Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ch. 76: Dangerous

Yet another chess match is interrupted by her phone. This time its a call from her boss. “Hey Louna. Listen, I know you’re on maternity leave but we’ve got a huge case of food poisoning here and its pushing the staff to their limits. Can you PLEASE go see if you can find the source? I guarantee you a nice bonus if you do this for me.”
Ah heck. She’s bored anyway. She’ll do it... after this game.

As she heads to the bistro she runs into Devon. A string of swear words run through her mind. He totally can NOT find out about her baby daddy. He’d kill her! 

“Wow Louna. What a belly! I guess you and Eric got back together?”
“Uh... sure. Yeah. Something like that. I’ve got to go help sick people now! See you another time!” The words of her mother run through her mind. Thats it Louna, big fake smile for the paparazzi. Like nothing’s wrong. Don’t forget to show all your teeth! 

When the source of the food poisoning is dealt with, Louna is offered a free meal for her silence. She goes out side to check on Devon, thanking her lucky stars when he’s gone. Oh! And there’s the sexy guard from the other day!

“Hey! You’re that doctor from the other day!” He says as soon as he recognizes her. 
Louna shakes his outstretched hand in greeting. “Yep! My name’s Louna. What’s yours?”
“Enmity. Sheridan Enmity.” He answers before eyeing her belly. “I’d ask you out to dinner but I’m guessing you’ve got a jealous boyfriend back home who’d kill me, right?”
Louna giggles in response. “Nah. I’ve got a few jealous exes. But its no big. Besides, the bistro already owes me a free meal. I’d love it if you’d join me.”

It isn’t Sheridan’s style to go out on a date with a pregnant woman who’s surname he doesn’t even know... but hey. Why not? She’s paying!”

Its almost eleven and their mom hasn’t been home all day. Aquiles is in the yard playing with Mimi, and Pia is in the spare bedroom playing with her blocks. These kids are too well behaved for their own good.

Don’t worry kids. Mommy isn’t having her baby early. She’s just going to get that bonus. Its enough to totally redecorate the spare room so the twins will each have their own room. The date with Sheridan went well, but Louna’s not interested in going steady with anyone again anytime soon. 

The next morning Louna heads to the Delacroix house... unfortunately for her, Devon answers the door.

“You’re uh... here to talk to my dad aren’t you.”
Louna nods slowly. “Yeah... how did you find out?”
“Its all over the news.” He answers with a shrug. “Cecilia dumped him over this so try going easy on him, okay?”

Devon leaves them alone to talk.

“Hey so I know we only ever did it once buuut... you knocked me up! So yeah. You’re goanna be a dad... again.”

Alucard takes the news well.

Slowly, it sinks in and he couldn’t be happier. “Wow... I can’t believe I’m having another child... its been so long since I held a child. What will we name him or her?”

Louna isn’t so sure she likes how he used the word “we” in that sentence. “Listen Alucard... we had fun, but I hope this pregnancy isn’t giving you any strange ideas...”

He looks at her curiously. “What do you mean?”
“What I mean is We. Are. Not. In. A. Relationship. I only came to tell you about the pregnancy so you won’t be surprised when I call you for the birthday parties.” 

Louna steps away from him quickly, heart racing in fear. Had he still been a vampire she might not have been able to dodge the hands aimed for her throat. “Don’t you touch me!”

She stays stepped away from him as he pulls back, attempting to get his anger under control. “Miss Starr, I apologize for my outburst... I just-”
“No!” She interrupts. “If you’re like this with a pregnant woman how could I ever trust you with helping me raise a helpless baby? Would you crush his head in if he woke you up in the middle of the night? You are NEVER going to have access to this child. And I am going to go to City Hall now to make sure you never have access to me either.”
She makes a mental note to NEVER sleep with anyone who is or was at one time a vampire. They just can’t be trusted.

As soon as she gets home she heads back down to her laboratory. Uncle Adrian’s strange slab bed still lies in a corner and Louna can’t help but think back to her childhood. Adrian only lost his temper at her once, but it was nothing like her confrontation with Alucard. The ex-vampire actually made her worry for her safety... 
She would take measures to protect herself and her family, she decides. As soon as the baby is born. 


Sorry about making Alucard seem like a bad guy here.... but come on! The photos were perfect! 


  1. Well, you can hardly blame the guy, Louna isn't the most tactful Sim out there, is she? Haha What a pair those two hotheads would make!!

  2. Louna =/= Tact. She's like... the least charismatic sim I've ever had. xD She REALLY needs to work on her people skills. I'm hoping Sheridan helps her out with that. But seriously, I'd be TERRIFIED if she was my mother. She really has no common sense at all.

  3. I love Louna's creepy fake smile XD
    And Louna is one of my favourite character's, she's totally a b**** without really meaning to most of the time.

  4. I don't think you've made Alucard a bad guy... but that's because Louna's not exactly a good guy herself. I don't particularly like her, she's too selfish :p