Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ch. 72 : The Perfect Party

Life goes on. 

Blinky kleptomania is the family’s worst kept secret, and under the stress of Louna’s upcoming party its just getting worse. She doesn’t even remember where she stole the gnome from.

Even her art isn’t coming out the way she wants.

At least the twins seem happy enough.

Gabriel’s been practicing on the drums for days. Louna insists he jam as the entertainment for the party but he doesn’t think he’s anywhere near good enough just yet...

Even Serenity is getting fed up at her daughter’s party plans. Louna  expects her to prepare a full, three course meal PLUS the four cakes! Its ridiculous! THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN IN STRANGE TOWN, LOUNA. STARVING. CHILDREN.
But whatever, Serenity’ll do it anyway.

Anything to show off her Perfect Baked Alaska, yo.

At last everything is set up, and the festivities begin. 

First up, Gabriel Starr.

Girlfriend stealer or no... Gabriel and Donna have been best friends since childhood. Donna makes it to see his friend age up.

Okay so maaaaaybe that new stuff package was worth it. He’s rocking that sweater!

Blinky’s next. Her birthday wish has already come true... he’s standing right next to her. So what to wish for now... 

Gabe isn’t the only one who can rock a good outfit. You go girl!

Louna makes sure to thank the bartender for his time as the party dies down a bit. 

And Gabriel ended up supplying the entertainment after all. Everyone loved his show. Especially his fiancee.

Oh I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that he proposed? Right in the middle of the party too!
Of course she said yes. They have a private party later that night. With just them. 

The twins also had their birthday, but after the party was officially over due to the Watcher totally forgetting about them. (Sorry kids)
Aquiles is quite the looker, and developed the neat trait: 

Pia follows shortly after, and makes it clear that she has her own style. She gans the athletic trait.

All in all, the party is a great hit and everyone leaves happy. Especially the kids who just whip out their favourite dolls while the adults clean up.

Serenity would never admit it, but she actually really enjoyed herself, despite being horribly shy and knowing very few of the guests. 
Still, she’s happy to be back in her garden with her plants. Some of them died from neglect after she found the life fruit she needed for the Ambroisa. She feels guilty about that, so she’ll spend the whole night here if she needs to. Until every plant feels her love again. 

“I take it I’m late for the party?” The voice behind her asks, sighing as he leans against his cane for support. “Pity. I was so looking forward to seeing Gabriel become a young man. The fates just seem to have no love for me at all, do they.”
The voice startles her from her thoughts. Its changed over the years, but one look at his face and she knows exact who he is.

She can’t hide the smile on her face. 
“... Grim.”

For what feels like hours, they just stand there staring at each other. She breaks the silent first. “Is... is it really you?” 
His aged face smiles, his wrinkles moving but his eyes remaining the same as always with their mischevious glint. He stretches a hand out to the side, and as if from thin air a bouquet of red flowers appear. “For you, my Serenity.”

“Oh Grim...” She wants nothing more then to jump into his arms right there and then... but she couldn’t. Not because it would break his back, but because he had broken her heart.

“Where have you been!” She asks, shaking with rage. “You swore you’d visit! That you’d be here!”
His face falls. “Serenity, I tried. I swear....”
Her tears are falling freely now. “I raised him entirely on my own! Everytime I looked at him, I could only think of you! Not a day went by that I didn’t look out the window, waiting for you to come back! Everytime he asked about you.... I never had an answer! I didn’t know if you were alive, if you were dead... nothing!”

“I have not come to ask for forgiveness. I have come to say my goodbyes.” 

That stops her cold. “Your... goodbyes? Where are you going?”
He doesn’t answer at first, but he doesn’t need to.

“You can’t be-” Her voice cuts off for a moment, tears welling up before she can continue. “No you can’t be dying. Its too soon. You were never much older then me!”
“My mortal body was far older then yours ever was.” He corrects with a sad smile. “And now you will never age. I have it all arranged with the fates. Tomorrow I will pass from this earth to the next, and you will stay here forever. Safe and....”

“And alone.” She finishes for him. 
“You have your family.” He answers after a moment. “Louna’s children, and someday their children as well. And so on.”
“They may be of my bloodline, but they will not be my family. Louna and Gabriel are my only family.” A pause. “And you. Without the three of you I have nothing left to keep me here. You can’t... expect me to go on again, can you? Don’t be cruel. If you must go, take me with you.”

He moves away from her, as if repulsed. “Serenity, the things I gave up for you to live a life-”
“And I have lived a life! ONE life.” Her smile is genuine for the first time. “Without you, I never would have lived to give birth to my children, let alone watch them grow and see them both into adulthood. I’ve even been able to hold my grandkids and see them become children. I’m ready. And I’m... happy.”

For the longest time he is silent, but at last he relents. “Then... meet me tomorrow. Up by the Stoney Falls. I will be there. I swear it.”


Ugh took me FOREVER to get all those photos and then I find out half of them are glitched so I had to be very selective of the photos I took. And yes... I really did forget to take photos of Aquiles and Pia aging up. Woops~ 


  1. Wow, that's quite an offer from Grim! I really wasn't expecting him to show up as an Elder. Who knew that Death was mortal?? =) I'm anxious to see what happens at Stoney Falls!!

  2. Great update Cece!
    Serenity has made a difficult decision, there. Nicely done. :D