Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ch. 67 : I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

A new fusion lounge opens up in Sunset Valley. Watcher is very happy with herself right now.

Today is Louna’s graduation. She’s already been accepted into medical school and does not appreciate having to take a day off to “celebrate” such a low achievement as graduating from high school. 
Blinky and Gabriel on the other hand are thrilled for the day off school. 

Louna is valedictorian just like her mother and grandmother before her. She also gets voted “Most Likely to Take Over the World”. She takes it with a grain of salt since the majority of her family is evil and work as criminals.

After the ceremony, Gabriel corners Blinky. “So Um... I was wondering if maybe you’d like to spend the rest of the day together. If you’re not busy that is.” 

“Thats sweet Gabey, but Donna already promised to hang out with me at the park today.“ She answers. “Besides, you and I hang out all the time. I’ll see you at home later!”

Pouty Gabe is pouty.

Unfortunately for Blinky, Donna stands her up. She waits for two hours by the fountain before finally getting a text from him saying: “Something came up last minute. Sorry! Lets hang out some other time.”
She doesn’t like the bad feeling she gets in her stomach from the message. She feels a connection with Gabriel thats so strong it scares her, and thats why she wants to be with Donna. She’s a normal girl now... why doesn’t she feel like one? It isn’t fair!

At least Louna’s date seems to be going better. She and her boyfriend Eric Steele met up after graduation for dinner and a movie, but by the time dinner is over, neither of them want to spend the rest of their night in a boring old theatre.

Things heat up.

“Why don’t we go somewhere to... cool off?” 
“A new lounge opened up a few blocks away.” She offers. “Its got hot tubs!”

“Its so nice and secluded here.” Eric says with a smile. “I like it.”

Louna smiles at him, and idea forming in her head. “I bet nobody would even notice if we....”
Eric meets her smile. “Lets do it.”

Three times, to be precise.

They’re both quite happy with each other after the date is over. 
“You HAVE to call me again soon.” He tells her after their lips finally part.
She just smiles at him and gives him a wink. “If you’re good~.”

THAT was a great date. Too bad everybody’s already in bed, otherwise she’d spend the rest of the night gushing about every little detail. Especially the details her mother doesn’t want to hear.

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  1. Hehe, that last shot of her doing the strut is great!

    Poor blinky, getting stood up. Guess she should have hung out with Gabe after all!