Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ch. 57 : Goodbye

When Grim finally comes to visit, he’s quick to get to the point.

“I need to go.” He whispers. 
“Away. I need to draw their attention from you and Gabriel. I swear I will stay in touch, and I will visit, if I can.” 
A pause before she speaks, a smile still on her face. “But... you will be back, won’t you?” 

He doesn’t meet her eyes. “I swear I am not abandoning you, Serenity. This is to protect you.”
Kori watches from afar as her daughter wipes a tear away.

“Okay.” Serenity manages to say, voice shaking softly. “I’ll wait for you.” In the back of her mind however she wonders what she will do with a new baby. The paparazzi have already taken it to the tabloids, and its the talk of the town that she’s had a baby out of wedlock.

Kori vows to help with the baby, but at 92 she’s already past the expected life span for a sim. Looks like Serenity will be raising this one on her own.

‘But what about Adrian,’ You ask? Well...

Boy’s goatta make time to please his newest woman.

Since the old study was turned into a room for Gabriel, Adrian re-decorated his room to make space for Louna’s chemistry set. She loves that thing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to love her.

Once the kids are in bed, Serenity sits down to try reading the mystery book once again. For once... its starting to make sense...

“Death fish... life fruit... I’ve got it!”

Now where the heck if she going to find those ingredients?

Oh and Louna’s aunt sent baby Gabriel a toy as well. Serenity places it in his crib. Whats the harm in a little doll?