Friday, September 2, 2011

Ch. 104 : I Need to Ask You...

Ximena has conflicted feelings about being pregnant. Sure its exciting, and she loves the idea of raising her own child, but there’s still the nagging thought at the back of her mind that one she’ll wake up and Nero will be gone. She’d told him about the three graves found with the truck, and how none of them were named Wren. When was he going to leave to go find her? What was stopping him?

But even with her fears, every night without fail Nero joins her in the master bedroom and stays with her until morning. 

A thief tried to sneak in one night but the officer managed to catch him without even waking Ximena. Nero tries to listen but he’s too busy watching a disappearing gnome over her shoulder.

The household gnomes Ximena brought her childhood home re-enact the previous night’s events for Watcher. Laundry gnome plays Nero.

Nero’s already finished reading the baby book Chale dropped off when Ximena finally wakes up and starts doing laundry.

“So when’re you leaving?” She can’t help but ask. “I heard some commotion last night and thought you might have been leaving but I was too tired to be bothered to go down the stairs and say goodbye.”

“I’ll only leave if you want me to.” Nero answers, purposely leaving out the thief. She doesn’t need stress right now. “I was actually waiting for you to wake up to ask you out. Ever since you got home you’ve just been moping around and its driving me a little stir crazy. Lets just go out and do something!”

Up first, lunch at the Bistro.

And then a movie at the theatre. 
“I didn’t even know they played movies here!” Ximena exclaims with glee as Nero grabs them some tickets. 
“I only discovered it myself last week while buying some new cook books next door. Apparently they have concerts too.”

By the time they get home, its late. 
“I had so much fun today, Nero. Thanks for helping me out of my slump. I guess I should head to bed and get some sleep before the baby comes, right?” 

“Wait wait wait! I have one more thing to ask you before that.”

“Ximena Starr, will you marry me?”

As he slips the ring onto her finger the doubts begin to take hold. “Wait. What about Wren? Your search for your family? ”
“I’ve lived without Wren and the Khan-Archers for so long, that I’ve learned to go on without them. But when your father told me you’d been injured I had a second of fear that I’d lost you. And I’d realized that I could go on without Wren, but I couldn’t go on without you. I love you.” 

Thats all she needed to hear. 

Finally Ximena was back in action. She’d had another request to fix a relative’s credit which she accepted happily since it was something she could do from home.
... She only wished the kids in Nero’s daycare would shut their traps once in a while. Her baby won’t be like them. Her baby will be perfect in every way.

She’s just finished the credit report switching when the first labour pains hit.

It breaks Nero’s heart to see her going to the hospital without him, but he can’t leave the toddlers alone until their parents pick them up in the evening.

It then that Nero decides running a daycare just isn’t worth the trouble. Because of it, he misses the biggest moment of his life. The birth of his first child.

Ximena is so pumped full of happy juice she can’t stop smiling. Oh and she’s holding baby Joven.

Nero loves his baby boy. And the fact that his baby boy didn’t inherit his skin tone. 

That same night is the bachelor party David is throwing for his soon to be brother-in-law.  Nero doesn’t want to leave his new baby alone with the always busy Ximena, but his wife-to-be promises she’ll take care of the baby.

... It would be much easier to believe her if she wasn’t sitting at the chess table in the middle of a game when she said it.

Still, he goes to the party and has a great time. 
Bachelor party montage!

Needless to say... it was an awesome night for all involved.

And surprise surprise! Ximena didn’t kill the baby!

Now if Nero can just recover from the party in time for the wedding...

Joven: (Ho-ven) Young/Youth/Youthful. He was born with the Brave and Athletic traits. He’s the Gen eight heir. 
Gen Eight Rolls: 
- Step Children
- Five Children (Heir is third child born to heir)
- Primary Career : Firefighter
- Secondary Career : Culinary
- Property Mogul
- Joker
I’m actually really happy for the property mogul goal. It’s one of my favourites. And I miss the extra income after Ximena moved out on her own. I really hope their next child is a girl, so I’m goanna go out and buy watermelons now. I have a great name for a girl. 
WEDDING TIME! And I’m using the venue Redhead uploaded so I’m super excited. I did have to go in and delete a bunch of fish... but otherwise it still looks totally amazing. <3 Thanks Redhead Creations!


  1. I love this chapter! Stupid daycare, poor Nero, still he partied good XD
    Joven is such a cool name!

  2. Haha! I warned you about the possibility of fish! They show up everywhere... =)

    I LOVE the name Joven, that's awesome! I can't wait to see what this boy looks like, I have a feeling that Nero is going to some pretty strong genes.

    That's so cute that Nero was thrown a bachelor party! Warms my heart!

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    I think I said "Awww" about a dozen times during this chapter. It's nice to have a happy family. And I can't wait for the wedding.

    Great update Cece. (I laughed so hard at the gnome picture, btw.)

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