Monday, August 8, 2011

Ch. 78 : Boy toys and Hair cuts

That new exercise equipment finally made it, and Louna redecorates the basement to make a rec room. Rory even throws in a karate training dummy for free.

Pia takes advantage of the karate dummy immediately. She has fun learning to kick butt. 

And the new outfits she gets every level rock!

Aquiles tries to get fit... honestly, he does. He’s just not as naturally inclined in athletics as his twin sister is.

Her baby may not be human, but she loves him all the same. And he deserves as much attention as the twins got in their youth. 

She doesn’t mind in the least. She actually enjoys teaching her babies to walk and talk. The potty training she can do without... but its all worth it in the end.

The twins take advantage of their mother’s sudden distraction, Pia especially. Now that she knows karate she doesn’t mind staying out until right before curfew. She doesn’t even mind talking to strangers, really. That Enmity man seemed nice. Although he did ask a lot of questions about her mother, and their house.

Prom arrives, and the twins go stag since they haven’t made many friends yet. Pia goes to get a haircut for the party and well... 

“So you going to keep the haircut?”
“... Well I’m NOT going to go any shorter! So yeah... I’m keeping it.”
“Bet you’ll find a nice girlfriend to marry now.”
“... See now I have to murder you. That is the most sexist thing I have ever heard.”
“Mimi said it. Not me.”
Mimi just rolls her eyes.

By the way: Pia gets in a couple fights, and gets grounded the minute she gets home.

And Aquiles wins prom king... despite being in the middle of a conversation with Mimi during his photo session.

Pia still isn’t convinced on the hair... but it is getting her some attention at school. She’ll give it time to grow and see how things go. Worse comes to worse she can just grow it out over time.

Louna’s maternity leave ends today and her shift starts at 7 pm... she’s not looking forward to it and doesn’t want to go back to work. 

... There’s a very easy way to fix that.

“Louna!” He seems surprised to see her. “... What are you doing here?”
“Hey you did say I could drop by sometime for that role play, remember?”

He seems almost... distracted after he invites her in. “Listen uh... I thought you had work tonight.”
“I do.” She admits. “I’m a little worried about leaving the kids alone tonight, but there’s no other way. Besides, Alejandro is sleeping through the night now, so hopefully it will be alright.” 
“Wait you leave your kids home alone when you work nights?” He asks, looking shocked and confused. “What about their dad...s?”
Louna shakes her head. “No... Eric hasn’t even talked to me or the twins since his marriage, and Alejandro’s dad...” She shudders without meaning to. “He.... well, I’m not letting him near my kids. Ever.” 

“But please, enough about my kids. This situation’s got me all stressed out and I just need a pick me up before my shift... care to help me with that?”
He smiles at her, leaning closer in a flirty manner. “Louna, beautiful, you know I’d love to...” 

She knows that tone well. “... But?”
“But I just need to make a call first... had a big hiest planned for tonight but now that you’re here I should really cancel it.” She knows he’s a thief, he sees no need to hide that from her. Just as long as she has no idea just what tonight’s hit was... “I’ll be right back. Promise.”

Louna’s eyes follow him out the door. Damn he’s got a nice butt.

True to his word... Sheridan is back quite quickly. And they move things to the bed almost immediately.

Louna is a VERY good kisser. Making out with her is not an instance that is easily forgotten.

Yeah they get it on too.


Writing 101: Don't treat your writer like an idiot. Don't spell every little thing out for them.

... Please tell me it was clear in this chapter that Sheridan's heist was supposed to be on Louna's house. Please. I like to believe I'm a good writer. 

Also I couldn't look at Pia's teen hair without thinking of Shu Fang from NutsAndDolt's legacy... so I changed it. Its a CC hair from the modsthesims site. I can edit in a link if anyone's curious. Pretty sure its a featured hair... I think. Anyway I love it and Pia's my fav.


  1. It was not crystal-clear, but heavily implied enough for me to get it.

    I think you mean Xue, rather than Shu Fang. 0=) I loved the pigtails on Pia, but the new hair looks good too.

    I loved Aquiles' prom photo.

  2. I like pia's hair a lot! I don't remember it from MTS, I'll have to look for it.

    And Sheridan planning to rob Louna was pretty clear to me from his moment with Pia, then was confirmed when she showed up at his place. You can move on to Writing 102 now! Haha

  3. Yeah, I got it as well, when he was asking Pia about the house.
    Pia's hair is nice.

  4. I thought it was clear from the moment with Pia as well :)