Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ch. 105 : Wedding Bells

First thing’s first, Joven has his birthday! He has his daddy’s hair and eyes.

And Ximena really is fail at stake outs. (“Look this way, Miss Starr!” ‘Go awaaaay.”)

 MENA! Your wedding is in five hours! Will you just give it up and go home to change!?

And thus, the wedding jitters begin.

The soon to be bride and her new family arrive at the wedding venue nice and early to make sure everything is in order.

You have to admit, she makes a lovely bride.

Jovan is already getting fussy from the lack of attention, so mummy picks him up for some play time. She was scared to be a mom at first, but now that she can see his smile and hear his laughter she loves it. She can’t image her life without him... or his father.

Speaking of Nero... 
Wedding jitters part two: 

Gratuitous beauty shot:

(“... This isn’t going to fall on us, is it?”
“Mena. It’s perfectly safe. I promise.”
“Maybe we should wait for another day...”

Ximena eventually overcomes her jitters and they exchange the rings. They take her name instead of his, as he insists it never really was his last name. Ximena still doesn't believe his stories of "gnome magic" but she's still thrilled they'll continue on her family's legacy with her surname. 

The deal is sealed with a kiss. (And magical floating hearts)

Marina and Chale have to leave right after. Chale claims its for work, but really its just so no one can see his tears at seeing his daughter being married.

“Wedding Cake!”

Nero meets the relatives. Thats Nadia Starr. Gabriel and Blinky’s youngest daughter, and my favourite. She’s a musician, and has the insane trait. Ximena literally just finished a case for her where she found out Nadia has multiple personalities and is stalking herself. I lol’d. And then I was sad because thats sort of depressing.

Random fanservice photo of teen Ritchie.

And finally, the official Starr family at home. 

“Baby’s asleep.”
“That he is...”
“Shall we have our wedding night?”
“Do you even need to ask, Nero?”

“I guess not, blondie.”


Thanks to Redhead Creations for the amazing venue.

And Ximena's hair can be found on the MTS site. Click here.


  1. I love Mena's hair, it really suits her :) I wish her dress was a bit more white instead of greyish white, but maybe that's just the lighting?
    Anyway, loooove Nero getting married to Mena, though I'm so nervous you're going to kill him off or make him diappear via a fit of gnome magic!

  2. Mena's hair does look great on her!
    Very lovely wedding. :D

  3. I can never get that hair to look good on a sim! I envy you. Nero and Mena are so cute together and I really hope it all works out well for them.
    The wedding was so cute! I "awww"ed

  4. Pretty wedding. I love Ximena and Nero.