Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ch. 79 : Number Four

One of Pia’s classmates laughed at her for being so thin and scrawny. Sure she may have breasts, but those won’t help her win any fights. So she decides to try out the strength machine... without pacing herself.

 “AAAAAH! I pulled a muscle!”

Just stick to your karate, beautiful. You don’t have to change yourself to prove a stupid boy wrong when you can just kick his ass the next time he bugs you.

Ugh... the worst part about pregnancy. The stupid morning sickness.

At least it’ll be over in a day or so... she’s been through this enough times to know the pattern. 

Sheridan left her a message on her phone, asking her how her first shift back went, and if she was interested in maybe meeting him for dinner tomorrow. She knows she’ll be showing by then, which could scare him off... unlike her other boyfriends, he doesn’t seem like the “family man” type. Part of her doesn’t want to break things off with him. At least, not yet. 

Maybe if she exercises enough the weight loss with make her look like she isn’t pregnant... she knows its an idiotic plan, and ends up canceling the date. 

Pia goes back to strength training occasionally. Not because of that stupid boy, but because she’s decided to join the military out of high school. She’ll need to be strong enough physically to pass the entrance exams.

She also needs to have an awesome relationship with the ol’ hammer, so she decides to upgrade everything in the house!

Louna does NOT appreciate all that noise, Pia.

The karate skill... is not needed to join the military. Pia just assumes it’ll be a trump card incase the entrance exam includes trapping all the new recruits in a hole and only letting the last man or woman standing join the army. At least... that’s what Aquiles tells her.

Having a good relationship with children isn’t part of the military’s criteria either. But Louna spends most of her nights cleaning after the kids and making sure the food in the fridge is still edible... so Pia doesn’t mind helping out with her younger brother when she can. 

Sheridan calls often to check up on her, see if she’s feeling alright. He knows she’s pregnant. She hasn’t been going out, but she assumes he has his sources (It was totally Pia). She just tells him everything’s alright, and she’ll call when she goes into labour.

They have a private birthday party for little Alejandro. 

Things get cut short when Louna gets hit by the labour pains.

Sheridan makes it to the hospital in record time. Teri sends him all the way back to common thug for running away in the middle of a heist, but Sheridan doesn’t give a f-. He isn’t going to miss the birth of his son for anything.

Meet Chale. He’s been Louna’s easiest pregnancy and labour yet... but she’s not about to jinx anything. She’s just grateful to leave the hospital with a healthy baby in her arms. 

Sheridan doesn’t like the name... but eh. Louna picked it and when he tried to intervene she grabbed his arm so hard he was pretty sure he’d have to be hospitalized himself... damn she’s hot when she’s mad. 

“Hey~.” Louna says with a smile after putting the new baby in Alejandro’s recently vacated crib. “So-”
“This is the part where you’re going to tell me that we’re not in a relationship, right?”
“Yep! Pretty much!”

“Well I agree. We are not in a relationship.”
For the first time Louna isn’t sure how she feels about that. Getting dumped kinda... hurts. “Well-”
“We’re not in a relationship.” He repeats, interrupting her. “At least not yet. How about you meet me tomorrow night at the local lounge and we’ll see about fixing that.” 

With a wink and a quick kiss he’s out the door, leaving Louna to wonder what the heck just happened.
Yes... Yes I was reading "I am Number Four" during this chapter. >_> I finished the book in a day. Its goooood. Goanna go out and buy the sequel now. I think its out. 

Oh right, I should show you what Alejandro looks like as a child. If ANYONE starts singing he will smack you. Like his parents, he is hot-headed. 

Chale was born with the Brave and Athletic traits. He inherits Carey's hair and Serenity's yellow eyes. He is ADORABLE. 


  1. Ha, ha, way to turn it around on her, Sheridan!

  2. He *is* adorable. I still say Sheridan will have his hands full, but I guess he's used to that. =)