Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ch. 87 : Grieving

Grim’s grave appears next to Serenity’s that night. No one knows what to think.

The kids put up a brave front at home. Life goes on as if nothing happened. May practices her karate.

And Chale spends nights working on mapping out the stars. 

They only let their real emotions show while waiting for the school bus, after Louna’s already left for work.

Faith invites Chale over after school, he doesn’t get to answer, May pushes him into the bus before he can explain to Faith that his mom would prefer him to be at home.

Faith lives by the beach. But Chale doesn’t even notice. His tough guy exterior breaks down as soon as she asks him if he’s okay. 

“I just don’t know how we’re supposed to deal with this.” He explains to her once he’s calmed down. “Mom’s been acting like a shell ever since Quila died. May and I are trying to be strong for her, but she’s not making it easy. She thinks just because she can cut herself away from everyone in the family, we need to too. Alejandro needs us, and so does Pia. But mom would kill me if I tried talking to them. Did you know Ally and Simone got married yesterday? Mom, May and I were the only ones in the family who didn’t attend.”

Faith nods slowly. “I know... he sent me and dad an invitation as well. He wanted me to try and sneak you away from your mom, but dad didn’t want me to get involved.”
“Smart man.” Chale comments. “Faith, I really like you, so I’m goanna have to warn you against getting involved with my family. We’re all freaks.”
She just smiles at him. “But then I’d never have a boyfriend, silly! All the cute boys have the surname Starr!”

Its not till they’re cuddling together, watching that night’s meteor shower that Faith answers his unasked question. “By the way, you’re included in that observation. You are, after all, the cutest boy in school.”

Louna gets called in right after school, so May ditches her homework and heads out to see Pia, and check on how the older girl is doing.
“It’s been hard, especially with mom refusing my calls. But I have April and Jerald to cheer me up. How are you and Chale doing? Ally and I tried convincing Chale’s new girlfriend to sneak him into the wedding, but she chose not to get involved.”

“We’re... dealing.” May manages. “Chale’s trying to be strong for us, especially since he considers himself the man of the house now. Louna’s been really strict on us lately, but she’s also working more, so its not hard to find alone time when we need it.”
“Well, if mom ever gets to be impossible to deal with, you and Chale are more then welcome to come and live with us. We have room.”
May just smiles and thanks her before heading back home.

When Louna finally get home, she falls straight into bed. She doesn’t even notice May, and then Chale as they get home and peak into her room. They do their homework and then head to bed without bothering her, happy that they each got away with going out underneath her nose.

However Louna’s always been a meditative sleeper, and its still early morning when her mind wakes up. Normally she’d stay in bed resting until morning, but the sound of footsteps on her balcony bring her out of her slumber early.

“Dammit.” Sheridan mutters when he finally enters the room only to find Louna standing by her bed, arms crossed, waiting for him. “You know surprises would work a lot better if you pretended to play along sometime.” She just keeps on staring at him and he rolls his eyes. “What? Its been years and not even a hug? No ‘Oh I’ve missed you Sheridan!’ ?. Cause y’know, I missed you.”

 “I’m sorry...” She finally manages, her voice breaking as a few tears fall down her face. She tries to wipe them away but he sees them anyway, and his heart breaks.
“Louna I’m sorry. I’m just... I forget sometimes that my sense of humour has bad timing.”

Her tears sudden start to run down her face like a waterfall and she stumbles. He catches her and pulls her close. “Hey... its okay. Please don’t cry.”
“Its... its all real then, isn’t it.” She mutters into his shoulder. “I really did trade you for my son... he’ll never have justice but its fine because now I can get laid with my boyfriend again, right?”

“Don’t say that.” Sheridan states quickly, pulling away from her. “Don’t ever even think it. Life is a cruel thing, but its all for a reason. Yes, Aquiles is dead, but people die everyday. Don’t torture yourself with these regrets, just focus on the future, and don’t ever let what happened hold you back.” 
He wipes a tear away from her face and shushes her with a look. A moment later he motions to the door. “Go call in sick for work, I’m going to take you somewhere to help you heal.”

She can’t believe he took her to the Starr Family graveyard. Seeing Aquiles’ gravestone among those of her mother and distant relatives is too much for her, and within seconds she’s in tears again, with Sheridan just looking on.

“People die everyday.” He repeats once its clear she’s run out of tears for the time being. “You just have to face it head on, and understand that there is nothing you can do anymore. You just have to accept what happened, and move on.”

“Will you... stay with me?” She asks at last, pulling him in for a hug. “Just until I’ve got my feet back under me?”

“Seeing as your dear great grandfather just about knifed me when I asked about my old place... I’ll have to say yes.”
She’s about to say something rude when he closes the distance between their lips. “I’m only teasing, Louna. I’ll stay for as long as you want.”
She just smiles, and then kisses him again.


Yeah so I added Sheridan to the family... I gave in! But yeah, I'll be starting Chale on his weekly fighter goal soon (possibly next update) and that'll spark the OFFICIAL start on Gen six. But in my mind, gen six has already begun. It began the moment Alejandro left. 

Gen Six roll reminder:
- Single parent
- Three Children
- Law Enforcement (Super Spy)
- Hobby or Obsession?
- Fighter

I'm stuck on Chale's Hobby/Obsession. I'm thinking either chess or body building like his pa. Sheridan entered the family with lvl 9 in the athletic skill (Thank you SP~) so he could conceivably train Chale, and then have Chale continue on with the hobby/obsession. Thoughts?


  1. I like the idea of Sheridan training Chale (some male bonding mayhaps). I'm glad Sheridan made it back... I sort of love him. :)

    I will miss Alejandro though, but I assume he'll be making some appearances.

  2. I like bodybuilding for a hobby. The father son bonding would be nice. :D

    Great update.

  3. I agree with the whole bonding over training/working out :) You could expand it to martial arts to fit in with the fighter aspect too

  4. I didn't realize that your roll was for single parent, that should make the story interesting!!

    I'm another one in agreeance about the training. That just plays so well into the fighting too. =)