Friday, September 16, 2011

Ch. 114 : Secrets

“Com-pyu-ter. Learn it. You will be a super genius even if I have to force feed you all the knowledge myself.”

For a firefighter, Joven really doesn’t have the proper abs. Watcher has him work on that.

After his latest age up, Nero finally feels ready to be a grandfather. He loves his little Dastan. Such a beautiful little boy.

Damian has his birthday!

D’aaaaw. What a cutie! He gains the “No Sense of Humour” trait.

... Did you really think he was going to have a “normal” outfit?

Dastan’s birthday also arrives.

He’s cuuuute. His hair is all Joy, and while is eyes are green, Watcher can't tell if they're Joy's green or Starr green.

River reaches the top of the career track for part time work at the spa. And then proceeds to quit immediately... and buy it out. 

Speaking of jobs. Joy finally decides to get one. Since the Starr family owns the diner, she’s offered to take a job as a manager... but she prefers to start at the bottom. And maybe one day become a real chef.
However she does take advantage of the owner’s perk that allows her to still wear her bling at work.

Nero still sells some paintings for a profit, but lately he’s been more focused on painting his ever growing family. He doesn’t regret never continuing his search for Wren. He’s moved on, and he’s sure that wherever she ended up she’s moved on too. 

But he bets his grandkids are cuter.


River Wren finally reaches her Young Adult Birthday

Max Starr, Kris’ father wants to see his only son settled down and married before he dies, so he invites River Wren to move in immediately. She accepts. She and Kris marry roughly three days later. It was a lovely event.

Meanwhile, back at the bad cave, Nero finally breaks down and tells Joven the real reason for why Ximena is out late again tonight.

“What do you mean she’s digging into Joy’s past? Dad, I don’t care about who Damian’s real father is. Joy isn’t lying to me, and you have no right to assume she is. You’ve done nothing but treat her like an outsider ever since she joined the family, and I can’t stand it anymore! Just drop it!”

Ximena doesn’t know about the argument occurring back home. Just that being invited to a party at Ella and Matthew’s Starr Manor is a big deal. Even though she’s a relative, only vampires are ever invited. Tonight she only sees family, and the upstanding Marcos Combs. Matthew finds her after a few hours and hurries her into a silent corner to speak. 
“Do you have a name?” She asks once the crowd has been ushered to the backyard by Ella. 

“Talliway.” He answers. “Franco Talliway. Now Porter-Talliway.”
“Porter...?” She repeats, recognizing Joy’s maiden name. “So he-”
“Married into the family, yes.” Matthew finished. “To her older sister, Aalia. They live apart from the family. No surprise there.”
“Whats the address? I’ll scope it out tonight, see if he’s controlling-.”
“Its a bit more complicated then that.” He interrupts once again. “You see, he’s a newborn by our standards. Shouldn’t be strong enough to control two girls for so long. Plus they have a daughter together, him and Aalia. A vampire. We need to have proof that he controlled Joy, or is controlling her sister. Otherwise I’m unsure if we can do anything. As things are now, courts will simply assume both girls were with him of their own free will.”
“You know I can’t accept that.”
He doesn’t smile. “I know. So don’t let me keep you from what needs to be done.”


  1. I love elder Nero! He's the cutest old man EVER! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  2. That necklace looks so odd over the culinary career outfit.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next, but slightly surprised Joven doesn't want to know what happened to Joy and who was responsible

  3. Yeah, I find that surprising as well. If he believes she's not lying, why doesn't he care about who got her pregnant without her consent?

    And I agree with Buckley, elder Nero is cute.