Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ch. 68 : That *itch!

Due to Blinky’s late birthday, she gets an extra day off from school and has the whole house to herself. She can finally eat cake for breakfast without anyone bugging her. 

She also feels like pranking the neighbors. 

Peanut is NOT amused.

She spots Blinky giggling from the bushes and motions her over. “Alright, kiddo. You’ve got my attention. What do you want to know?”
Blinky wasn’t even aware she wanted to talk to the older doll but as soon as Peanut motioned her over a hundred questions came to mind. Blinky asks only the one that has been bothering her ever since she met Donna. “Why can’t I stop thinking about Gabriel?”

“Well thats because you’re his doll.” Peanut answers. “Its his love for you that gave you the spark of life, and you’ll always feel a connection to him.”
“So... that means I’m going to end up marrying him? Like you did Donna’s dad?”
Peanut raises an eyebrow at the young girl. “I take it marrying Gabriel isn’t something you want to do?”

“I just feel so limited when I’m around him. It used to feel nice, like I was safe around him. But now the more time I spend with him the more suffocated I feel. I feel like I was only made to compliment him and help him. I’m a real girl now, aren’t I? I want to live my own life! Am I being selfish?”

“Blinky, you’re only in highschool. Your entire future is still ahead of you. If you’re already feeling so trapped try spreading your wings a bit-”
“We have wings?”
“-Its an expression, hunny. As I was saying, Donna tells me your Prom is coming up this Saturday. Why not go find a date who isn’t Gabriel, and see how it goes? If things work out with this date, then thats great! If you prefer Gabriel, then at least you’ll have experience with another boy, and you won’t feel like being with Gabriel was a decision that was forced onto you.”

When gabriel gets home from school, he brings Donna with him. Blinky takes one look at the two boys and makes her decision instantly. 

“Hey Donna. So prom is coming up this week... I need a date and I was hoping you’d be him.”
Donna grins instantly. “Yes! Of course!”

Gabriel feels like his whole world just came crashing down.

Blinky and Donna very quickly find themselves quite enjoying each other’s company. Neither even notice that Gabriel walked straight into a taxi instead of going past them and into the house.

Sure Selena Silverman is ugly as a horse’s butt and he’s always teased her, but she’s the only other girl his age he knows. 
“Selena, you wanna go to Prom with me?”

“Oh Gabriel~ Is this a dream?”
“More like a nightmare...” He mutters. Luckily she doesn’t hear him.

“Of course I’ll go to Prom with you!” She says excitedly. “I’m so happy you asked!”
Gabriel just excuses himself and heads home before he throws up.

He can’t stop thinking of Blinky, and even though she’s already in bed when he gets home her image won’t leave him alone. “Everytime I look at her I have these pains in my chest and I just know its her fault that BITCH.”

Gabe’s final quote there is from the Very Potter Musical, Act 2 Part 1 at approx the 1:50 mark. Link here: 
And yes. Yes that is Darren Criss playing Harry Potter. Back off girls, he’s mine. <3 (Or at least he will be. One day. No I’m not off my meds what are you talking about? STOP JUDGING ME!)


  1. It's great to get the IF point of view of things. Nice job.

  2. YES. I love love love the Very Potter Musical. BITCH I ain't Cho Chang!