Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ch. 71 : Jessie's Girl

Gabriel corners Blinky in the kitchen one day after homework. She’s late for a date with Donna, but the tone in Gabriel’s voice forces her to stop.

“Please, Blinky, just hear me out for a minute. There’s something I need to say that I should have said the moment we became teenagers.”
Her face falls. “Gabe no-”
“Just... hear me out.” He says, cutting her off. “I know you’re with Donna. And I know he’s my best friend. But I just can’t take this anymore.”

His face falls unnaturally serious and something in Blinky’s heart flutters. “Blinky, I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment you introduced yourself to me. And every time I see you or talk to you I fall in love all over again. I wanted to ask you to prom, thats why I invited Donna over because he was supposed to be my wing man. But when you asked him out instead... it just broke my heart. I know I should have been honest with you from the start, but I just never thought...”

“You just never thought I would be a real girl, and go for someone else.” She finishes for him. He opens his mouth to apologize but she cuts him off, reaching for his hands. “Its okay. I know. I was stupid for trying to force myself to love someone else. I do love Donna, but its so different from how I love you. With you I just feel so comfortable, like we were meant for each other.”

“But... I thought thats what scared you about us. That you felt forced to love me.”

“But thats just it, isn’t it?” She smiles. “I never was forced. Our connection... its real, not forced. It took dating Donna for me to realize that. I love you because I love you. You’re a crazy neurotic freakazoid, but you’re my crazy neurotic freakazoid.”

He seems frozen after her confession so she makes the move towards him instead. She’s had plenty of kisses, but its his first. And he loves every second of it.

Gabriel wants nothing more then to propose to her there and then but... “There’s just one problem. What about Donna?”
Blinky’s face goes serious. Never a good sign for the normally bubbly girl. “Just... leave him to me. I’ll break it to him slowly.”

Louna meanwhile is putting her mom to shame when it comes to being a single mother.

Ever since the twins became toddlers, she’s been spending every moment of her day with them.

Raising twins is a handful, especially when it comes to teaching them to walk and talk.

But she thinks- ... no she KNOWS that she’s goanna be okay. She can handle this. She doesn’t need a man in her life. Never did. Never will. She’s sure of it.

And to Serenity’s credit... she’s a far better grandmother then she ever was a mother. 

Also: Thomas and Celeste’s twins aged up. Watcher decreed they be born human so they were. Guess which one takes after momma and papa...

Oh and guess who found out about Blinky and Gabe’s kiss?

He works after school, but when he finally gets home he finds Blinky in the living room talking with his dad. She smiles as he enters and walks towards him to give him a hug. “Donna! How was work?”
He leans away from her. “Don’t... touch me.”

Her face falls as the realization hits. “... It was the paparazzi, wasn’t it.”
He nods sadly. “Yeah... the bastard even sent the photos straight to my phone. I just didn’t want to believe it... but then you guys kept smiling and looking at each other during class today. I just can’t believe you’d do this to me, Blinky. I was in love with you.”

“Well... I mean we can still be friends, right? I still care about you! I just...” The look on his face tells her that just won’t be possible and suddenly she feels the tears well up in her eyes. 

“No...” She decides, hiding her face from him. “You’re right. Lets just break things off cleanly. I’m sorry I hurt you. But it... it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.”
He knows she’s just trying to convince the both of them with that line.

Gabriel is off gathering the weekly funds from the Starr owned buildings when Blinky meets him. 
“Hey.” She whispers, slipping into his arms, placing her face on his shoulder before he can see her tears. “I broke up with him. Its over.”

“Well now that you’re a free woman, what are you going to-” She cuts him off with a kiss. He doesn’t mind in the least.

“Gabriel Starr, will you be my new boyfriend? I want to be with you, and I want us to be exclusive.”
He says yes.

They spend the rest of the night stargazing together until they just can’t keep their eyes open any longer and fall asleep together. Their birthday is coming up in only a few days, and it just happens to land on the same day as the twins’ birthday. Louna’s planning a giant party. Before today they were both afraid of becoming young adults but now... well, now they know they’re going to be okay.

Originally this was going to be in two different chapters and the end would lead into Louna’s “epic party” for her generation goal. But then I had a bunch of lag and ended up having to redo everything twice (which is why Gabe got two first kisses) and I just decided to screw the story telling and completely throw out what I had planned for Blinky deciding whom she wanted to be with. Sorry hun, you’re just not worth redoing that entire scene for the third time.


  1. Aww, FINALLY! It was kismet. =)

    can't wait to see this PAR-TAY!!

  2. I'm happy for Blinky and Gabe, but I feel bad for poor Donna.
    Looking forward to your epic party!