Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ch. 68 : That *itch!

Due to Blinky’s late birthday, she gets an extra day off from school and has the whole house to herself. She can finally eat cake for breakfast without anyone bugging her. 

She also feels like pranking the neighbors. 

Peanut is NOT amused.

She spots Blinky giggling from the bushes and motions her over. “Alright, kiddo. You’ve got my attention. What do you want to know?”
Blinky wasn’t even aware she wanted to talk to the older doll but as soon as Peanut motioned her over a hundred questions came to mind. Blinky asks only the one that has been bothering her ever since she met Donna. “Why can’t I stop thinking about Gabriel?”

“Well thats because you’re his doll.” Peanut answers. “Its his love for you that gave you the spark of life, and you’ll always feel a connection to him.”
“So... that means I’m going to end up marrying him? Like you did Donna’s dad?”
Peanut raises an eyebrow at the young girl. “I take it marrying Gabriel isn’t something you want to do?”

“I just feel so limited when I’m around him. It used to feel nice, like I was safe around him. But now the more time I spend with him the more suffocated I feel. I feel like I was only made to compliment him and help him. I’m a real girl now, aren’t I? I want to live my own life! Am I being selfish?”

“Blinky, you’re only in highschool. Your entire future is still ahead of you. If you’re already feeling so trapped try spreading your wings a bit-”
“We have wings?”
“-Its an expression, hunny. As I was saying, Donna tells me your Prom is coming up this Saturday. Why not go find a date who isn’t Gabriel, and see how it goes? If things work out with this date, then thats great! If you prefer Gabriel, then at least you’ll have experience with another boy, and you won’t feel like being with Gabriel was a decision that was forced onto you.”

When gabriel gets home from school, he brings Donna with him. Blinky takes one look at the two boys and makes her decision instantly. 

“Hey Donna. So prom is coming up this week... I need a date and I was hoping you’d be him.”
Donna grins instantly. “Yes! Of course!”

Gabriel feels like his whole world just came crashing down.

Blinky and Donna very quickly find themselves quite enjoying each other’s company. Neither even notice that Gabriel walked straight into a taxi instead of going past them and into the house.

Sure Selena Silverman is ugly as a horse’s butt and he’s always teased her, but she’s the only other girl his age he knows. 
“Selena, you wanna go to Prom with me?”

“Oh Gabriel~ Is this a dream?”
“More like a nightmare...” He mutters. Luckily she doesn’t hear him.

“Of course I’ll go to Prom with you!” She says excitedly. “I’m so happy you asked!”
Gabriel just excuses himself and heads home before he throws up.

He can’t stop thinking of Blinky, and even though she’s already in bed when he gets home her image won’t leave him alone. “Everytime I look at her I have these pains in my chest and I just know its her fault that BITCH.”

Gabe’s final quote there is from the Very Potter Musical, Act 2 Part 1 at approx the 1:50 mark. Link here: 
And yes. Yes that is Darren Criss playing Harry Potter. Back off girls, he’s mine. <3 (Or at least he will be. One day. No I’m not off my meds what are you talking about? STOP JUDGING ME!)

Ch. 67 : I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

A new fusion lounge opens up in Sunset Valley. Watcher is very happy with herself right now.

Today is Louna’s graduation. She’s already been accepted into medical school and does not appreciate having to take a day off to “celebrate” such a low achievement as graduating from high school. 
Blinky and Gabriel on the other hand are thrilled for the day off school. 

Louna is valedictorian just like her mother and grandmother before her. She also gets voted “Most Likely to Take Over the World”. She takes it with a grain of salt since the majority of her family is evil and work as criminals.

After the ceremony, Gabriel corners Blinky. “So Um... I was wondering if maybe you’d like to spend the rest of the day together. If you’re not busy that is.” 

“Thats sweet Gabey, but Donna already promised to hang out with me at the park today.“ She answers. “Besides, you and I hang out all the time. I’ll see you at home later!”

Pouty Gabe is pouty.

Unfortunately for Blinky, Donna stands her up. She waits for two hours by the fountain before finally getting a text from him saying: “Something came up last minute. Sorry! Lets hang out some other time.”
She doesn’t like the bad feeling she gets in her stomach from the message. She feels a connection with Gabriel thats so strong it scares her, and thats why she wants to be with Donna. She’s a normal girl now... why doesn’t she feel like one? It isn’t fair!

At least Louna’s date seems to be going better. She and her boyfriend Eric Steele met up after graduation for dinner and a movie, but by the time dinner is over, neither of them want to spend the rest of their night in a boring old theatre.

Things heat up.

“Why don’t we go somewhere to... cool off?” 
“A new lounge opened up a few blocks away.” She offers. “Its got hot tubs!”

“Its so nice and secluded here.” Eric says with a smile. “I like it.”

