Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ch. 43 : Stars

In the middle of the night, a burglar sneaks into the house. She’s new in town, and doesn’t know the house belongs to her boss’s family.

The police take her away, but perhaps thats best. Avarice is going to kill her when she finds out.

Serenity inherited her mother’s eye shape as well as colour. Not sure where the lips came from though. Angelina Jolie maybe?

As a teen she’s happy to finally be able to practice cooking actual food, not just baked goods.

Even as a teen, Serenity keeps up her tradition of heading to the park after school every day. Today she gets a call from a newly aged Adrian asking if she wants to go on a three-some date to prom with Neal. She loves the idea and promises to see if Neal likes it as well.

Oh Neal... you’re so a-dork-able.

“Thats an awesome idea! But theres just one little problem... I’m kind of sort of going out with Nina DeMayo.” 

Serenity feels her heart just fall into the pit of her stomach but puts on a smile. “Oh... thats so nice. But I thought she was dating Bobby Wan?”
“Bobby’s just a phase!” He says, trying to convince both of them. “She’ll realize I’m the guy for her sooner or later. Preferably before prom.”

“Well... just in case she doesn’t, I’ll leave a spot in the limo for you, okay?”


After the mini-snoop heads home, Serenity and Neal settle down to watch that night’s meteor shower. 

Neal can’t quite explain the feeling he gets when Serenity puts her hand on his.

“Can you imagine what would happen if those meteors hit the Valley?” She asks.
Neal can’t quite listen. She just looks so beautiful in the moonlight.

Maybe Nina isn’t the girl for him... he’ll have to think about this.

Meanwhile, Adrian’s age bar gets an update, and Thomas gets his only son the best “douche” shirt money can buy.

He gets a job at the local bookstore and then freaks out because uncle Carey is outside playing the guitar. Serenity’s dad is the coolest uncle ever. And even signs an autograph for Adrian and promises not to make fun of him.

Why isn’t Kori in this chapter, you ask? Cause she’s busy dancing the night away at The Grind.

Why isn’t Kori in this chapter, you ask? Cause she’s busy dancing the night away at The Grind.

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