Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ch. 81 : Brothers

For the first time, Louna realizes just how much aging sucks. She’s a full adult already, getting closer to elderhood with every breath. She shouldn’t be raising a baby. She should be watching her children off to school every day and working on her career. She just hopes she can give her youngest the same love and devotion she gave the others.

At least the one thing she can give Chale over the others is a real relationship with his father. Sheridan asked to meet her and the baby at the new park. In a fit of mid-life crisis worries she decides to plan a new outfit.
And yes... yes those are Gabe and Blinky’s prom photos. Louna claims she can’t get them off because Blinky put them there with superglue. Blinky did no such thing.

A car honks at her as it drives by. Louna doesn’t see who was driving but she does NOT approve.

Chale meanwhile just loves being outside. Thats something else he will (one day) inherit from his grandmother.

Recognize him? Probably not. That’s Eric Steele. He used to be a paper boy, now he’s a dishwasher. Life hasn’t been kind to him.

While waiting for Sheridan to show up, Louna decides to continue Chale’s speaking lessons. He is less then impressed.

Sheridan never does show up.

“Hey mom. How was your-”
“He stood me up. Big woop.” She sets Chale down with a bottle before looking up at his oldest. “Oh and your dad says hi.”

The boys leave and Louna falls back into worries. This stupid shirt makes her look like a school bus! She can’t believe she wore it out!

Black is soooo much more slimming. So slimming in fact that she can totally eat that slice of cake. As long as none of the kids are watching. 

Elder!Gnome wishes all these kids would get OFF HIS DARN LAWN!

Alejandro isn’t on the lawn. He’s in his bedroom painting some of the things he sees in his mind. 

Aquiles has never been close to Alejandro, but he feels a strong connection to his youngest brother. Perhaps its their shared eye colour, or the fact that they’re both human and Alejandro is not... or just the fact that Aquiles gets a bad vibe from the little vampire. He and Pia were planning on moving out together next week after graduation, but he’s having second thoughts now. He doesn’t want to leave his mom and baby brother alone with a growing vampire. 

Pia’s also having second thoughts about moving out with her brother. “He snores ALL night, and he doesn’t stop bugging me when I forget to pick my clothes up off the floor! He is SO ANNOYING!”
April Combs is her second cousin, as well as her best friend. She has two brothers, both of whom are vampires, but she was born a human like her father. Pia and her always have a lot to talk about.

“Honestly Pia, I’d still rather have Aquiles for a brother then mine. All they do is leave plasma juice boxes everywhere and make fun of me when I do my homework.”
“I think thats just a vampire thing. I mean, Ally does that ALL the time. He even did MY homework last night cause he was bored! And then laughed at me!” 

April gets a text on her phone and sighs. “It’s getting late. Mom wants me to go home.”
“Aaaw.” Pia whines before being pulled into a hug. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow, kay?”

Pia doesn’t answer at first, her heart stammering. It’s not unusual in her town for second cousins to date, but April is her best friend too! It would be weird... plus Aquiles would never let her live it down. “April I-”

Instantly April’s face falls. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to put you on the spot or anything, I swear. I just... i mean, you’re my best friend... and I really like you and-”

Pia pushes her lips to April’s. 

“Just shut up, stupid.” Pia says with a smile to show she’s kidding. “Your mom is going to worry if you don’t leave.”
“Just relax, April. I’ll see you at school, okay?” 


I caved in and gave Pia a girlfriend. Honestly I've been on the fence about her sexuality since the start! I was actually considering having her date Ida (You'll see her YA form next update. She's gorgeous) but considering what I'm going to do with vampires in a couple chapters... it woulda been bad. So I'm having her date April instead. 

I love that gnome. <3 I'm going to be sad when he dies. 


  1. Sheridan better have a good reason for standing Louna up!

  2. I feel kind of sorry for Alejandro - his siblings not liking him just cos he's a vampire...

  3. Yeah, what Melissa said!

    AND that gnome is fricken funny. As well as the poor paper boy/dishwasher... That made me laugh!!