Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ch. 61 : Life

Louna thanks her mother quietly for the perfect quality french toast. Everyone’s in grieving, and no one even notices how quiet the normally talkative girl is being. 

Kori may have only been Louna’s grandmother, but she was more of a mother to her then Serenity ever was. Her death has left a hole in Louna’s heart that won’t fade soon.

Adrian finally makes that pit stop. And finds Nina heavily pregnant.

“So...” Adrian begins.
“It’s Donta’s.” She assures him quickly. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“I wasn’t worried.” He says with a smile, feeling the baby kick. “I just can’t believe he’d leave you like this. I may be an asshole, but I’m not that big of an asshole.”
“I don’t need sympathy.” She mutters. 

“Well, I was on my way here to offer my condolences anyway. So here are the flowers I bought you.” She accepts them happily, despite her earlier words.

She knows Adrian well. And the fact that he didn’t run away immediately upon seeing her belly, and that he’s giving her flowers instead of asking for woo-hoo... it means a lot to her. Perhaps she may even be able to tell him the truth. But not today. He’s got too much on his plate today.

After all, day time or no, he’s taken it upon himself to bury his aunt Kori in the family graveyard. Her large grave marker towering over those of her husband, brother Johnathan and two of the Slayer clan, Avarice and her father Vile. 

He misses her. 

Something is changing within him. And it started when Trista told him about Nina and Donta’s break up. People are divorcing and leaving broken homes everywhere. He knows their marriage had always been rocky, but he knows he’s responsible for the end product. If not for guys like him, maybe Nina’s child could have known it’s father. 
Gabe isn’t his son, but he knows the boy needs a father’s love. If he ever has children, he vows he’ll be there for them, and he’ll be here for Gabe. 

Prom is tonight. Louna assures Steve that she’ll still be attending. She just has to fix her make up and dress colour to match her family’s mourning. 

Louna’s happy she went. She and Steve won Prom King and Queen. She doesn’t care if the votes were mostly out of pity following her grandmother’s death. A crown is a crown. And she had a great night.

Serenity’s used to playing against Kori, the local chess master, but her mother isn’t as bad as she’d originally thought. She even wins one game. Out of seven... teen.

A plant sprouts up behind the garage. Serenity doesn’t even notice it until its fully grown. It’s her missing ingredient. She knows who must have planted it there, and she hates him all the more for it.

It sprouts the following morning, and after a moment's deliberation she decides to make the Ambroisa.

She’s got the ingredients. 

All thats left now is to test out Grim’s recipe for herself.

Its got a peculiar glow. She’ll admit that. But she’ll try it anyway. What’s the worst that can happen?

She feels no different.

“When your fath-... when the reaper comes back for me, and you’re old enough to speak to him. Don’t listen to his talk of magic. His recipe was nonsense.”


You can pretty  much guess where Adrian's story is going, eh? But I love it anyway. And Serenity's gen goal is done. All thats left is for her to continue getting tattoos until Louna ages up. Still though, the story for this generation isn't anywhere NEAR being completed, even though the goal is. I love Serenity too much to stop talking about her now. <3

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