Monday, October 3, 2011

Ch. 129 : New Image

Its the weekend. Joy retires from work and takes up sculpting. 

Keri takes the triplets to the park. 

Katrina fails at hopscotch. 

Angel does not. Katrina is convinced he’s cheating but she can’t for the life of her figure out HOW.

Watcher has no idea what these things are called, but the triplets love them. 

Ride ‘em, cowboys!

When they get home it turns out Joven fell victim to one of Angel’s pranks and sets the triplets to clean up its after effects. Katrina can’t understand why she and Vance always end up sharing Angel’s punishment. 

She just hopes that once they’re teenagers their parents will start treating them like individuals, not just three parts of a set. 

Like Dastan told Merrick, they just have a small family party. 

She doesn’t really look very much like either one of her parents, more like the perfect mixture of both of them. She gains the good trait.

Watcher wanted to make Vance the ugly triplet but gave up after ten minutes and let him be hot. He gains the handy trait.

And douche- Iiii mean Angel. He gains the flirty trait.

... Yeah puberty hasn’t changed these three at all.

Angel takes the first day of highschool off and rushes to the salon to get a much needed hair dye. 
“I take it you’re having trouble deciding on a colour?” The cute redhead mutters, finally walking up to him after watching him squirm in front of the mirror for over an hour. 
“Yeah...” He admits after a minute. “Any suggestions?”
“Just one.” She says with a smile. 

Black with dark blue tips and lighter blue highlights. He loves it. 
“Alright short stuff, move over.” She orders. “My turn for a makeover.”
“My name is Angel.” He clarifies.
“And mine is Marie, what’s your point?”

Marie... is not impressed with the look Angel picks for her. She hasn’t been around people her physicial age since Dastan grew up. She’d forgotten how... annoying they were. If this was the kind of girl Angel was into she was pretty much screwed. And not in the good way.

“You are soooo hot.” He announces in a way that almost makes her smile. “I mean, you were hot before but now you’re just smoking. I am so good at this stylist thing.”

“You know... prom is coming up on Wednesday.” He begins.
Marie tries not to roll her eyes. “Really? I had no idea.”
“Would you like to go with the hottest Starr triplet?”
“... Vance wants to go to prom with me? Cool!”
“Very funny.” 
This time her smile is real. “Alright Angel, I’ll go to Prom with you. Just do me a favour, call me Adelaide. Marie is too cutsey for this look."
He doesn't care what her name is. But agrees anyway.


Yeah Angel's sort of a dumbass.... I still love him. <3 Marie/Adelaide's new look always makes me laugh. I gave the computer to my friend when she was over and asked her to make Marie look as whore-ish as she could. I could've done worse but I think she did good for a first time simmer, no? 


  1. lol Oh gosh ANgel is an idiot, of lurrrrve haha.

    No VANCE can be ugly - now I am glad we have that covered.

    Also I think marie suits Adelaid better. Plus I love it. And yes very good first time simmer. I would let my daughter help me out, but she has a thing for hot pink. eeeeh :P


    P.S Kat is Nom.

  2. Haha, I love the first time simmer outfit. Very classy. Although, you probably could have dressed her down a bit more if you tried. :P

    I love the pictures of the triplets on their pony rides. SO CUTE!

    Also, I agree. I want more! I am really looking forward to chapter 30 ever since you posted that spoiler. Still mad about that though, lol. Okay, not really, but still. I want more!

  3. Marie + Adelaide = Marmalade. Just sayin', because I'm now going to be thinking of her as 'Marmalade'.

    Kat is still adorable.

  4. ... And now Angel is going to call her marmalade from now on.