Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ch. 130 : If Only We Could Live Forever

The triplets get a couple gifts for their birthday that Watcher forgot to get pictures of. 

“So...” Angel begins after school Tuesday. “How’d asking Nadia to prom go?”
“It didn’t...” Vance frowns. “I couldn’t find the courage.”
“Well I guess its official. I’m the only Starr triplet with a backbone.” Angel teases. “I meanwhile am going to prom with the hottest girl in school.”

“You’re going with Bridgette?”
“No! Ma- um... Adelaide.”
Vance thinks about that for a minute. “I don’t think I’ve met her yet.”
“Oh yeah well... she’s uh new in town I think... I don’t really know.” 
Angel may be a brat, but he’s a terrible liar. Thankfully Vance is too preoccupied with homework to really notice his brother’s stumbling.

Dastan’s adult birthday comes after a cameo in a local play. A play with a large enough budget to afford this rising star. 

No midlife crisis for this cutie. He’s too busy becoming the biggest thing this town has ever seen.

Vance was heartbroken over his love life crisis, but the chem laboratory helps heal the pain a bit. Maybe he can whip up a love potion... or better yet courage-in-a-cup. 

If Angel wants to become a big rockstar, he’s going to have to start practicing the old guitar. 

Prom night!

Keri’s midlife crisis began before her birthday. She simply refused to get dressed today. 

At the dance, Angel and “Adelaide” are voted prom king and queen, but when he gets on his knee to ask her to be his girlfriend she quickly excuses herself. He cheers himself up later by convincing Vance to ask Bridgette for a dance, and then watching as  his brother gets into a fight with Bridgette’s very jealous boyfriend Dustin (Starr-Todley). 
Katrina... saw a wardrobe malfunction. That’s it really.

“Guys.” Katrina whines. “Prom sucked.”
“Totally agreed.”

The weekend is only a day away. Angel devotes himself to his music. Despite the occasional wrong note, Joven finds his grandson’s music very soothing and enjoys meditating in the same room.

Vance meanwhile finds himself at Nadia’s house. 
Her father, Johnathan, invited him. He seems to approve of the young boy and wants him to make a move on his daughter. “Charlene and I won’t be around for much longer.” He explains to Vance. “I want my babies to be able to have someone to turn to when that happens. I think you’re a good boy, Vance. I know you won’t hurt her.”

“I can’t believe he’s trying to set us up!” Nadia groans when Vance admits the reason for  his visit. 
“Hey, we can do worse.” Vance teases. “I mean... you could’ve ended up with my brother and we both know how messed up he is.”
“And you could have ended up with...” Nadia falters for words. “Dammit! All the other girls in class are either super hot or related to you! No wonder dad had to set this up.”

“I’ve actually wanted to ask you out since before prom.” Vance manages after a moment of awkwardness. “But I couldn’t muster up the courage. I was so sure you’d say no since you’re so beautiful.” 
Nadia blushes in a way that makes Vance’s heart skip. “Thats the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”
They have time for only a short kiss before he has to head back home for curfew. 

“Hey Adelaide. So tomorrow’s Friday and I wanted to know if you wanted to come over after school. My parents were planning a date night and Kat and Vance will likely be out with friends. We can have the whole house to ourselves. Yeah I have grandparents, what’s your point? They’re so senile they wouldn’t even notice you.”
Marie isn’t so convinced but she promises to come over anyway, claiming that he’ll need a shoulder to cry on. Angel wonders if this means she’s breaking up with him. Frack!

Dastan won a green globe for his work in “The President’s Speech”. A historical documentary on his ancestor Matthew’s early life harbouring a vampire wife back when there were laws allowing vampires to be murdered without consequence. Dastan never realized how bad ass his ancestors were. He just wishes he’d known all this when Mathew and Ella were still alive. They passed on not long ago after raising 11 children together and remaining married through it all.

Joy and Joven aren’t as senile as Angel thinks. Joy’s just an airhead and Joven gets obsessed with hobbies easily. 

They still make time for each other though. 

“I feel a little light today.” She tells him, not wanting to let go. “How many times have I told you that I loved you?”
“This morning? Once or twice.”
She smiles at him. “Well, lets make it three. I love you.”

When she does finally let go of him, Joven instantly wishes she hadn’t.

No no no... this was too soon. She only just turned 90 last night!

Joven just wishes grim would give her back, at least for a while longer. Grim only allows them a final goodbye.

Angel is the first one home. He wishes he wasn’t.

As Joy’s ghost disappears into her urn, Joven slips down into his meditative pose. He won’t move no matter what Angel tries to do. He calls his parents in a panic.

Also called: Kat and Vance. Katrina is at cousin Dustin’s house and he and uncle Damian help calm her down before sending her home. 

Angel is with Nadia. Her shoulder is the best thing he’s seen all week. 

Her mother died the same day, but Nadia had come to terms with that long ago. Her mother lasted far longer then she should have, unlike Vance’s grandmother. 
“I love you Vance.” She admits. “I wish there was a way where we would never have to leave each other behind. I can handle my mother’s loss, I can handle my siblings loss if I need to... but I don’t think I could stand a broken heart.”

Vance was formulating possible formulas long before Nadia mentioned the idea of living forever. Her comment just helped convince him he wasn’t insane for even considering it. 

Marie arrives late Friday night as promised. 

She’s not very good at this whole “comforting” thing but she tries her best. 

“It was her time.” She tries to explain. “No one lives forever.” It sounds so selfish coming from her. She doesn’t want to live forever. Joy’s death just makes her realize how close Dastan’s own is. Wether or not she can stop fate from happening will not matter for him. He’ll be dead long before it anyway. And it hurts her.

“I know, Marie...” Angel mutters, still talking about his grandmother. “But I can’t help but feel like theres a part of me gone now. Grandma and I were close. She used to sneak me cookies whenever I was in the corner.”

Marie tries to pull him in for a hug, but he has other ideas. And a second later they’re sharing his first kiss. 

“A-Angel?” She asks once he pulls away. It feels so wrong to her, but she admits she enjoyed it. “We really can’t do that again. Ever.”
“Why not?”

Before she can answer she hears the front door open. Of course it would be Dastan. And of course he would have seen his fated son kissing his old best friend. Sometimes Marie wonders if fate is a sadist. Because really... the glare Dastan is sending her feels hot enough to burn through her skin. 


Joy's death broke my heart. But it needed to be done. I need room in this stupid house dammit! (Joven, your days are numbered...) 

From this point on, the triplets have only 8 days until age up, and I have only one or two more major plot points to get through while they're still teens (And maybe find Kat a boyfriend. Stupid lack of male eye candy in this city). I foresee the start of Gen 10 in only a handful of chapters.

Keri HAS been getting tattoos regularly, and I do take photos of them. But it just feels so awkward slapping them into chapters so I may just end up putting the pictures in a final outtakes chapter at the end of the legacy.

Uuuuh... lesse... oh am I the only person who thinks Gen 2 of this legacy would've been an awesome movie plot? For the sim-verse, I mean. 


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