Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ch. 48 : Moving Day

“So I hear you and Neal are thinking of starting a garden? May I just go on the record by saying that I told you so?”
“We aren’t going to start planting until we’ve moved into the new house, dad.”

“Wait we’re moving?!” Why does no one tell Carey these things? The news almost gave him a heart attack!

Niles is SUPER EXCITED for the new house! He loves it!

Adrian snickers when he sees the new house for the first time. “What, was the asian theme too mainstream for you? You do know we’re only Spanish through one side of the family, right?” 
Serenity just glares at him. “I don’t remember inviting you to come along, dork.”

He smiles at her before showing her the basement he added in before the move. “Well I’m moving in anyway.”
She takes a look around before raising an eyebrow. “What, was the NORMAL Vampire theme too mainstream for you?” 
“... Shut up and go make tacos.”

Later that day, Serenity decides to go by the theatre for a show.

Elliot Silverman decides this is a good time to die of old age.

When Grim arrives, many of the other sims move away from him, giving him a clear path to the deceased. Serenity is not one of those sims.

She may not have known Elliot personally, but she was close friends with his niece Margarita.

Grim may or may not be impressed with this girl child who looks almost familiar to him.

After the spectacle of Elliot’s death, Serenity goes back to her task at hand, collecting the weekly real estate from her mother’s businesses.

Along with the money, the bookstore manager hands her a thick and dusty book. 
“What is this?” She asks, trying to brush the dust off its cover. 
“You’ll need it, Death’s Lover.” The manager mutters before disappearing into the back. Serenity follows him only to find the back room empty. Hunh. 

To her surprise, a bouquet of purple flowers are waiting for her by the mailbox. She sets them next to her and Neal’s bed with a smile.

“Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Neal, I love them.”
Neal looks over her shoulder at them curiously. “They are nice, but they’re not from me.”

She doesn’t believe him but figures she’ll play along. Who else could they be from? “Well... how about I thank you for them anyway?”

“I’m okay with that.” He agrees. 

Originally this chapter was 30 pictures long. Then I switched most of them to Ch. 47 because it made more sense there. Then this chapter became 6 pictures long... now its 16. And thats all you’re getting. Got it?
I AM ALLOWED TO MAKE SPANISH STEREOTYPES BECAUSE I AM SPANISH. 1/4 from Spain, 3/4 Chilean. Check out the Chilean stereotypes. Yes, most of them are true. We are all perfect and don’t mind talking about how perfect we are. All day long. <3 
I think I made Ren and Adi sound like hispters for a minute there. I apologize for that. 

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