Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ch. 126 : Friggin Kids, Man

Calling the extended family with the baby news. Keri is calling her mother, Dastan is calling Damian. Why do these two know so many vampires?

Beautiful expression, Keri... 

Pregnant or no: Still dangerous.

Oh hey Dante when did you- wait what? You haven’t grown up yet? I DIDN’T MISS IT THIS TIME? YES!

Paaaarty time!

Hellooooo future rockstar! 

A very pregnant Keri visits the plaza with Dastan. Out of the corner of her eye she sees someone who looks very familiar... and then the fogginess hits and she forgets about her completely. Focusing instead on the new life growing in her belly. 

“Hey!” Marie calls out as Dastan nears, waving him over. “Don’t worry about her, she can’t see me anymore. Just a small trick, it won’t harm her I swear.”
He hates it when she reads his mind like that. its annoying. And makes him feel like a child. 
“You’re pouting.” She points out with a smile.
“Yeah yeah. Shush it.”

He sits while Marie stays where she is. Faintly he wonders if she’s just putting herself into his mind and not actually there, but he doesn’t have the courage to ask. 
“She plays beautifully.” Marie mutters after a minute. “I think you picked well.”
“I didn’t pick her. She picked me.” 
Marie holds back a laugh. “Yeah. Forward isn’t she? I like her.”
“Don’t show yourself to her.” He orders quickly. “You may like her, but she loathes you.” 

Anyway the baby pains hit on the way home. Thank goodness the hospital is just down the street from the plaza.

... Triplets man. Friggin. Triplets. Hope you two wanted a big family.

Thank goodness for grandparents.

It makes sure these two get at least a few hours of sleep a night. 

Dastan needs all the sleep he can get to be honest. After the triplets were born his celebrity status skyrocketed and he was offered a multi-episode guest spot on a police TV drama. 

The triplets become toddlers. 
Katrina: (Blue hair, black eyes) Virtuoso and Perceptive

Vance: (Blue hair, yellow eyes) Virtuoso and Genus

And Angel. The Athletic Virtuoso. He has brown hair. And dark green eyes. 


Yeah yeah. Not my best work but w/e. This chapter was hell to get through because of the game crash after the triplets were put into their cribs the first time. 

I don't know where Angel's hair came from. Its lighter then Dastan's, and on Keri's side her father is blonde and her mother has black hair. I'll probably end up "dyeing" it when he's a teen. I have big plans for this boy. Big plans. 

And yes, I did name them blind. And did no CASing. I was planning on CASing Angel if neither had green eyes, but SP was nice to me this time around. <3 Thank you, SP.

Anyway, Angel's the heir if it wasn't already obvious. 

Gen ten rolls:

- Single Parent With Help
- Two children
- Primary Career: (Gen 10 gift) Music (Rockstar) 
- Secondary Career: Movies (Film)
- Gen Goal: AWESOME! (I have no idea what I'm doing for this so I hope the storyline itself counts)
- Misc fun: Tattoo Addict


  1. Getting the awesome goal on a generation 10 roll would be hard cause no matter what you do it's all over after that heir dies.

    ...And now I'm super excited to see what this "awesome" story line is. Or should I say where this awesome story line goes. =)

  2. Oh Same. I am kind of sad this Gen is ending, I might just go and read it from the start lol