Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ch. 62 : Perfectly Logical

Age hasn’t taken away Louna’s love for chemistry. She’s even considered going into medicine when she’s older. Maybe one day she could be an Infectious Disease Researcher. Or a world renown surgeon!

She considered going into Science like Uncle Adrian’s dad buuuuut....

Thank goodness for Uncle Adrian’s newly installed basement washroom. 

Speaking of Adrian. He bumps into Trista by the art gallery.

“You got knocked up!” He manages to get out after the shock wears off. “Who’s the father?”

“Um... I don’t want to tell you.”
Adrian raises an eyebrow. “I’m assuming I wouldn’t approve?”
“He swears he’ll be here for the baby and thats all I care about. If I tell you who he is you’ll just kill him for not marrying me.”
Adrian knows thats true and drops the subject.

That night, Trista brings baby Reuben back home.

Donta at least has the dignity to make sure Trista and the baby get home alright. 

It takes Adrian only minutes to hack the hospital records and find out who Reuben’s father is. Now the only question is... what exactly is he going to do to make Donta pay?

Serenity is up bright and early the next day for her job as a High school teacher.

This is the first time Serenity has ever needed to call for a babysitter. She just hopes Angelique is as good with kids as she claims. (I am also disappointed Gabe’s skin tone wasn’t closer to his babysitter’s, considering how dark Grim’s tone is.)

Blinky does a dance for Gabe when his babysitter leaves for a moment. Gabe just giggles. He hopes he and Blinky can stay friends when he grows up.

His party is a private one. With only the household in attendance.

Adrian helps him with the candles.

Handsome lil bugger, isn’t he?

Serenity is happy to see so much of her mother in her son. And so little of his father.

After the cake is done, Gabe goes to spend some quality time with Blinky. But when he pulls her out, she begins to shake and glow. He drops his doll on the floor and jumps back. 
Blinky jumps up.

“Um.... hi.” Gabe manages once the spectacle wears off. “I’m Gabriel.”
“I’m Blinky.” The life sized doll says. “I know you. You made me.”

“But I didn’t make you.” Gabriel insists. “You were a gift from my aunt! And how come you’re all... big now? And in my house.” 

Louna overhears her brother’s one-sided conversation. “You’re crazy. Aren’t you.”

“I’m just trying to talk to Blinky.” He mutters. 
“Your doll? Gabe, hunny, I remember how special Boinky was to me, but they’re both just dolls. They’re not real.”

Gabe may be young, but he knows that there’s more to the world around them then what his logically minded sister can see. 
But it doesn’t help his self esteem when Blinky returns to doll form every night. Why can’t anyone else see her? 

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  1. Yay! The relationship between Gabe and Blinky is really cute. You're doing the Imaginary Friend quite differently to how I intend. I like that. ^_^