Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ch. 95 : Pressure (Release)

Chale renovates May’s old room to make room for a third bed. Until he can find a more permanent solution, David will be sharing a room with the twins.

Sheridan for one loves the new kid. They’re both athletic kleptomaniacs. They have a lot to talk about!

But still, Marina makes sure that everyone knows just WHO brought David to life. She did, so he belongs to her. David doesn’t mind... not really.

“My princess, I have travelled long and far to bring you the fabled golden flower. It will bring you eternal youth and beauty, and good luck too!”

“Silly knight! All I want is you! Don’t ever leave on such a dangerous escapade again. What would I have done if you’d been eaten by a dragon?”

Ximena isn’t jealous. Honest. She LIKES playing by herself... 

Luckily daddy comes to the rescue. “Hey squirt, mind if I join you?”
“Not at all papa!”

Final notes to round out the weekend:
David decides he LIKES being a king... but an emperor would be even better. perhaps even an emperor of evil...

And Chale receives a disturbing gift from his mother. 
“A... flower?”
“Yes.” Louna says with a nod. “It was given to me by my mother, and to her by my half brother’s father. Think of it as a... second chance at life. We’re not supposed to have it, but we do. And Grim is contracted to take it if you have it on your person when you die.”
Chale knows his mother is far past her expected life expectancy. That she would give this to him... it means the world. “Mom I don’t know what to say.”
“Just take care of your girls. Promise me.”
“Always, mom.”

It isn’t until he’s been promoted to a member of the Vice Squad that he finally catches up to Blaine Talliway. 

“Hey jerkface. Remember me? You broke my sister’s heart.”

Chale’s actually quite thankful for the opportunity to let off some steam.

He was given some news you see. That Pia will be heading out to Twinbrook this week with the military to see if there are any survivors left after a sudden surge of mummies wiped out nearly the entire population in only a few weeks.

Chale just wishes he could be there with her. 

Right now though, he should be at home.

As the bell tolls on Sheridan’s 90th birthday, Grim comes to answer the call.

The twins are heartbroken.

Louna... understands. One stupid hot headed disagreement with death did curse her. Not to an early grave as she had feared, but to outlive all those closest to her heart. 

Sheridan has never begged for anything in his life... but death changes people. Grim is not swayed, and off they go.

Louna refuses to take his urn to the graveyard. When she goes, they can be buried together. Until then, she can’t stand the thought of him being so far away. 

She can’t do this. She can’t be strong. She spent her whole life looking for him, and they only managed to spend a few short weeks together. Life just isn’t fair.

At least Chale is there. Without him, the house would fall apart. Again, he has to become the man of the house.

On his way home, Chale had received a nervous call from his superior, Tarik. Words had been exchanged, and Chale had been given a promotion in exchange for a dangerous venture. This was all before he'd heard about his father's death. All the paper work was already signed. How was he supposed to break it to his mother now?


I didn't expect Sheridan to go... not so soon. The family was just sitting down for a late dinner, and Chale was interviewing Ella for a report for work when I decided to go see how old Louna was. I noticed Sheridan beginning to sparkle and paused it to check his age bar. It was 12:05 midnight and he had JUST turned 90. Way to break my heart Grim. 


  1. LOL, the game is punishing you for moving Sheridan in early. We have ways of enforcing the rules, mwa ha ha!

    Seriously, great update. I love that Louna believes she's cursed.

  2. Okay seriously even -I- am starting to believe she's cursed! She was a full week older then Sheridan, she hasn't had the flower in the inventory, just... UGH! WHY WON'T YOU DIE LOUNA?

  3. Louna IS cursed! Poor girl. Sheridan was pretty young by game standards...

    Hopefully they'll be able to cope without him. I'm very interested in learning what this venture is that Chale has to do!!!

  4. poor Louna, seeing those she loves die before her :(