Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ch. 128 : Prankmaster

In order to increase his celebrity level, Dastan’s agent has him gong around town talking to various celebrities. 

Celeste and Thomas are only days away from aging up and recently had another set of twins. Girls again.
First is Keli:

And then Sheila. She’s pregnant and Dastan ends up having to drive her to the hospital when she goes into labour. The baby girl, Shana, comes out with blue skin so he thinks its safe to assume her father is his cousin Jean, aunt River Wren’s only son. 
(Watcher note: Sheila actually ends up having two pregnancies by two different men within her teen years. I was amazed.)

This is Jean by the way: 

So the triplets all have very different personalities, but they always roll very similar wishes and end up gravitating towards each other if Watcher leaves them alone for a few minutes.

“Hey Vance. How do you do number three?”
He doesn’t even bother with that and just gives them the answer instead.
“Thanks Vance.”
“Thanks Vance.”

Dastan’s in the middle of eating a meal at the Bistro where his mom works (more publicity stuff) when he sees Merrick at the doors. Their eyes meet and with shaking hands Dastan leaves his seat to meet the much older man outside. 

“When does your son become a teen?”
“Five days.” He answers hesitantly. “Keri and I aren’t planning a party. Just a family gathering. You and your... family are more then welcome to attend.”
“That won’t be necessary.” Merrick answers quickly. “Mare will contact him independently when the time seems good. She just asks that your trust her judgement.”

Marie already told Dastan that her father is under her control, but it still makes him uncomfortable to talk about all this in the open. “Sir... I want to. I really do. But she has not met my son. He’s the  embodiment of his name. The best behaved of his siblings. There’s no way he could cause this city to-”
“Do. You. Trust. Her.”
With a sigh Dastan nods. 

Also: Oh yeah. Totally an Angel. 

Joy and Joven’s birthday arrives at last. 


Her outfit... isn’t really as toned down as it looks when you think about how most elders dress. 

Joven just hopes he can keep his ass-kicking skills when he gets old.

Old. He doesn’t actually look all that different really.

Keri tends to stay out late every night. Either at promotional events with her husband or playing her piano where ever she finds a crowd. So she tends to get up late in the afternoon, still half asleep when she steps into the shower.

“Hmm... my scalp feels weird...”


Keri is on her third shower to wash the dye out so the responsibility to lecture Angel falls onto grandma Joy. 
“You’re in big trouble young man. Your parents and I are very disappointed in you.”

Katrina can’t understand why grandma is so angry. It was just a practical joke. She and Vance actually thought it was pretty funny to see mom with yellow hair. 

Bah whatever. He’ll get out of trouble by tomorrow anyway. Their dad’s a wuss for the puppy dog look they’d all perfected.


This meant war... at least it would if she had the courage to yell at him.

“I hate you, you know.”
Angel doesn’t look at his sister, just giggles softly. “Uh huh... if it helps, that water prank was meant for dad. Not you.”
To her surprise, it does help. 

... At least until he slips a whoopie cushion under her seat the next day. 

“There’s something wrong with that boy.” Joy mutters to her son that same night. “I don’t think this is just a phase. He actually seems to get... enjoyment from the mayhem he causes.”
“So?” Dastan shrugs. “He’s just a kid, mom. So what if he’s a bit rebellious? Keri and I will handle it. He’ll be fine....”
At least, Dastan hopes he’ll be fine. 


  1. LOL, such a little angel!
    Katrina is just adorable. Really, in every picture.

  2. Ha! Angel is hilarious; I love the pranks that kids can do. And I love that he feeds off of the havoc it creates. : )

    As yang stated, Katrina is so cute!

  3. I've been trying all morning to think of a comment to rival Giga's astute observation about Angel, and I can't think of a thing. So, I'll just go with some general remark about how much I love your legacy and how I can't wait for Angel's teen years. :)