Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ch. 111 : Do Right

So the P.I. career is also glitched. Half the time, Ximena’s stakeouts simply refuse to work. Even though she’s supposed to be spying on Trista (blue coat). Although in this case, it may just be because Ximena’s facing in the opposite direction. Fail, Mena. Fail.

Nero cheers her up after these kinds of missions. Their 9-5 schedule has had its bumps and misses, but they’ve stuck to it on the whole and Nero makes sure to reward his wife everytime they make it home at a decent time.

Watcher just wishes they’d clean up after themselves. Eew.

Kris? Why are you freaking out?

Oh no big deal. Just Joy going into labour. 

She gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Damian Porter. 

She gives no father’s name to the nurses, but everyone knows she’s dating Joven Starr, so they call him. He gets fired from work for just walking out, but he doesn’t care. He’s already reached the pinnacle of his part time job and grew bored of it days ago. 
Joy is terrified of what he’ll say to her when he pulls her aside to talk.

“I really wish you’d told me you weren’t interested in me anymore, Joy.”
“But I am!” She insists. “I don’t know how this happened. I don’t remember cheating, or even being interested in anyone else. Just you. I started showing right after our date, but I don’t remember woo-hooing with anyone before that. I uh... I would remember that, right?”

As much as Joven doesn’t want to believe her, he does. Joy’s never given him reason to doubt her words. If she says she didn’t cheat, he’ll believe her. Even with just blatant proof in her older brother’s arms. “Alright.” He tells her. “I don’t think anyone else will believe in immaculate conception, so we’ll tell everyone we slipped up. I’ll take responsibility for Damian, and we’ll make it through this together. I promise.”

Joy’s mother never liked this Starr kid. She knew he was trouble from the first minute he walked through their door when he and Joy were just children. Nothing good comes from children with artists for parents.

“Mrs Porter, I am so sorry for what my bad judgement put your daughter and your entire family through, but with your permission, I would love to be given the chance to do the right thing.”

“I love your daughter. And our child changes nothing in my eyes. I always  knew she was the girl for me. Please allow me to stay in her life, to propose to her... Please.” 

“I would love to have you in the family!” She answers happily, giving her consent to Joven’s request. She always knew her daughter would marry an artistic type. Good for her. They’re good lovers... or so she’s heard. She always knew that Starr boy was a good kid.

The Porters took the news well. Joven’s parents on the other hand...

“I thought we raised you better then that!” Nero yells, not caring about the paparazzi trying to listen in from outside. “I thought you were a genius! How could you not realize the consequences of your actions? I hope you plan on doing right by that poor girl, or you can just go on and walk out of this house immediately. I will NOT have a coward in MY house.”

It hurts Joven to see his father so furious at him for something he didn’t do. But he keeps his mouth shut and just accepts Nero’s furious rant. His parents wouldn’t believe him even if he did tell them the truth.

After school that very next day Joven is back at the Porter house before Joy is. If he’s going to be playing daddy to little Damian, he has to act the part, right?

Joy’s face in the background just makes my day every time I look at this picture. 

“I shouldn’t be surprised you’re here.” She smiles once he’s put the baby in his crib for a nap. “You really are the greatest guy in the world.”

“I love you, Joy. I could never leave you, no matter what. Now what’s say we make our baby legal?”

She won’t lie. She saw it coming. But she’s still ecstatic he asked.

They get married then and there in private. It’ll be all over the news anyway in the morning, but hopefully their friends at school will leave them alone about all this. At least Graduation is just around the corner.

And with that, Joy and Damian officially join the family.

A new addition is added to the first floor to create a master bedroom for the happy new couple.

And the new bedroom. You’ll notice the single beds in place of a double bed. The newlyweds can share a bed once they’re adults with careers pulling in an income.


... I kinda plan on making the entire house that corny and gaudy as Joven and Joy slowly take over the family. Ximena's bland choice in decour are bugging me, and Nero would have everything in different shades of blue if he could. 

Gen Eight roll reminder:
- Step Children
- Five Children (3rd born is heir, so... the fourth)
- Primary Career : Firefighter
- Secondary Career : Culinary
- Property Mogul
- The Joker


  1. I didn't realize your roll for generation 8 was stepchildren. Now that makes sense why Joy got knocked up by her sister's boyfriend! I really was wondering about that, lol.

    OMG Joy's expression is hilarious! Every time I look at that photo, I laugh.

    And wow. 5 kids! If I were you, I would have used my joker on that. But that's just because I hate large families. All the juggling gives me a headache. Can't wait to see how you manage! :)

  2. Yeah, I'd have jokered the 5 kids thing too, lol.
    I'm curious about what the sister's boyfriend is up to, and whether Joven and Joy are going to try to figure out how she got knocked up. I mean, it seems like something you wouldn't just shrug off, lol.

  3. I did consider jokering the five kids. Especially since Nero and Ximena seem to have no desire to die anytime soon. I may end up still doing that. I want to have the heir inherit Joven's firefighter traits so it depends on how quickly I can get him to that with all my lag.