does. I can’t just turn my back on all your family has done for me.”
“So then you’ll be staying with for a while, huh?”
A nod. 

“We should head back.” She mutters, standing up from their blanket. 
Angel ponders all this new information for a moment before deciding something. “Wait.”

“What’s your favourite color?”
She looks at him blankly before answering. “Yellow...”
“Where were you born?”
“Just outside the Bridgeport city limits.”
“Your mother’s name?”
“Olivia Sabo.” Her words almost falter with that last answer. “Why are you asking me all this?”
“If you’re really here to protect me, then I’ll need to trust you. And in order to trust you I want to know things about you that aren’t fabricated lies.”

“Then do you trust me now?”
“Well we’re getting there. What can I do to help you stop your vision?”
“Never have a daughter. Everything happens the day she becomes a toddler.”
“That... explains a lot.”
They hug, and for a moment Marie almost feels as if he’s growing up. And then... “So did you ever woo-hoo with my dad?”
“You know I can’t actually remember what happened this one night-”
“Point taken. I don’t want to know.”
“Good boy, Angel.”

It shouldn’t have been such a surprise to her really. That the man with the closest ties to the elders was her brother in law. She’d always known there was something special about him. Something more powerful then the vampires she’d been used to. 

“So you know where the witch is? Tell me immediately and I will send word to my uncle. I know she’s been here, but my stupid husband would rather protect her then our own son. I’d arrange for the hit to take place here if I wasn’t so worried Dustin would be harmed in the process.”

His words bring a new fear to Keri’s heart. Marie is never alone anymore. Always either with Angel or Dastan. Did she know that the elders wouldn’t care about harming a few humans to get to her? Was she using them as human shields?
“I... I don’t know where she is just yet.” She lies. “But I fear my husband is in contact with her. I will inform you when I have a location.” 

It’s time for the triplets YA birthday. As always, Katrina gets first dibs on the cake. 

Lovely, isn’t she? She goes into acting like her father. 

Next is Vance. 

Yeah yeah we get it. You’re hot. Moving on now.

Aaaaand last but not least... Angel. 


Seriously Marie, you forget sometimes how stubborn the heirs in this family are. When they want something or someone, they usually get it. 

Vance, Katrina and Nadia move out together into this nice little house on the far side of town. Nadia and Vance both go into the science field, in the pursuit of a never-ending life. 


Aaaaaand Gen Ten has BEGUN!

Reminder of the roll:

Gen Ten:
- Single With Help
- Two Children
- Primary Career: (Gen 10 gift) Music (Rockstar)
- Secondary Career : Film (Actor)
- Gen Goal: AWESOME! (Still no idea...)
- Misc Fun: Tattoo Addict 

Okay so I know how this generation will end. I know how it'll transition to Neverglade (Yes. Neverglade IS a continuation of the Starr Legacy.) I even know more or less the main events of this generation and their order/after effects. 

But I have no idea what I'm doing for my "awesome". I'm thinking maybe completing a lot of the misc fun and generation goals. 


  1. *insert tacky antichrist joke*

    Poor guy looked so scared to age up.

  2. xD I did actually originally intend to go with the "antichrist" storyline. But then I figured that might get me in trouble so I'm going a bit of a different route. Slightly. Angel is still a rebellious douche though. <3 Love him.

  3. I can see how it would be hard to get sims screenshots of Jesus riding in on a raptor and the moon turning to blood and... all that other stuff my great-grandmother says is totally gonna happen like any day now.

    But maybe with the pets expansion pack...!

    Anyway, I'm really glad to know you'll be continuing the storyline in your next legacy.

  4. I mean... uh... storyline isn't the word. x.x

    You know what I mean!

    I'm happy to know the Starr Legacy will continue, even though it ends. ^.^

    *snuggles Cece*

  5. Thank you for the snuggle! <3

    And yeeees. I know what you mean. I'm excited for the end of the Starr legacy. Not because its... y'know, ending... but because I have an awesome ending planned and I just hope I can live up to my plan.

    ... If I wanted to make the rapture come I could just use photoshop for all that. I really am quite pro at it. I'm just insanely lazy.

  6. Hmm. Are you sure anyone in your legacy would actually be eligible to get raptured? xD


    Maybe uh... Kat? Wait rapture is where the good christians get taken up to heaven right? I'm atheist so I actually have no idea what we're talking about now that you're using actual terminology. .-.

    But yeah, the two other triplets are good kids. Nadia and Vance even got married BEFORE having kids. Go figure! Thats an oddity in my town.

  8. I am also an atheist. When I start making fun of religion, it's really hard to stop. xD

  9. I knoooow. I mean I do TRY to be good... but then I fail and end up insulting someone. >_>

    ... I should probably go play Sims. Seeing as I only have three photos for Sunday's update. Woopsie.

  10. Your and Becky's discussion = Over My Head! I attended an all girl Catholic high school for years, and I still don't know the first thing about religion. Lol, I'm sure all those old nuns (my high school teachers) would just die of shame if they could see me now! I'm not an atheist, but I'm sure as hell not "religious".

    Anyway, back to your update! Kat is gorgeous! And I don't know what you were talking about cause Angel is a BABE! Good luck resisting that hunk of sexy sexiness Marie cause I sure couldn't! (Yeah, I'm totally uncreative, but you get my point.)

    And I still think she's up to no good. But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong...

  11. *start brief theology lesson*

    The rapture is usually used in the sense you've mentioned - believers being taken up to heaven while the rest of the world suffers through the end times - but the term is also used for the resurrection of all believers generally at the last judgement.

    The version you're thinking of isn't actually something that all Christians believe in, it tends to be associated primarily with certain American evangelistic Christians.

    *end theology lecture*

    Love the storyline you're going with, can't wait to see how it turns out, whether Marie's telling the truth about her visions and if so, whether they can be averted

  12. While it may be associated with insane evangelicals, it doesn't end there, as the idea has become part of pop culture. I've met many Lutherans and Catholics who also believe it. Even though they're not "supposed" to.

    And really almost all Christians believe there's going to be a judgment day, a second coming of Jesus and an end of the world as executed by their deity. The difference is the non-rapture people are vague about how exactly this will happen, while "the rapture" is an extremely detailed explanation of how it's gonna go down.

    Erm. I'm sorry about soiling your blog with this, Cece. D=

  13. Congrats on reaching Gen 10, Cece!
    I'm looking forward to your Neverglade legacy. And to the awesome ending of this legacy.