Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ch. 46 : Make-ups

Only cool kids have hot pink laundry baskets. 

Also: I have NO idea how long thats been there. The last time vampires were in the house was when Ella and Matthew moved out after Serenity was born. (Aside from Adrian once or twice on visits. But I don't think he ever grabbed plasma juice).

“Do you like breakfast, papa? I picked the apples myself from the park!”

Carey is impressed and asks if she’s considered starting a garden. Serenity isn’t so sure. She already has far too many hobbies going on.

Its so easy to drift off into her own little world while out in the park. 

She doesn’t even notice Neal until he’s standing right in front of her.

“Hey Ren. Its been a while.”
“Oh... Hi Neal. Yeah it has been. What’s up?”

“Well, Nina dumped me. Word on the street is you convinced her to do it. Please tell me its just a cruel rumor. You wouldn’t do that to me, would you?”
“Serenity, the break up broke my heart.”

Serenity can't hold it in any longer. “And you broke mine you bug-brain!” 

Neal looks at her in confusion and she takes a breath to steady herself before continuing. “I was in love with you. But then you just took my heart and stepped on it for a girl who only gave you the time of day because she knew I wanted you.”
His eyes soften and he sighs. “Crap. I had no idea, Ren, honest. I guess I’m the one who should be apologizing, eh?” 

“Well, I was to blame as well. I never did tell to you about it, now did I?”

He smiles at her. “Actually, I haven’t been totally honest with you either. I was falling in love with you and I was just so scared it would ruin our friendship, thats why I was avoiding you at Prom. You’re my best friend, and... I love you.” 
“Oh Neal...”

“Serenity Starr, will you go steady with me?”
She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face even if she tried. “Yes. A thousand times, yes.”

Good dreams at last.

I felt bad about making Stacy sad so I let him meet Carey.

Carey always knows when the camera is on him, and smiles accordingly. 

The sudden release of teenage angst reminds Kori why she waited to get a boyfriend. Thank goodness she did. None of the guys at school were as amazing as Carey.


Wrist is still in pain, which is why there isn't so much typing in this one.

The entire exchange between Neal and Ren is in chronological order of the pictures as they were taken, with only four extra pictures that I didn't use. OWNED. 

Oh and I got "Watcher" from Sims Medieval. In case anyone was curious.


  1. You know what would have made the park scene better? If a ZOMBIE popped up and ATE NEAL'S BRAIN!!!
    j/k, great update.
    I hope your wrist gets better soon.
    And I'm glad Kori is happy with Carey :D

  2. Psh. Zombies WILL appear... just not sure what generation. xD I pretty much have Ren's story planned out (more or less) and a couple different possibilities for Ren's kid. (Depending on gender and looks)

  3. Aww, finally, Ren and Neal, together at last!!

    I sure hope they survive the zombie apocalypse!!