Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ch. 89 : Criminal

After school, while Louna is working yet another over time and May is struggling through her “Stupid homework”, Sheridan corners Chale during his workout. 

“You know you’ll never impress Faith without a six pack.” 
“I already have... impressed Faith...” Chale says in between breathes. He hates it when people try talking to him during a workout. “Besides... I’m just a kid... we don’t get six-packs...”

“Nonsense.” Sheridan mutters, motioning for Chale to come over to the strength training machine. “I had the best body in town when I was your age, and theres no reason why you can’t have the same.”
Chale considers making up an excuse to back out but then changes his mind. Sheridan’s never really felt like a father to him, so this might be a good way for them to know each other... and who knows! It might even be fun.

Chale changes his mind very quickly. This is NOT fun. Not at all. But Sheridan isn’t about to let him stop now.

Speaking of Sheridan, as soon as he finished moving his things into the house, he began sneaking out each night, getting home at just past three in the morning, slipping into bed as quietly as he could.

He isn’t as quiet as he thinks, because it wakes Louna up. She’s pretty sure she knows what he’s doing, but she hopes she’s wrong. Besides, today is her birthday, she doesn’t need any added stress.

Happy Elder Birthday, Louna!

Oooh Sparkles~!

Oh... sparkles...

Well... she supposes she can get used to this. She just hopes she can live long enough now to see May and Chale situated in a good career and maybe have them start on their families. Maybe her hot-headed ness has faded with time... her first rolled wish is to go talk to Alejandro. Maybe apologize... and maybe rub Simone’s belly. She is pregnant with Louna’s second grandchild after all. 

But first things first... 
“Sheridan, I need to know what you’re doing when you go out every night. If you’re working for Teri Bunch as a criminal again you could be putting my children in danger, and I won’t stand for that.”

“I’m not working for her, I promise.” He smiles at her, washing away her worries with just a look. “You know I wouldn’t do anything to put the kids in danger.”
Louna wants to believe him, but she’s not convinced. 

With good reason of course. Sheridan has become a skilled liar through his work in the warehouse. Although he wasn’t lying about not working for Teri. She works for him. There can only be one criminal mastermind in the city, and he was it.

“Hey Faith, why’d you want to meet so late? I thought your dad had you on a strict curfew.”
“He does.” She admits. “But I snuck out while he was at a party. Listen uh... when does your mom work next? I think I need to see a doctor, but I’m kind of shy. I’d feel more comfortable if I could talk to her.”
“She has weekends off, but she works Monday and Tuesday.” He answers. “Is everything okay?”

“Oh I’m FINE.” She lies. “Just a bit stressed out from school and all this pressure dad’s putting on me to get good grades. I mean, everyone knows May is going to get valedvictorian so I don’t even know why the rest of us try.”
Sometimes you don’t need to be a criminal to learn how to lie. Sometimes you just need to interact with the Starr family kids for an hour a day (They’re like a drug!).

“But you’ll still be okay for Prom, right?” 
Faith smiles at him sheepishly. “Yeah... I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

They head home and Chale gets there just in time to miss this confrontation between his parents.

“So you’re not working with Teri, huh? Is there anything else you’ve been lying about to me?”

“It’s not like I have a choice.” Sheridan says as quietly as he can. “I tried to get out, I swear I did. But my past isn’t something I can run from. Besides, you’re already skating on thin ice with the local vampire population. You have a tendency to put your foot in your mouth every time you open it, Louna, someone has to watch out for the kids. And the only way I can do that right now it to be the boss of the biggest scum in the city. Do you understand? I’m just trying to look out for you.”

Louna isn’t convinced. 

“Baby please.” He continues. “I’m sorry I lied to you. But I really didn’t have a choice. You know Matthew can’t protect us forever, and Teri is one of the oldest vampires in town. The only vampire more feared in this city is Destiny, and theres no telling where the loyalties of THOSE relatives lay. At least as a Master Thief I can earn their respect and trust.”

“I believe you.” She says at last, surprising them both. “But please, Sheridan... be careful. Matthew said he’d only give you one more chance. I can’t stand having to worry about you every night. The minute you are able to, promise me you’ll leave.”
He nods. “I promise.”

Prom arrives. 
“You look beautiful, Faith. How are you feeling?”
“Better...” She says quietly. “Listen, we need to talk.”

May interrupts them with the news that the limo has arrived and off they run, getting to school before the rush (For once).

Chale and May win prom king and queen, and end up doing the chicken dance for their spotlight dance together. Blaine asks May to go steady and she happily says yes. Chale looks around for Faith but doesn’t find her for the rest of the night. He just hopes that she didn’t get jealous of May and leave. Everyone always thinks he and May are together just because they live together. Please. She’s like a sister to him. Plus its Faith he’s in love with. When he ages up this week he plans on asking her to marry him. Its the way things are done... right?


Sheridan joined the family at lvl 9 in the criminal career and became a Criminal Mastermind on his first work shift. The same night Teri was de-moted to Bank Robber (Which is the first time she's dropped since she became Criminal Mastermind back during gen 4). I feel bad about how little I talk about May, considering I had an awesome story planned for her. Eh. They age up in a few chapters, and I'll talk about her more closer to Gen 7. I have a plan and I won't forget it. (I wrote it down!)

Also: Bonus photo.

"Hey has anyone seen this photo? Hello? Oh its a failed plot device? Kay, I'll just head to bed then..."


  1. Prom! Wee!

    Loved the training scenes, I can see Sheridan pushing Chale to be the best but not perhaps pushing a little too hard.

    Let's see if being an elder tames Louna at all! Haha

  2. Oh, and now I really want to know what that bonus pic was going to be for!!!

  3. xD The photo was taken as part of my original story line with Faith moving in for the pregnancy, and then having Morand literally drag her back home with him after the birth.

    Louna's picture was going to be found by Sheridan and put up on a wall. It was painted by Alejandro and then Louna would feel guilty and want to go make peace with her son. But then she aged up and wanted to see him anyway, so I just dropped the idea.

  4. I'm excited to see the plot you have cooked up for May. I know she isn't mentioned much, but I like her a lot. I think it's the hair. LOL.