Friday, September 30, 2011

Ch. 125 : My Happily Never After

Despite being married, life for these two doesn’t change much. 

Well, besides Keri finally getting what she wants. 

Cooking facial expressions <3! (And suddenly I miss Serenity... again.)

Dante goes to prom stag and wins Prom King. 

And Dastan hasn’t been doing much at work really... everytime someone calls for a coffee runner he’s first in line. Just for an excuse to get out into town without a family member on his hip. Ever since Keri told him everything he can’t help but notice how everyone always seems to be watching him. At first he thought it was just because he was the famous firefighter’s son... but now he’s not so sure. Is it possible someone is paying the paparazzi to keep an eye on him?

Just like always, he makes time each night to help Dante with homework. Tonight however he has a second agenda. 
“So uh... have you heard from ‘Murray” anymore? Is she still in your class?”

“No I haven’t seen her since your birthday.” He stops to think for a minute. “Actually, I don’t think anyone has. Professor Silverman was asking about her too. She didn’t even show up for prom. It’s was kind of weird now that you mention it.”

So then she was Marie. Perfect. “Well, if you happen to run into her tell me okay? I’d like to talk to her about this upcoming movie roll that needs a red head. Pretty sure she’s the only one in town.”
Dante promises to keep an eye open. 

“Dastan is asking about her.” Keri whispers to her mother in law one evening. “I think he might be considering contacting her. Or at least looking for a way to.”
“I know.” Joy admits. “Just keep an eye on him. I’ll go talk to Damian tomorrow. See if he’s heard from her at all.” 

Human or no. Keri can STILL kick your ass. If that bitch goes near her husband she’ll send a stake straight through her heart. 

... Or slightly above it. Yeah, the neck will work just fine she figures. 

Jason and Damian had a little boy. Dustin Starr-Todley. 

Damian isn’t home but Jason seems very interested in Joy’s questions about a young redheaded vampire. He hasn’t heard his husband talking to anyone outside of immediate family or work, but he’ll keep his ears open.
Also: Can she put his son down now? He wants to hold him too! Joy purposely ignores his pleas. Dustin is her only grandchild so far. And she plans on enjoying him. 

Eventually though she decides worrying isn’t going to do her any favours and focuses on her garden. 

Joven becomes obsessed with meditating.

And Keri and Dastan still play family. She’s told him everything she knows, but its not enough. He wants to know Marie’s side of the story too. 

And thats why one morning he calls in sick to work and leaves at the same time the carpool normally arrives. With any luck Keri won’t even notice he’s gone.

In the last week he’s searched high and low for any sign of her, even considering checking the caves behind the waterfall by her house. But as he passes by the old chapel he realizes he already knows where she’ll be hiding. 

Sure enough, he finds her below ground, in the old bridal chambers underneath the chapel. She doesn’t seem shocked to see him.

“So you finally found me. I was wondering when you’d come.”
“When the siren beckons, the sailor can’t help but come. Although he knows his death is near.” Dastan mutters, quoting an old poem from Dante’s homework. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m no siren.” She answers with a smile. “But it is good to see you again old friend.”
He pulls her into a hug as she nears. She’s cold, far colder then even a vampire should be. Can vampires get sick he wonders? “It’s good to see you as well. How have you been dealing?”

“Better.” She manages after a moment of thinking. “I’m afraid the guilt of what I almost did to you has been quite literally eating me alive. Everything I’ve tried to do to save this city through you has been for nothing. I feel myself getting weaker with each day. My mother was able to stop each prediction with her first plan... I can’t understand why I am such a failure.”

"Why not just... give up?" He offers. "Keri says you become a normal human if you stop testing fate. Would that really be so bad?"

"Keri was incorrect. We do not become ordinary humans, we die ordinary humans. With each failed vision we grow weaker and sicker until our bodies can't take it anymore. Some can just handle it more then others."

Dastan considers what she said for a moment before speaking. “Then... maybe you need to ask for help.” 
She looks at him curiously. “Pardon?”
“If you’d just asked me to leave Keri and go with you I would have gone.” He admits,
She looks as shocked as he feels. “I... I couldn’t do that! I mean... I suppose I could have... but then what? You say that now, but your answer as a teen might have been different. Daddy was right, y’know. You never would have been happy with me. If you’d gone of your own free will you would have regretted it everyday for the rest of your natural life.”

“Well I’m sure of it now. I don’t know what you saw of me in your vision, but if you need me to leave this town then lets do it. I love Keri, but I love you as well. She will heal, and so will I.” He smiles at her sadly. “I see you wasting away and I can’t stand it Marie. I'd do anything to keep you safe. What do you say?”

“Its too late for that.” She whispers. “I wanted to pull you away so your green eyed son would never be born. Keri’s already pregnant with him. Until he is older, there is nothing I can do but wait. The longer I take, the higher the stakes will be. At this point, no matter what I do your family will end. But if I cannot stop my vision from coming true with even that penalty, this entire city will burn.”
She sees his face fall with her news and instantly feels sick to her stomach. “I’m so sorry, Dastan. Please, forgive me.”

Upon getting home, he finds Keri in the kitchen cleaning up leftover apple slices. Something in his mind clicks in the memory of an old wives tale he knows. Apples for boys, watermelons for girls.”
When she sees him her face almost breaks from her smile. “Dastan! I’m so glad you’re home. I have some great news! We’re going to have a baby!”

He’s thankful for the acting lessons his agent forced him to take. “Thats great, Keri! I’m so excited!”

As he pulls her in for a hug he can’t help but think back to the young vampire he left behind in the chapel, and the final conversation they had after she told him of Keri’s pregnancy.

“Do you think we ever stood a chance?” He wondered aloud to her. "Forget fate, forget your vision. Would we ever have ended up together?"
“I sometimes wonder it myself.” She answered. “Either way, we’ll never find out now, will we”

“No...” She decides at last, unable to hide her smile. “I don’t think it ever would have worked out between us. Witches aren’t allowed to live happily ever after. But maybe one day, you can."”


I'm sure there has to be at least one Marie/Dastan shipper still out there. This chapter was dedicated to you. Really though, its up to you decided if Marie is being honest or deceiving in this chapter. She isn't going away anytime soon.


  1. She's being honest... I've decided. I like her too much to believe that everything she says is a lie (although that does bring an interesting dynamic into play). And I can't wait to see the green eyed son and what chaos he supposedly ensues. I will wait impatiently for your next chapter. : )

  2. I still love Marie either way, there is something about her. I think it is just because she has lots of character. I love your story ALL HAIL THE STARRS :D

  3. I think she's totally full of it! And I am furious at Dastan for betraying Keri like that. I <3 Keri.

    I'm on the edge of my seat here waiting for your next chapter. Great update!

  4. Hmmm, I'm thinking she may believe what she says, but I'm not convinced she's entirely stable...

    Will be fascinating to see how it all pans out in the end