Friday, August 5, 2011

Ch. 74 : Are you kidding me?

It shouldn’t have been a shock really. Not with his uncle’s purple haired girlfriend growing up in the bedroom next door.

But when Mimi came to life... well, it was quite the experience for poor little Aquiles.

“Hiya! I’m Mimi!”
Aquiles stares at her for a long moment before letting out a groan and hanging his head. “Yep. I’ve gone crazy. I knew it.”

“No silly!” His doll laughs. “I’m real! I swear! Just because you’re the only one who can see me doesn’t make you crazy. Just special!”
Aquiles isn’t convinced. “Thats exactly what a hallucination would say to put me off my guard.” A pause. “Are you going to tell me to kill my family?”
Mimi just stares at him for the longest time. “No! I don’t... I... why would you even...”

“It was a joke.” Aquiles deadpans. 
“Right. Of course it was.” Mimi says quickly. Not convinced in the least. “Whatever you say Quila...” 

Louna places her mother’s gravestone adjacent to Neal Combs’. She looks for the gravestone of her mother’s boyfriend but the grave makers claim that they only found Serenity’s body at the site of the meteor strike. It irks Louna even more then it should.

Louna gets promoted to Resident and goes out to party and celebrate.

Almost immediately she sees something she wants. And he’s headed her way. Score!

“Hello beautiful, my name is Alucard Delacroix. It would be an honour to buy you a drink.”
Louna knows who he is. She went to school with his son! He works as a Yes-man for her great grandfather Matthew. She also knows he moved here with his son in order to become human... and that he’s dating some chick named Cecilia. None of that matters to her though. He’s hot, and she wants it. “Sure... I’d love a drink.”

After the drink, they head back to the dance floor. The paparazzi is loving this, but neither of them even notice. Alucard is a two star celebrity and Louna is a three star. They’re both used to it already.

Luckily for the two of them, Ella and Matthew Starr choose that moment to appear for a date night. Louna has never been so happy to see her ancestors before and quickly pulls Alucard away for a quick dip in the hot tub.
“... Damn boy. Is that a six pack or an eight pack?”
“ I Knew it!’

Things quickly heat up.

“That was great~.” He manages after they break apart for air. “But how about we heat things up just a bit more?”
Louna couldn’t hide her glee if she’d tried. “I LOVE the way you think!”


Louna is very pleased with herself at the end of the date. 


... I think I need to start rating these based on Louna's sexual humour each chapter. Cause honestly... it just goes downhill from here. xD 


  1. HAHA, what a minx!! And Alucard looks great as a human, too! I can't wait to see what the kids look like.

  2. Yes, Aquiles, the doll wants you to kill your family. LOL, that was too funny.