Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ch. 118 : Boarding School

Joven reaches the top of the firefighter career path, and makes himself at home for good. He isn’t retiring early. He’s just working from home.

He’s just happy he can be home with Joy now that the new baby is coming. 

Speaking of the new baby...

Welcome to baby Dante. The friendly air-head. 

Nero’s 90th birthday has arrived. 

They both know he could go at any minute. They make sure to never go to bed mad at each other... or alone. 

What began as a hobby has now become  his biggest claim to fame. He only sells every second or so painting. This painting reminds him of the old black and white photo hanging in Matthew’s office. Its one of his favourites. Straight to the living room! (You'll see it often. I tend to have it in the background during living room scene photos. No idea why... >_>)

He hopes he can last long enough to see Dante grown up. 

Dastan hasn’t been back to Marie’s house since he first met her, although he talks to her often at school. This is the first time she’s ever called him at home. 
“Dastan, I think something is terribly wrong with Damian. When he came over today he looked very sad, very lonely. Can you talk to him? I fear he may be planning something stupid.” 
“I know.” He admits. “He’s been talking about boarding school a lot. He’s a born genius and public school is just annoying him. He wants a challenge. Do you really think we should talk him out of it?”
“... No.” She sighs. And then hangs up. Dastan decides he’ll never understand girls.

Sure enough, later that night...
“And that is why I think I should go to boarding school. Mother, I know you care for me, and I know that... father does as well. But I can’t help feeling like an outsider. I think this course of action will benefit the entire family.” 

Joy still doesn’t know that Damian knows that Joven isn’t his real father. Even after Franco’s arrest, she decided it would be best to keep it from the children. “It... hurs to say this, but I think you might be right. Your teachers have called to talk about your boredom with the curriculum. And social wise, getting out of the house may help force you into making friends. If your father agrees, I will allow you to go to the school of your choice.” 

Dante’s birthday arrives at last. 

He has Nero’s eyes and Joy’s hair. (That brown hair sure is strong) 

Damian, talking to Joven while he’s putting a fire out is a pretty bad idea if you ask me. Just go to school. 

Dad with the most awesome job award goes to Joven. Always.

Joven gives Damian his consent for boarding school, and its decided he’ll leave Friday morning. Today is Thursday. He goes to say his goodbyes to Marie but her father stops him at the door. 
“I think it would be best not to speak with her right now. She’s quite mad at you for growing up and leaving her.”
“With all due respect, Merrick. Its not my fault she isn’t growing up.” Merrick looks to the side as if ashamed and Damian continues. “Nonetheless, I thank you for the training you gave me, and I hope to one day make you proud. I will not make my birth father’s mistakes.”
“Good.” Merrick nods. “If you do I’ll have to kill you the same way my associates did him. And I don’t want that. Marie will never speak to me again.”
Damian likes Merrick. The older vampire never lies. When Franco had an unfortunate accident, Damian was one of the first to know about it. Even before his mother and grandmother. 

And with that, he’s off to Smuggsworth Prep School... They send a friggin limo.

As he heads to the airport, his thoughts drift to the girl he’s leaving behind. Vampire or no, there’s something very different about her. Something she refused to ever talk about with him. He knows his little brother has feelings for her. But what Dastan’ll do with those feelings, Damian has no idea. He just hopes no one gets hurt.

Dastan’s birthday arrives. He’s finally a teen!

His teen outfit reflects his colorful upbringing well, including his favourite color, green. 

Prom is only a few days away, and Dastan already knows full well who he’ll invite. 

Marie says no. 
“But... why? I don’t understand. I mean, I get it if theres another guy but I just thought we- you want me to come over and see why? Okay I guess. I think I can sneak out while my parents are busy with the new baby. I’ll be over soon.” 


I hated Dastan's hair at first. But the more I look at it the more its growing on me. Now I think it suits a future actor. <3 him.


  1. Dude, Merrick looks so much like Beau. <3
    Creepy non-aging vampire girl, what's up with that? (I guess that will come up later, eh?)
    Let us know how boarding school goes! I've never tried it.

  2. Gregory Merrick does actually look AMAZINGLY like Beau. I was surprised since I only clicked the genetics button once to make him. He did get his mother's eyes though. Which I love since they died out early on in Ella's line.

    Yeah it might come up again. In passing. (Or be a major theme for chapters to come).

    Boarding school has been pretty interesting so far! Damian hasn't graduated yet in game but Joy calls him often, and so does Dastan. Its sort of cute. And so much help in clearing out the family a bit. Can't wait till he returns for graduation! : D

  3. Merrick is certainly an interesting character who seems to wield a lot of power in the vampire community! I'm interested in seeing where Dastan and Marie's friendship goes...

  4. I'm intrigued. I have no idea where this story is going, but I'm really looking forward to Dastan's generation!

    This is random, but: How cute! Joven and Joy only had boys! I really, really want to have a generation with 5 kids, only girls. Talk about drama potential! Lol.