Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ch. 127 : The Terrible Three

Triplet toddlers SUCK.

I mean they just require SO much attention and care!

Sure they’re cute.

But I swear they were all born with abandonment issues. Leave them alone for a SECOND and they start wailing for attention. Poor Joven can’t take much more of this crap.

Dastan won an award for his work on this really popular doctor drama but he had to attend the ceremony alone. Everyone else was busy at home taking care of the terrible three (as their father calls them). 

Keri is about to have some more piano practice when she hears the crying from downstairs. *Sigh* The work of a mother is never done.

The potty training never ends. 

Katrina is basically the most spoiled toddler ever. If you put her down she WILL cry and scream until you pick her up again. 

Dastan knows Angel is the son Marie warned him of. But he can’t yet understand what could possibly be in his future that scared her so much. Angel seems to be the embodiment of his name. Never minds being on his own playing with a toy, and doesn’t scream for attention when his parents are with another of his siblings. If Dastan had to pick a favourite...

Keri finishes teaching Angel to walk long past bedtime the day before the triplets birthday.

“Okay. Who forgot to change Vance’s diaper again?”

Katrina wonders if mommy and daddy don’t love her anymore. Why would they have put her on the floor otherwise?

The triplets are all virtuoso. However one is slightly... less virtuoso then the others.

“Ugh Vanny... its ta ta ta. NOT ta ti ta. Obviously...”

Angel can’t wait to get bigger. He already has his life planned out. “When we’re grown up I’m going to be a rockstar like mommy and uncle Danny.”
“Not me!” Katrina giggles. “I’ma solve mysteries!’

Vance doesn’t tell them what he wants to do. He just works on his block castle. His siblings are VERY impressed with it.

Alright enough toddler cuteness. Birthday time!

Katrina gains the artistic trait. 

Vance becomes a loner. 

And sweet little Angel... well he gets the rebellious trait. 

Joy tends to get home from work late. She’s only one shift away from becoming the most popular TV chef of their generation, and she hasn’t been spending as much time as she should with her husband, especially not will all the training the triplets needed. 
She finds Joven sitting out by the front yard and takes a seat next to him. “What’s on your mind honey bear?”
“We’ve done good, peachie, haven’t we?” 

She doesn’t need him to go on. She knows exactly what he means. Their birthday is only a handful of days away, and then who knows how much longer they’ll have together. They had their ups and downs, and they got off to a rocky start. But they’ve stuck through it all, raised three lovely boys together, and have three beautiful grandchildren living in the house with them.
“You know what Joven... we have done good.”
“I’m glad you agree. Shall we head inside for some woo-hoo now?”
“I was about to jump you here and now so heading inside would be a good idea, yes.”


  1. Heh! I love the "VERY impressed" pic.

  2. Finally got caught up.
    I love the pic of Katrina abandoned on the floor, lol.

  3. The toddlers are so cute (but I'm glad I don't have them!)

  4. Oh man, toddlers are a nightmare aren't they? I had them once in-game and it was chaos.

    I love Katrina. She's got such attitude and the facial expressions she makes are great.

    Also, like I said last time, I can't wait to see what Angel's "fate" is.

  5. Katrina's my favourite too! I definitely want her in my game as a YA :) And maybe Angel too. And maybe Vance just for the whole set XD

  6. AFTER all the toddler training was done and they were self sufficient I started to like them and give them personalities. In game they're finally teenagers and its just so much fun because they all came out very unique just by chance.

    Toddler and child: Katrina is my fav.

    Teen: So far Angel. He's such a douche. <3

  7. I love douche teenagers! I think you were faking us out by naming that boy "Angel". Lol.

  8. In my defence, I DID name them blind. I had no idea the heir would be Angel. I mean... I did want him to be the heir, but I wasn't sure.