Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ch. 73 : Okay

No one senses anything wrong in the morning. 
Gabriel and Blinky are in the honeymoon stage of their romance, and are oblivious to anything and everything around them. Including the fact that they’re supposed to be cleaning up.

And the twins... well. They’re just being kids. 

She sees him the moment she gets out of the car, and rushes towards him immediately. “Grim!”

His smile is impossible to miss. “You came!”

He doesn’t even let her speak, just pulls her into his arms for a long kiss. 

“Are you ready?” He asks finally.
She smiles at him, and doesn’t let go. “Yes.”

Louna is the first to learn about the strange meteor strike, and her mother’s death. She’s smart enough to know it was no unexplainable tragedy. And Gabriel is unfortunate to be the closest thing to Grim she can find.


“You never even loved her!” He spits right back, causing two raised eyebrows from the wife standing behind him. Louna has always taken her anger out on him, but Blinky for one has never seen Gabriel stand up for himself before. 
“Louna you sicken me.” He continues. “All you ever did was give our mother grief. She needed you, and you never so much as gave her the time of day. Yes, she wasn’t perfect, but she tried. I miss her too, but this was her choice. And I swear, if you ever raise your voice at me again I won’t hesitate to break your pretty little nose.”

To her credit, Louna doesn’t even flinch. “I want you out of here. You and Blinky both. I won’t have either of you in MY home ever again.” 
Gabriel decides against fighting her for the house. The less he sees of her the better. “Fine. We’ll leave. But when you realize you’re wrong, and that you need us, I don’t want to be hearing from you, understood?”

Gabriel hasn’t even seen the house he bought. All he knows is that it used to belong to Uncle Adrian’s family, and it has enough room for him and Blinky to start a family. Not that he can even think about having children right now.

“We’re going to be okay.” Blinky assures him as they drive off, leaving the home they were born and raised in. 
Gabriel nods slowly. “I know that... I just hope she’ll be okay too.” 
“She will.” Blinky assures him. And thats where the conversation ends. They never speak of Louna again. At least... not to each other.


It physically hurt me to do this chapter. Especially killing Serenity off... its not her fault I've been craving for a "Died by meteor strike" gravestone in the family cemetery. Sorry hunny. I'll love you always. <3 

I'd been planning this since Gabriel was born, but it still hurt to make such a big rift in the family. Gabriel and Louna aren't enemies, but they're in the red with each other. Back when Gabriel was a kid and she was a teen, they were best friends. It hurt to make it go all the way down. 

The lag disappeared as soon as everyone moved out. xD Now its just Louna and the twins. but the house will be back up to full capacity soon enough. Stupid four kids...


  1. Great update Cece!
    It's hard to tank your Sims' relationships, and to kill them off for a story. But you do what you have to.

  2. Aww, Serenity! Poor gal. At least she went quickly. And yes, it's definitely hard to kill them off and purposefully make them be mean to each other.

    Well played!