Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ch. 108 : Paradise?

Blatant favouritism or a new photo for the living room? You decide.

“You really do look like a smurf.”
“You’re just jealous cause mommy and daddy love me more.”
“Psh. You wish.”

“What are you two talking about?”
“Nuffin’ ‘om.”
“Nothing mommy!”
Ximena loves it when her kids get along.

Elder gnome sees all!

With the children growing up fast, Ximena finally gets around to renovating the front room.

Joven gets a job at the bookstore.

Joy gets a job at the grocery store. She’s too fabulous for the bookstore. 

She isn’t too fabulous to ask her best friend out to prom though. Joven is just thrilled they skipped the whole awkward teen drama bit.

Yay blocks!

Yay YA Ritchie! 

Yay cooking!

... Boo homework.

Ximena goes for counselling after Devon asks her out for dinner again and she catches herself considering it. Luckily the therapy helps her set her priorities straight.

She loves Nero. Really. Sometimes she just wishes she could be sure he loves her too. He’s so good at hiding his thoughts and reading her own. She almost cheated. Has he?

But Nero does love her. He just has trouble expressing it sometimes. Painting his feelings is so much easier. He’s painted her portrait at least a half dozen times before, but he just can’t stop. He wants her to be remembered forever, long after they’ve both passed on. 

Architect table. Nero wants one.

He goes to the consignment store every few days to drop off whatever paintings he hasn’t grown attached to. His paintings will bring him in about 500 big ones this trip. He ends up spending four times that. On these.

Elder gnome wishes these darn kids would get off his lawn!

Frenchie and Bruce Lee (I do not apologize for the names) are going to have fun with him...

Nero may be a fifth level stay at home chef... but he still burns the simplest dishes.

When Joven marries... he’s going to make sure his wife can cook.

While her big brother is at prom, River Wren takes the chance to grab mommy’s attention and show off some ballet moves.

Ximena is very impressed... and then sends River Wren off to do her homework. Smurfette is NOT amused.

Joy and Joven have an amazing time at prom, and decide to go steady. Neither of them win a crown, but they’re fine with that. They don’t mind being misfits, as long as they can be misfits together.

I am actually VERY mad that Joy and Joven didn’t switch into formal attire for Prom... I’d even gone into stylist to give Joy an outfit to suit her personality... I’m just goanna upload a photo anyway because I’m very proud of it. 
Gaudy mess will be the new “it” thing for fall. Mark my words.


  1. Haha, "gaudy mess". Unfortunately, I see that all over the place! Sometimes it isn't even gaudy, just a mess. =)

    I'm glad Ximena went to counseling, I'd hate for anything bad to happen to the family!!

  2. Yeah, if she cheated on Nero, there would be angry mob forming in the comments section, lol.

  3. Totally agree with yang. I'd be the first to grab the pitchforks and torches.

    And your gnomes make me laugh. :D

  4. The be glad Joven was born sans the blue skin. I was going to let Ximena have her second child with Devon if her first took after Nero.

  5. I love the way Nero keeps painting Ximena - it's so cute!