Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ch. 131 : House Guest

As Dastan sends Angel to bed Marie doesn’t leave. She knows full well whats coming next and if she wants Dastan to trust her... well. She can go through another lecture.
“Alright Dastan...” She mutters when he returns. “I know you’re disappointed in me. Let’s just get this over with.”

“I’m not disappointed! I’m furious! Marie I trusted you, I expected you to be protecting him, not making out with him. Especially not dressed like... like that! He is my SON. And you’re my closest friend! Do you have any idea how this makes me feel?”

She’s actually amazed by how much his words cut. 
“Dastan please... I’m not trying to seduce him. I didn’t ever even expect it to go this far. I just needed to befriend him. Get him to like me as a friend. He just... doesn’t want to be just friends.”

“Well if you’ve been dressing like this around him I can’t exactly blame him! You look like a whore! I think it would be best for everyone if you just left him alone for now. At least until you actually come up with a good idea.”

Marie waits as he tries to control his anger. She won’t cry, she knows that. But she’s been pushed to her edge as much as Dastan has been pushed to his. 

“I don’t have any other choice.” She answers at last. “Someone told the elders that father and I were in town. I released him from my power and sent him off, in an attempt to distract them. But they’ve destroyed the house I lived in with him, and they have spies all over town. I had to be exactly the girl Angel wanted or he would have found me suspicious. I don’t like this any more then you do. No offense to you or your son but you know he isn’t the kind of boy I like. I will not hurt him, I swear. And... I will not use my magics to work on his mind.”

Her words seem to calm him down. Looking over her shoulder another thought hits him. “Alright Marie. I trust your judgement. Do you need a ride home?"
“Um... No. I think I'll spend tonight on the beach." 

"The beach?" He repeats. "What do you mean? Where are you staying?"

"Well my old house was destroyed and I can't spend every night in the chapel so it depends really. Damian lets me stay with him when Justin is working nights, and other nights I’ve spent by the waterfall or in the hidden parks. It’s not hard to find a hiding place in this town.” 
He pulls her in for a hug before she can protest. “Well enough of that. You’re staying with me and thats final.”
“But... what about Keri?”
“It’ll be fine.” He answers. “She won’t mind.”

Marie can’t hide her happiness. “Thank you, Dastan. You can’t understand what this means to me.”
“Hey don’t get too excited. It’s just so I can keep an eye on you and Angel.”
“Riiight. I can read minds, remember?”
“... Frack.”

Vance loves chemistry.

Chemistry does not love Vance.

“Adelaide” transitioned into the family well. Angel was happy to see that she was staying, and the other triplets were happy for another teen in the house. (Now they outnumbered the adults!) 
She made a distinct effort to be the “good” child in the family, always either cleaning or focusing on some sort of skill that either Dastan or Keri would approve of. Today’s skill: Charisma.

Keri still isn’t too convinced on this strange girl. She’s still smack in the middle of midlife crisis worries, and having this pretty little teenager around the house isn’t putting her mind at ease. 

It only makes things worse when she sees how at ease Dastan is around her. Always smiling or laughing. They finish each other’s sentences at the dinner table and have the same hobbies. It’s awful!

“Adelaide’s dad disappeared.” Katrina tries explaining to her mother. “So daddy wants her to stay with us so that she doesn’t get in trouble with the law. Plus Angel really wants to get into her pants so daddy thinks having her live with us will make it easier to keep an eye on them both.”
Keri... really could have lived without knowing that last part, Kat.

Despite his wife’s worries, Dastan really enjoys having Marie living with him. Her father was always more preoccupied with keeping her safe then being a real father figure, so he’s was actually quite amazed when Marie told him she couldn’t drive yet. 
... She’s a far better student then any of the triplets.

Dastan is invited to the Simmies Award Ceremony is Las Simsim and decides to attend with his wife and father. Joven has slowly been healing after Joy's death, and Dastan thinks a vacation would do the old man some good. So he'll be leaving the triplets home alone with Marie for two days. 

... He desperately hopes they don’t burn the house down in his absence. 

Marie’s in charge. And she’s not about to let Dastan down. 
“Angel you are not throwing a party.”

“You’re no fun anymore.” He whines. “Fine. I won’t throw a party. But you totally owe me.” 

She doesn’t even need to read his mind a second time to see what he’s thinking. “Yeah thats not happening either, pervert.”
“You are seriously sucking right now.”
“Again: Not happening.”
It takes him a few seconds to get the joke. “... I hate you.”
“Uh huh. Just finish your homework.”

Even though she lives with the Starrs now, they really had to room for her so she’s been sleeping wherever there’s room for her sleeping bag. 

Marie also does not go to school. Usually she’d just have to go down to the beach for the day to hide form Keri and Joven, But since the adults are gone, she decides to actually help around the house. 

It’s late when the triplets are finished their homework. Vance and Kat have decided to head to bed early, but Angel has different ideas. 
“Hey Marmalade.” He teases, using his latest nickname for their house guest. “Meet me in the hot tub in five.” 

She does so. 
“Dastan and the others get home tomorrow.” She reminds him once they’ve settled in. “The house is clean, you all went to school on time and got on the honor roll, and-”
“And I did not burn down the house or throw a party.” He finishes. “You did a good job keeping us in line.”

“Yeah. I did do good, didn’t I?”
He smiles at her, getting an idea. “Allow me to give you a congratulatory one armed hug?”
“I see no harm in that.”

She sees no harm in on innocent little kiss either when he asks for that. Dastan isn’t around to get angry at her again, and she won’t deny that she enjoys Angel’s attention.

Maybe thats why she doesn’t stop him when one kiss turns to two, and then three.

... Or when the kisses turn into something else entirely. 


Oh Marie... *Sigh* 

... I blame Angel. 


  1. Ha! Marmalade! Whoever thought of that was a genius! :D

    Hot tubs, man, they just make you want to be bad.

  2. I want a tub. . . . :D

    Marmalade :P ehehehe

  3. I blame Marie! It's totally all her fault. She is far older than Angel and should be much better at controlling her impulses and blah blah blah. Personally, I think it's all part of her master plan... :P

  4. Ooooh... Angel and Marie gettin' in trrooouuubbbllleeeee.

    And I agree with buckley: I am suspicious of that girl (still love her though).