Louna smiles at him, and idea forming in her head. “I bet nobody would even notice if we....”
Eric meets her smile. “Lets do it.”

Three times, to be precise.

They’re both quite happy with each other after the date is over. 
“You HAVE to call me again soon.” He tells her after their lips finally part.
She just smiles at him and gives him a wink. “If you’re good~.”

THAT was a great date. Too bad everybody’s already in bed, otherwise she’d spend the rest of the night gushing about every little detail. Especially the details her mother doesn’t want to hear.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ch. 66 : Birthdays!

Gabriel is eccentric and a neat freak. The amount of filth in the house is appalling considering the fact that the household has a maid that comes in everyday. Gabriel is developing neurotic tendencies as he gets closer to puberty. Blinky does her best to help with the household chores to keep his freak outs at a minimum. 


Even with all the cleaning there is to do, Blinky still finds time to paint. There’s something about it that calms her. She’s not artistic by any means, but painting is a way for her to speak without having to use words. She’s still not so good with the whole “talking to other people” thing. 
Her first picture is an attempt at painting the house across the street, were Gabriel’s mom grew up.

Serenity invites Donna and Peanut over for a play date.... and for advice.

“So you’re sure my son didn’t just kidnap Donna’s twin sister or something?”
Peanut can’t help but laugh. “I know the resemblance is odd. But no, Blinky isn’t my daughter or relative. Its hard to explain, but everything Gabriel has told you is true. She used to be a doll, and your daughter brought her to life. Your children truly are exceptional.”
“That isn’t news to me.” Serenity answers, unable to hide the pride from her voice.

Blinky doesn’t have the nerve to introduce herself to Donna until he’s on his way home. 

“U-um.... hi. I’m Blinky. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Its nice to meet you too, Blinky. I wish you’d talked earlier. I really looked forward to meeting you.” 
She brightens up at his words. A light blush on her cheeks. “Gabe’s mom is hosting a party for all us kids on Monday after school. Maybe you can come? We can have lots of fun together then!” 
He promises to be there and then says goodnight.

Ella hosts a party to celebrate the birthday of her latest set of twins. 

And little Abbie:

Louna “babysits”.
“Lounaaaaaaa we’re hungry!”

“Sorry about that... my sister’s weird.”
“It’s okay Gabey, so are you.”
“Heeeeey thats not nice, you know!”

Serenity makes a pit stop at the grind before coming home and meets a co-worker Nichauos Hilliard. 
“Say Serenity, you’re looking really good lately. Whats your secret?”
“Uhm... I’ve just been eating healthy. Thats all.”

It does a mother’s heart good when she can get home at 2 in the morning and finds all her charges asleep in bed and not out at a party... or hosting one.

“Do I really have to attend the party, Miss Serenity? What if everyone laughs at me?”
“It’ll just be family and a few friends, Blinky. Try not to worry so much. I was shy at your age too. You’ll grow out of it, I promise.”
Blinky isn’t so convinced.

Uncle Adrian made it to the party like he promised. And Donna manages to sneak in at the last minute as well.
Gabriel wishes his dad could be there. It breaks Serenity’s heart.

He’s a hottie. Admit it.

“I can’t believe you made it in time, Uncle.”
Adrian smiles at the young girl he helped raise. “I wouldn’t miss this day for anything. I may be married now, but you and Gabriel will always be my family. Now go blow out your candles, kiddo.”

What to wish for... what to wish for... Oh! A good birthday outfit!

Hey not bad!

Young Adult Louna does not approve of her mother’s second slice of cake.

“I’m glad you made it, Donna!” Blinky says with glee.
“Me too! I’m so happy mom let me come. Things have been kind of crazy with the new baby on the way.”

Unfortunately Donna has to leave before Blinky can age up. 

Fortunately, Gabriel is there.
“Wow Blinky... you look beautiful.”

“*Giggle* thanks, Gabey~.”

Serenity is sure that making two unrelated teenagers share a room will cause no problems at all.

Wait woah.... panty shot?

Yeeeeep no problems here. None at all.

And Gen Five FINALLY begins! Good god my spacing and timing are just horrid! Anyway, a remind of Gen 5’s rolls:
- Single Parent
- Four kids (4th is heir)
- Primary: Medical Career
- No Secondary
- A Party to Remember
- Half-siblings
Louna’s triats are as follows: Great Kisser, Commitment Issues, Hot-headed, Genius and Party Animal. 
Blinky grew up with the Brave trait which I didn’t get to pick, and Gabriel got Neurotic. I love him. His freak-outs are adorable. 
And yeah, Peanut and Michael are having another baby (Their third). Donna isn’t out of the story just yet. He was supposed to age up today as well so I guess thats why he ran off mid way through the party.