Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ch. 115 : Need to Know

Just since people were wondering about this before, I'm trying to play it as Joven just being in denial over everything. He doesn't want there to be anything wrong in his family, and thinks digging into Joy's past would just bring things into light that he doesn't want to think about. Originally I was going to put this into the story, but it was right smack in the middle of the worst part of my game lag so I gave it up. So instead I'm spelling it all out for you. There. I'm lazy. I don't care. 

You may now continue on with the story. 


He catches Ximena the following morning, while everyone else is still asleep and she’s trying to sneak out quietly to go who knows where. 

“I don’t want you investigating Joy anymore.” He tells her. “Dad said you’d stop if I asked. I don’t think its right without her knowledge.”
“I can’t stop now.” She whispers after a minute, trying to refrain from waking anyone up. “I know who Damian’s real father is, and I fear he may be a threat to others. Wether or not Joy wants to know doesn’t matter anymore. Its bigger then her. And its bigger then you.”

“Mom I-”
“Here.” She answers, taking out a wrapped box and passing it to him. “I really don’t know how this whole thing is going to end, but I want you to take this just in case he finds out I’m watching him and goes after you or Joy.”
Joven opens the box, taking the strange purple flower out and turning it around in his hands. “What is it?” 

“A death flower.” She answers, finally smiling softly. “Its a family heirloom. Passed on to me from my father, and now to you.”
“But whats it do?”
“Think of it as a get-out-of-death-free card.”

Damian missed the last half of the conversation, he’s too busy reeling from what he heard through the door while brushing his teeth. Joven isn’t his dad? Why didn’t anyone tell him? He’s a genius for goodness sake! He’d have figured it out himself soon enough...

Nero age bar has been creeping steadily, but the more he ages, the more fantastic his paintings become. Perhaps some of Ximena’s perfectionism has been rubbing off on him. This painting is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

Damian has kept quiet about what he heard, but Joy can still tell that something is up.

Joven promises to keep an eye on him to see if anything IS wrong, but he always seems to be busy with little Dastan. 

And when Damian does notice Joven’s eyes on him, he just settles down across from his half brother and plays the “look how well behaved and adorable I am!” card.
(Watcher note: Seriously, guys. When did this interaction become possible? IT IS PERFECT FOR PHOTOS!)

Also perfect for photos: Dastan in general.

Is it normal for child vampires to drink so much plasma juice? Joy isn’t sure, but whenever she voices her concerns, Damian just shrugs them off. “I talked to Grandpa Matthew.” He always lies. “He says its fine. Plus I need to get used to it if I don’t want to take the cure as an adult.”
Joy’s just sort of hurt her own son won’t even try the food she makes. She swears it isn't poisoned! 

Ximena meanwhile has been spending all her time near the Porter-Talliway house. 

Sneaking around...

Rummaging through the trash...

And jumping into the bushes at any sign of vampires. She doesn’t know if Brice is friend or foe anymore. If Matthew is right and Franco isn’t as powerful as he seems, stronger forces could be at work. She can’t trust anyone anymore.

Ximena is contemplating the lack of stalking skills in her family (Alejandro, anyone?) when she notices Joy coming down the hall. She didn’t want to do this to the poor girl, but she’ll need Joy’s help to get close to Franco.

“A moment of your time please, sweetie?”
Joy briefly sees her life flashing before her. What did she do that Ximena wants to talk to her? “U-um actually I sort of need to-”
“Sit, Joy.”
“Yes ma’am.”

“Joy, I’m sure you know by now that I’ve been investigating into your past, specifically the identity of Damian’s birth father.”
“I’ve... had my suspicions.” The younger girl admits after a minute. “Have you found out who it is?”

“Yes. But I’ll need your help to confront him.”
“How am I supposed to help?” Joy asks, confused. “I don’t even remember-”
“He’s closer then you think.” Ximena interrupts. “Will you help me? I can’t push you to do anything if you don’t want to remember. It’s your move.”
Joy looks at the board in front of her. She’s never played chess before, never had the concentration before. She remembers her father once trying to teach her... rook goes in straight lines, queen moves any direction, knight in an L shape... She moves a pawn forward a square.

“Joy, I wasn’t talking about the game.”
“I know. But I don’t have an answers to your question yet. Tell me who he is first.”
Ximena moves a piece before answering. “Franco Talliway. Your sister’s husband.”

The memories come back in flashes suddenly, nothing complete, nothing solid. Bright eyes, a flash of teeth twice, a rough hand on her arm, whispers, his arm around her during a family portrait... and the time she woke up in her sister’s double bed before her date with Joven. 
Looking back down at the board she moved her queen across the board and tipped Ximena’s king over. “Checkmate. I’ll help you.”


Yeah I love that kid. Joy, I mean. Although Damian is sort of awesome too. And Dastan is just adorable.


  1. I think it will be good for Joy to confront her past. I'm glad she's decided to help Ximena.

  2. Poor Joy. I'd be so scared and upset if I had just relived those memories. Especially at the hands of my brother in law.

  3. Poor Joy, I would have been terrified at being sat down across from Mena, too!! =) Hehe

    But that's great that she's on board now. You don't want these kinds of things from the past coming back to haunt you!